Best Prime Days Pickups for the Kitchen 2022

Best Prime Days Pickups for the Kitchen in 2022

With prime days just around the corner, It’s that time of year where subscribers can take advantage of special pricing to pick up the latest gadget for the kitchen. Here are some upcoming specials that might be worth keeping an eye on.

Smart Devices

Best Prime Days Pickups for the Kitchen 2022

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Amazon usually has great deals on their smart devices. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your Echo device or just want to try one out, it’s a great time to try and pick one up.


Slow Cookers and Pressure Cookers

Instant Pot 6.5 Quart Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid - best prime days pickups for the kitchen 2022

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Whether making pulled pork, soup, stews or beans; these versatile appliances have become an integral part of many kitchens. Major brands such as Instantpot and Ninja both have sales this year.

If you’ve never had an InstantPot the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 is a fantastic starter choice and under $100 at the time of this article.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, many of the newer models have added air frying to the impressive list of functions this appliance can handle. These new models really blur the line between frying and pressure cooking.

The best prime days pressure cookers this year:

Slow Cookers

With all the focus on pressure cookers the past few years, it can be easy to look past slow cookers.  They’ve been a part of many kitchens for years.  If you don’t think the features of a fast, pressure cooker would interest you, a slow cooker tends to be much cheaper.

Crock pot - best prime days pickups for kitchen in 2022

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Crock Pot is the iconic slow cooker and a centerpiece of kitchens for many years. If your love is slow cooked meals, soups, stews, or chili, a Crock Pot would suit your needs at nearly half the price of a standard Instant Pot.

Air Fryers


best air fryer deal prime days 2022

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If you love the texture of deep frying but want a healthier option, air fryers are a great and convenient alternative. They offer a lower calorie option that gives similar results when done right. They range in size from a wonderful, single serve portion up to larger sizes to serve a family. Here are our favorite air fryers for Prime days this year.

Espresso and Coffee


best prime day pickups for kitchen 2022

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An espresso machine is a wonderful gift for a coffee drinker (or for oneself). If you find yourself looking for a pickup in the afternoons, an espresso or iced latte may be just what you’re looking for. A Prime day pickup may be just what your looking for get going.

If espresso is not your scene but you could use a plain old cup of coffee, consider a coffee maker for one of the best pickups during prime day.

Wrapping up

Prime days is right around the corner and has a plethora of choices. There are many pickups for the kitchen this Prime Days.  Keep in mind the sales may actually span several days so be sure to check back often. Prime members already have access to early specials. For your own best pickups for prime days in the kitchen, check back often and remember the event ends July 13th.

There are many deals exclusive to Prime members so if you haven’t signed up yet, now is the perfect time to take advantage of an Amazon Prime Free Trial.