10 Best Pot for Cooking Pasta In 2022

Who doesn’t want a well-cooked pasta? Initially, The most important thing about delicious food is the way it is cooked. Pasta is something, that is, known for its creamy consistency, delicacy, and smoothness. Of course, it is very necessary to maintain its shape as far as Pappardelle and Angel Hair (categories of pasta) are concerned. Now, the question is, why need a separate pot? It is necessary because sometimes the attempt to cook aggregation of pasta in a saucepan will demolish your effort as it won’t occupy enough space to boil and cook properly.

These pots are their best selling point because they’re easy to grip and convenient to cook. They are aluminum designed pots, non-stick, provide even heat, easy to wash, and dishwasher safe. The best part is you can grab a suitable pot for your kitchen shelves at a very satisfactory price.


Best Overall

Rachael Ray

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable Aluminium Pasta Pot
  • 8-Quartz size
Runner Up


  • Non-stick with stainless steel
  • 8-quart stock pot
  • Steamer+Boiler
Great Value


  • 6 Quart stock pot
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • Stainless steel glass lids




Top 10 Best Pots For Making Pasta Reviews 2022

1. Rachael Ray

This very pot for cooking pasta is the most in-demand because of its 8-Quart adjustable size and its Hard Anodized Aluminium material. The pot’s unique shape not only frees up space on the top but also allows to boil all types of noodles without needing to break them.
Best Pot for Cooking Pasta
Its highly non-stick quality ensures easy pouring and helps in maintaining the smoothness of noodles and pasta for which they are highly known. Rachael Ray Pasta pots have a very stagnant grip on handles so cooking has become more convenient.


It is composed of Aluminium and its size is 8-Quartz and weighs 6.6 pounds. The pot is of Grey color with Orange handles.

Intensified Non-Stick

It’s enhanced non-stick quality made it very easy to pour pasta maintaining all its delicacy, and it’s very easy to clean up. Its Stainless steel provides you comfort and easiness.

Dishwasher Safe

A hard-Anodized pasta pot is dishwasher safe and it’s easy to neaten.

Convenient and Easy to Handle

Its convenient design makes your cooking effortless. Its color-coordinated handles are comfortable and oven safe to 350°F.

  • Easy to grip
  • Hard Anodized Aluminium provide even heat
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 8-Quartz size can adjust each type of pastas and noodles.
  • One can find a warranty issue if it would not have handled properly.

2. Calphalon

You’ll love The Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Pasta pot as it is created with multi-layer nonstick for ultra longevity. The incredible, contemporary pasta pot design looks marvelous, and its hard-anodized aluminum ensures 100% even heating.
Best Pot for Cooking Pasta
You may use this multi-skilled set for boiling pasta, steaming vegetables, etc. It is specifically designed to perform various tasks to save time.


The best multi-task pot for cooking pasta with a steamer insert is so unique in its appearance with black and silver color and is available in 8-Quartz size.

High Quality

The pot ensures the best quality material used in its manufacturing. They are hard Anodized with Aluminium for their durability.

Stainless-Steel and Non-Stick

Its non-stick quality means it uses less oil and will maintain your cholesterol. It’s very comfortable and easy to control because of its stainless steel.

Three layers of Non-Stick Coating

Two of the Layers will provide Longevity and one will make it easy for the release/ pouring process.


It’s easy to wash and is dishwasher safe.

Steamer Insert

Manufactured with a small opening so that it would be the best pot for steaming purposes as well boiling.

  • Three protective layers
  • Non-stick with stainless steel
  • Contains Steamer with a little opening
  • Steamer+Boiler
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Don’t use cooking spray, aerosol cooking sprays may leave sticky residues that can create difficulty in washing.

3. Tramontina Gourmet

Looking for a medium-sized pasta cooker with all its high-quality features? Now you can grab the best pot for cooking pasta here. Tramontina Gourmet Cooker offers a well boiled and cooked pasta with so much ease. As it’s stainless steel, tempered glass lid and a locked and drained stainer will provide you so much comfort and it’s very beautiful to handle.
Best Pot for Cooking Pasta
These very pots are NSF Certified so that your cookware can meet the standards of professional kitchen cooking sets. They are constructed of a high aluminium base so that now your food will bear even heat distribution.

Compact Design

They are constructed with stainless steel and a magnetic try-ply base so that they are compatible with electric and ceramic glass cooktops, gas and induction as well. It weighs 5.5 pounds with 6-Quarts size.

NSF Certified

This very cookware is NSF Certified to meet the standards of professional kitchen cookware.

Tri-Ply Base Construction

Tramontina Gourmet Stainless-steel Pots features a tri-ply base so that there will be no more difficulties faced due to uneven and slow heating, it provides very quick and even heating from the bottom (base).

18/10 stainless steel lids

Premium 18/10 stainless steel construction involves a fine, satin finish with a mirror that is attractive and has a lifetime guarantee.

  • NSF Certified
  • Stainless steel glass lids
  • It contains stainless steel handles for support
  • Has lock and drain stainer and is Oven safe up to 350°F/ 176°C
  • Tripple layer on bottom
  • Some people, but not ALL, don’t like it because of its heavy structured bottom.

4. Cook N Home

Your cookware needs this beautiful stainless Steel cooker with a Steamer insert which is multi-pots and can perform various tasks. It becomes very easy not only for women but also for men to cook in less time with so much ease, there is no need to use many cookwares at a time and to make your kitchen untidy. You can cook, boil, and steam in a single pot.
Best Pot for Cooking Pasta


They are constructed of Stainless steel with an aluminum disc on the bottom to provide even heat. Weighs 6 pounds each, and its dimensions are 11x 11 x 9 inches with a size of 8-Quartz.

Multi-pots with large Space

It includes an 8-quart stockpot, pasta pot (insert), steamer insert, and a tempered glass lid. All of the pots occupy enough space to cook various types of noodles.

Works on

It can work on every kind of stove, induction, electric, gas, ceramic, etc

Dishwasher safe

It’s very easy to clean up and is dishwasher safe.

  • NSF Certified
  • Stainless steel glass lids
  • It contains stainless steel handles for support
  • Has lock and drain stainer and is Oven safe up to 350°F/ 176°C
  • Tripple layer on the bottom
  • Some people, but not ALL, don’t like it because of its heavy structured bottom.

5. Bialetti

Bialetti pasta pots are considered ingenious in their design and are the best pot for cooking pasta as well as potatoes, vegetables, etc. The oval designed pots allow cooking whole spaghetti and lasagna noodles without breakage. Aluminum construction brings even heating to the food every time and its non-stick quality provides convenience in maintaining its delicacy as well helps to clean the pot without any difficulty.
Best Pot for Cooking Pasta


It features Twist and lock lid for easy straining. Its Oval design accommodates noodles without breakage. It carries a size of 5.8-Quart. It is Red in color, contains a lid with a strainer and handles which are heat resistant.

Oval Shape

Its Italic oval shape is very rare, designed specifically to keep the real shape of noodles and pasta so that the pasta lovers don’t need to break them. No more worries to maintain the shape of noodles for lasagna etc.

Aluminium Construction

Pasta is something which needs extra care while cooking, if it is extra boiled then one can’t enjoy its real taste. Bialetti provides you aluminium constructed pot for cooking pasta, which brings even heat to the food.

Heat Resistant Handles

There is no more hurry to bring a piece of cloth or handle to bring off the pot, you can easily bring off the pot from stove without a helper because its handles are made up of heat resistant material, it won’t cause damage to your hands.

  • Aluminium construction provides even heating.
  • Strained Lid helps to strain the water from vegetables or pasta or noodles.
  • Handles are heat resistant.
  • Oval shaped pot, to maintain the shape without breakage.
  • We faced Lid complaints but they were always due to user error.
  • Slightly rough from the bottom

6. Cuisinart Contour Stainless

Cuisinart Contour Stainless is beautiful cookware for modern kitchens. Its stainless steel construction and pure aluminum base deliver quick and even heat. Each pan is made up with the versatility and high quality to take on any task, whether on the stove, in the oven, or under the broiler. And it is completely dishwasher safe, so, from now on you can prepare delicious foods without any difficulty in cleanups.


They are specifically designed with premium stainless steel for extra convenience. Each piece of 6-Quart weighs 7.0 pounds and its polished silver color gives uniqueness and elegance in its appearance.

Tempered Glass Covers

Their sleek and flat glass lids made cooking very convenient and tempered glass ensures durability for lasting performance.

Stainless Performance

Its stainless steel surface doesn’t react with food and gives the most eminent and delicious taste.

Heat Distribution

Pure aluminum base heats up quickly and provides even heat distribution for better results.

Dishwasher Safe

  • Stay-Cool Stainless Handles
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy cleanups
  • Aluminium encapsulated Base
  • Tempered Glass Lids
  • It would not work on an induction cooktop.
  • It is not 18/10 stainless.

7. Tramontina Gourmet

8-Quart stockpot, stainless steel lid, and stainless steel pasta inserts are very convenient to handle and they can perform several tasks. Tramontina Gourmet Prima pasta pots are manufactured with the finest design, materials, and workmanship. Its best 18/10 stainless steel dispatches you from the difficulty and its base is impact-bonded with three layers, also an aluminum core for conductivity.


8-Quart Prima Pots weighs 10.2 pounds and its dimensions are 9.3 x 13.5 x 10.5.

Stainless steel Pasta Inserts

It includes 2 Pasta inserts which are made up of pure stainless steel and made cooking very easy and time-saving. You can boil two categories of noodles/pasta or a heavy amount of pasta in less time.

Sleek modern Lines

Claims easy and drip-less pouring; Elegantly styled vessels and lids feature mirror-polished exterior finish.


They are compatible with all cooktops.

Oven safe

Cooktops and vessels are oven safe up to 500°F/ 260°C.

  • Durable
  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • Aluminium core for conductivity
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Mirror polished exterior finish.
  • The lid is not made up of glass but is metallic one.
  • Food can stick on the surface, for very few times, usually when the pot is scratched with a silver sponge.

8. Farberware

There is no need to buy a separate strainer, Farberware classic pots are giving you the most profitable treat, at affordable price. These stainless stockpots have a strainer as well as a lid with them. Their characteristics are as follows:

Bell-Shaped lids

Extraordinary stylish pots with very unique handles and bell-shaped lids gives you satisfaction while purchasing the pot.

Stainless Steel construction

Stainless steel protector surrounds a thicker aluminum core for easy maintenance of even heat distribution.

Iconic Handles

Phenolic handles are 100% oven safe to 350° F , and dishwasher safe ,too.

  • Stainless steel protector
  • Pure and thicker aluminium construction
  • Stylish lids and handles
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It’s quite a big pot, if it won’t adjust on a burner properly, it may not work.
  • There are two little notches (1 on each side) that stick out where the cover locks onto the bottom when you are dumping the water.


MICHELANGELO pots are one of the Award Winning Convenient Designed – Red Dot Design Winner, Home & Trend Award. They represent the best choice of a buyer. It’s a stainless steel Dutch oven pot with a strainer lid, specifically, designed with measuring marks and pour spouts. Flip the handles and hold them against the glass lid for easy draining without the need of sieve.

5-Quart pasta pot can also be used conveniently for soups, they weighs 6.55 pounds. Red hot design made it very unique and its stainless quality is best among all.

Measurement lines and cap

Measurement lines are drawn on the outside of the pot to make accurate measurements as far as soups are concerned. This pot is very useful for beginners who don’t know the exact quantity while cooking. And measuring cap helps to cook with the precise portion.

Strained Glass Lids

The heat resistant tempered glass lid makes viewing food easy from start to finish. And its strained quality has made pouring very easy.

Stainless steel

Specially designed with high quality of stainless steel, to make cooking and pouring processes
easy. As it is made up of high and finest quality steel so it will never react with the food and alter flavors.

Aluminium Disc

Extra Thick Aluminium disc is set at the bottom for the purpose of even and quick heat distribution. It also prevents hot spots.


They are specially designed to make them compatible for all types , including induction.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • Induction compatible
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lock is not permanently set with the lids, you have to lift up the pot then press the handles against the lid, use carefully.

10. Chef Quality Pasta Pot

These chef Quality pasta pots (2 pcs) are designed in such a way that they have made cooking very easy and less time taking. Its stainless and non-stick quality ensures that your pasta won’t stick to the surface. Keeping in view the professional pots, they are specially designed for pasta purposes.
Best Pot for Cooking Pasta

Non-stick quality

Their non-stick interior coating ensures easy and smooth pouring without sticking.

Heat Resistant Handles

Its handles are made up of heat-resistant material so there is no need to use pot handles and no worries about burning of fingers.

The lid as a Strainer

Its lid is specially designed in 2 ways, first, it will cover your food, second, it can be used as a strainer and you can easily pour pasta or noodles without any mess.

  • Safe towards dishwasher
  • Lid is used as a strainer
  • High non-stick quality
  • Some had hand washed this pot and their surface came off, don’t put extra force while washing.

Things  Consider When Buying the Best Pot to Cook Pasta :


The choice of the pot will depend on the motive and frequency of your cooking. If you boil/make soups daily then you should prefer highly stainless and compatible pots.


The capacity of a cooking pot is an important aspect when considering a purchase. It would depend upon your average of serving.

Strength/ Compatibility

If you own Gas or Electric cooktops then you should prefer steel or iron variety.
Otherwise, look for compatible cookware!


Certain types of materials can react with food substances at high heats, but these pots are highly Anodized, non-stick and stainless which ensures no reaction with the food.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Looking for oven-safe pots? Do you use Dishwasher for cleanups?

You should consider these pots which are highly made for durability.


Depending upon your capacity of space in your kitchen you should go for the small pots to avoid messes.


Keeping in view the affordability factor, some pots are very easy to approach.

Note: if some pots cost much it is because of the high material used for durability.


After testing it becomes clear that our “Rachael Ray Hard Anodized, Nonstick, Pasta Pot” and “Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Nonstick, Pasta Pot with Steamer Insert” are on their best selling point. Depending upon the motif of cooking, make a wise choice which can befitted your daily usage – you may find the endless list of the best cooking pots for pasta. These useful multi-purpose pots can be used as making several kinds of pastas, noodles, soups, boiling purposes and steaming of vegetables, etc. Check out the top suggestions and ratings before making the right choice to find perfect stockpots.

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