10 Best Mini Fridge For Garage 2021

Finding a mini fridge for your garage might not seem to be much of a task, but, when it comes to doing it, one really gets stuck as market is bursting with numerous options. Owing to their easy mobility, high practicality and un-compromised performance, mini fridges rapidly have become popular in masses.

You might have a full-size fridge at home, yet you’d still feel the need of a compact or mini fridge for your bedroom, porch or garage. This not only enhances convenience, but also creates more space, altogether.

10 Best Garage Mini Fridge Reviews 2021

We have hand-picked 10 of the best options from out of hundreds available currently, after doing extensive research and reading customer reviews. Along with that, we have provided you with a detailed buying guide at the end of this article, so you can focus on the important points of consideration and choose for yourself, the best of best mini fridges available.

The following context constitutes on a list of 10 BEST MINI FRIDGES FOR GARAGE, their pros and cons and expert opinion on each one of them. We hope our exhaustive research and compilation helps you with this hard decision.

1. Whiter TBR-185SR toolbox Mini Fridge

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Apparently, if you’re feeling too hot after tiresome work and chug a bottle of cold water, it gives a sudden relief, but doesn’t it sound bit of a task to walk all the way to the kitchen from your work station?

Well, how about owning mini fridge which can be placed anywhere you desire it to be. Whiter TBR 185SR, a portable 1.8 cubic ft toolbox refrigerator is considered rather a blessing that mankind is bestowed with, especially when one has to work tirelessly on blazing hot days.

It comes with a mechanical temperature control with the temperature range from 30 degrees F to 60 degrees F, weighs 82 pounds, has a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet while its annual energy consumption is 237Kilowatthours.

It’s designed in bright red color which complements any room its placed in, especially a dull garage will look absolutely amazing with an eye-catching stainless powder coated red refrigerator which helps it to blend in the garage work.

However mini, it’s pretty spacious with two roller guided drawers which are easy to slide, as appealing from outside, so is the soft interior which is endowed with LED lighting. These drawers are adjustable and removable, too.

In order to keep the food and beverages fresh for a longer time, it offers the optimum temperature while in order to store the fresh food for your own appetite only, it well equipped with a safety lock.

This product is said to be perfect for a garage as it sets in all the requirements, to easily relocate it for your convenience, it comes with a multidirectional caster with lock for mobility and stationery use.

The Expert Opinion
The Whiter TBR-185SR toolbox refrigerator is the best option only if your requirement prioritizes mobility, you need to place your mini fridge at a shared space, like a garage or hostel room with more than one user, and, you can compromise on space it provides for your items. It has a good quality compressor and optimal chilling system, and is well equipped with variety of spaces for different food and beverage items to be kept.
What we Like !
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Easy slide drawers
  • Best for individual use in shared spaces
  • Practical and Portable
  • Compact yet capacious
  • Multi-directional casters
Things to Consider!
  • Some unevenly painted units reported

2. RCA RFR321-FR320/8IGLOO Mini Refrigerator Fridge

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IGLOO mini refrigerators, as a brand, is renowned, for quality of product, performance, durability or aesthetics. It comes handy for small offices and playrooms. In addition to its cooling and preserving feature, it gives a gleaming and mesmerizing look to any corner it is placed in.

It has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, weighs 45 pounds in total with a freezer capacity of 0.2 Cubic feet, makes it portable and a well invested product as its per annum expense lies well within the economical range, too.

The red exterior totally is arresting and compliments every kind of decor scheme, rather it enhances the beauty of the corner and if placed at an office, it’s no less than a dazzling piece of art, equally suits garages and dorms.

Interior of the refrigerator is well equipped too, as its capacious, comes with two interior adjustable racks. These racks can be rearranged and large items can be stored as per the consumer desires, with such arrangement.

Furthermore, it has been furnished to accommodate as much as it can, with additional shelves and beverage holders in the door and a mini freezer at its top which is well resourced to keep the edibles fresh for quite a number of days, comparing to Miller lite, which doesn’t have a freezer or even chiller compartment included.

Temperature range is adjustable manually; with a knob of thermostat. This helps you adjust the cooling as required for different kinds of edibles and beverages placed. Moreover, the compressor cooling mechanism never makes it a lag behind, no matter what season.

The Expert Opinion
The Igloo mini refrigerator is one of the most durable options stated in this rundown, the company is a well-known brand and produces quality products. In this budget, this unit is a profitable buy. Though, one thing that you may need to compromise on, is that it has only one door for both compartments. Otherwise, this mini fridge is well suited for your dorm or garage or office.
What we Like !
  • Its efficient for longer use
  • Quick chilling
  • Durable as per consumer reviews
  • Catchy color scheme
  • Operates with reliability and worry free
Things to Consider!
  • Freezer compartment doesn’t have separate door

3. Midea Stainless Steel  Compact Fridge

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The midea compact refrigerator, model number WHD-113FS1 stands high in the competitors, it is as much compact as only 3.1 cubic feet, and yet spacious enough to hold all edibles and drinks you need while you’re stuck on your project in garage.

This two-door mini fridge has not only the refrigerator but also the freezer, to keep your food frozen and preserved for long as you want. The temperature range is also thoroughly adjustable, wide as 32 degrees F to 50 degrees F for the refrigerator compartment.

Even the temperature range of freezer compartment of this mini fridge for you garage is adjustable, ranging from – 11.2 degrees F to 5 degrees F. It gives rather a facility of a full-size fridge in a mini refrigerator.

This model has a unique feature of two-way door opening. You can either open the door from right or from the left, it is specifically made so that the fridge can be fit and placed if you have only one corner in consideration. It makes the fridge more user-friendly.

Moreover, it has adjustable stand knob too, so that user can adjust the height of fridge according to their own height. It has an interior light as well, that helps not only the clearer vision but also functions as a whole defroster.

There is a separate drawer for vegetables and fruits in this mini fridge, made to maintain a slightly higher temperature than the usual refrigerator temperature, suitable to keep the veggies and fruits fresh for longer periods of time.

The exterior is designed so as to depict a very gentle and decent outlook, that gives out positive vibes and the color goes with almost every wall, no matter what color the wall is painted in, or what textures it has. The simplistic design suits it all, perfectly.

This refrigerator weighs 52.2 pounds. The dimensions and weight ratio make this refrigerator optimal for moving frequently without putting in tiresome efforts.

The Expert Opinion
The Midea mini refrigerator is one of the best ones in this list. Reason being, it features separate compartments with separate door. Moreover, it has all the possible containers and holders for anything you might ever put in a refrigerator. The built quality is excellent and compressor is extraordinarily powerful, et surprisingly energy efficient.
What we Like !
  • Designed as a free-standing refrigerator that helps fit any space
  • Quite efficient
  • Mechanical temperature controls for better chilling
  • Adjustable legs and removable shelves
Things to Consider!
  • Manual defrost system
  • Temperature may fluctuate sometimes

4. KUPPET Retro 2 Door Compact Refrigerator

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KUPPET Retro mini, 2-Door Compact Refrigerator is one of the most suitable refrigerators for Dorm, Garage, Camper, Basement or Office as it is quite minimalistic in size yet has pretty much capacity of 3.2 cubic feet inside.

This fridge comes with a wide temperature range of 32 degrees F to 50 degrees F, to be adjusted as per the requirement, with the help of a mechanical rotating thermostat knob. This thermostat is quite user friendly and works well with the compressor.

As compared to the Midea WHD-113FSS1 compact refrigerator, the KUPPET retro mini fridge offers a 0.1 cubic-feet of more of utilizable space within. Moreover, KUPPET mini refrigerator offers solid exterior pattern as compared to glossy design of Midea WHD-113FSS1.

The sleek retro design gives it a modern yet contemporary outlook, with chrome handles precisely designed keeping in view the retro style representation of this mini fridge. The style as well as design is unique to this model among all other refrigerators of this league.

The KUPPET mini refrigerator is low noise quiet (less than or equal to 40 dB), saves you money on electricity, as it is highly energy efficient, and also saves space. Say you need one in your garage, no worries. This little yet powerful machine can fit through any wall and plugs in any socket.

Interior of this refrigerator features a LED light for illumination. This helps you scroll through your favorite food items or drinks with perfect lighting. Being a LED light, the illumination is optimal and energy consumption is very low.

It has two doors and three temper glass shelves (two layers), giving it more minimalistic design yet being durable enough to keep the things intact. The fridge works on 115V/60Hz, can be plugged in without a stabilizer. Perfect for garages and dorms.

The KUPPET retro mini fridge weighs only 52.8 pounds. This size and weight make it very suitable for specially garages and dormitories. And you can always move it to your bedroom or office room, anytime you need to.

The Expert Opinion
Kuppet mini refrigerator has not only been engineered with excellent mechanical dynamics, but also has appealing aesthetics. It suits a fancily decorated bedroom as well as a messed-up garage. Moreover, Kuppet mini refrigerator has ample space for your fruits as well as beer and other beverages. The chilling system is reliable and long lasting. Undoubtedly a good buy in the budget bracket.
What we Like !
  • Energy star rated for low power consumption
  • Adjusts in smaller spaces
  • Noise less and efficient
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
Things to Consider!
  • Average temperature controls
  • Not resistant to external impacts

5. Miller Lite Compact Fridge

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Miller Lite compact fridge is not just another mini fridge. Rather, it is more of a souvenir and gift item. Got a friend who loves to sip beer while working on a project car in their garage? Maybe it’s time you start to think of gifting this fridge to them.

The temperature range of this mini fridge is semi-adjustable. Which means, it has seven pre settings and you can choose from only among them. Though these settings are suitable for this kind of the fridge which will only be used to chill the drinks.

This range as described, start with 28 degrees F to 50 degrees F, suitable for keeping canned and bottled drinks. Inside of the reversible door has storage space for 250ml bottles, 500ml bottles as well as a can dispenser.

There are two such features that are unique to only this specific mini fridge. It has a dedicated bottle opener on the outside of door, not included in any mini fridge of its league like miller lite, Kuppet or igloo, for one. Moreover, it features a door wide Miller Lite official logo, making this mini fridge perfect for a beer lover.

This fridge has a small freezer compartment inside of the fridge, all under one door with recessed door handle. This makes the refrigerator more space saving, as it also has a flat back, instead of meshed elongated back.

In comparison with RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator with 45 pounds weight, Miller Lite is 48.5 pounds, as it is made up of aluminum, is light weight yet durable. There are two shelves and works on 110V/ 85 watts while igloo mini fridge works on 115 V / 60 Hz. The door has magnetic seals and totally reversible hinges.

Despite being compact, it has a capacity of 90 liters, moreover, the compressor is pretty powerful so no matter how many cans and bottles have you kept in it, the mini fridge cools them down within a matter of minutes.

The Expert Opinion
Miller Lite mini fridge is more of showcase item for those fond of chilled beer. If you’re one of the people who love to sip beer and show it, miller lite mini fridge is the call for you. It even has a bottle opener, how cool is that! The unit features a full fledge storage for beer bottles and cans, with a very efficient and powerful compressor, which make instant chilling possible. It doesn’t come with a freezer compartment, though.
What we Like !
  • Wide space and storage
  • Best option for beverages
  • Features a bottle opener in-built
  • Powerful and efficient compressor
Things to Consider!
  • Doesn’t have drawer for fruits and veggies
  • Doesn’t have a fully adjustable thermostat

6.  Antarctic Star Compact Mini Refrigerator

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Looking for an all-in-one fully practical kind of mini fridge? This part of the article features Antarctic Star Compact Mini Refrigerator which has all the perks of a full-size refrigerator in a mini compact fridge, perfect for your garage, dorm and office.

This beautifully designed mini fridge serves the purpose of a regular fridge and has a freezer, having separate doors for both the compartments, while, Safeplus mini fridge features one single door for both. Antarctic star has a vegetable drawer, a can dispenser and a bottle holder of huge capacity. Not to forget the fully adjustable and removable glass shelves and ice trays as well as egg storage.

So much for a little compact refrigerator, no? it also has a thermostat with pre-set 7 grades of cooling ranging from 1, the cold to 7, the coldest.  The temperature range lies between 32 degrees F to 50 degrees F for refrigerator and 5 to 1 degree F for freezer.

The exterior has a classy and retro touch to it.  The black and while combination and retro style handles make it spill the charms of 1950s. Yet, it has the modern advanced compressor for better cooling and better energy efficiency.

Freezer compartment has a capacity of 0.93 cubic feet while the refrigerator compartment has 2.24 cubic feet of capacity, both enough to carry all you need in your garage mini fridge. You can freeze your ice cream or frozen meals in freezer and save them till you need them later.

The fridge works on 115V / 60 Hz, means you can plug it in an ordinary socket anywhere, moreover, only 24 kg weight places it among best options for a fridge that you may frequently need to move, such as one for your dorm or garage or office.

This product is quiet as 38 dB, noise pollution free, so you can place it in your room even by side of your bed. Moreover, the vegetable shelf is also removable, so there won’t really be a problem for cleaning.

The Expert Opinion
Antarctic star mini refrigerator is one practical and durable refrigerator. It has a promised quality of well taken brand and durability due to high-end built quality. In terms of practicality, this mini refrigerator features a freezer and a fridge, both well-equipped with shelves and spaces in door, for eggs, bottles, cans, veggies and other regular items. Above all, the energy efficiency is a hall mark of this model.
What we Like !
  • The company offers free replacement or parts for ninety days
  • Not noisy
  • Highly practical
Things to Consider!
  • The glossy finish may fade over time
  • Steep price

7. Safeplus 3.2 Cu. Ft Mini Fridge

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Safeplus mini fridge is the kind of a mini fridge that won’t offer very fancy looks but will bear with you for years and years. This super durable unit offers the reliability anyone would look for. It also comes with an in-built freezer compartment.

The Safeplus mini fridge features a very minimalistic approach in design department and has a straight white body and door in the exterior. Whereas, the interior doesn’t differ very much either. It has quite simple and decent interior as well.

Which means, you can place this refrigerator literally at anywhere you might need it. It has a retro old school style handle which not only gives an appealing look but also functions as a firm hold on, unlike fancy but weak plastic door handles.

The thermostat this mini fridge is equipped with is really easy to use, that can set the temperature between range of 32 degrees F to 50 degrees F. the powerful compressor with in-cooling technology keeps your food and beverages fresh in hot environments.

Another perk of this mini fridge is that you can literally sleep next to it and you won’t notice it operating. This is because it creates only up to 40 dB of noise, not noticeable by humans. Place it in a closed space and it still won’t be a problem.

The mini fridge has two full width storage shelves, a can dispenser in door and bottle holder space, moreover a compartment for vegetables and a separately dedicated freezer portion for the frozen items.

This mini fridge has a total storage space of 3.2 cubic feet and weighs around 44 pounds. Moreover, it works on 65 watts, 115 V and 60 Hz, which makes it spacious, lightweight and energy efficient, a good package in all.

The Expert Opinion
Safeplus mini refrigerator is equipped with wide range of shelf adjustment options, enabling you to make customizable space for any size of the item you need to place in fridge. Though the freezer compartment doesn’t feature very much of an ample space. So, if your need more fridge space than freezer, then Safeplus mini refrigerator could be a very good option. It is best suited as a mini fridge for garage.
What we Like !
  • Includes a mini ice cubes tray
  • Simplistic operation
  • Powerful compressor
  • Has an old-school nostalgic charm to it
Things to Consider!
  • No separate doors for freezer and refrigerator
  • No reversible door hinges

8. Impecca 3.0 cubic feet Mini Fridge

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Impecca 3.0 cubic feet is a fully compact and adjustable mini fridge, when it comes to living in an urban house hold where utmost fear of anyone is space management. It is adaptable for any room its placed in, a garage, a dorm, kitchen or office, due to its catchy aesthetics.

It has an adequate storage capacity of 3 cubic feet for the essentials, weighs 61.5 pounds and a features adjustable temperature range of 10 – 11.2 degrees F. It’s a perfect freezer to store frozen food, ice cream and much more. Its well-known due to its swift cooling, too.

Impecca mini freezer is a free standing upright mini deep freezer with a pitch-black breath-taking exterior, goes perfectly well with illumination of the whole room and is a perfect addition to your annual expense due to less energy consumption.

It’s provided with 2 racks for the sizeable products and a removable basket at the bottom for the excessive storage, in addition to the interior and amazingly done exterior it is well equipped with a reversible door which can be used either way by only adjusting the hinge.

To ignore the hubbubs, it has been specified with multiway legs and a built-in handle to give it an absolutely sturdy and durable look, which is hard to find with all such amazing traits. Therefore, a good deal nonetheless.

Impecca mini fridge has a very sleek and modernistic design approach, as compared to the Galanz mini fridge of same league, that features a whole different design element, that is, retro and old school. Though the functionality of both are somewhat similar.

The Expert Opinion
It is favorable to invest in such an amazing deal, Impecca mini freezer provides the best cooling mechanism in order to keep the food safe and fresh for longer use, where else would you get a deep freezer of such an estimated size, functioning and durability.
What we Like !
  • It doesn’t get dirty easily
  • Its compact yet spacious
  • Energy efficient as well and chilled
  • Adjustable door and shelves
Things to Consider!
  • It has to be left upright for 24 hours before use
  • It comes with no rolling legs, making it hard to move

9. Galanz GLR35RDER Retro Compact Refrigerator

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Galanz GLR35RDER retro compact refrigerator is an old school single door fridge, but is fitted upto minute when it comes to balance in a citified environment, fancy décor of the room and the refrigerator wholly complement each other.

It comes with a storage capacity of 3.5 Cubic Ft, which further divides into refrigerator capacity of 2.97 Cubic Ft and the chiller capacity of 0.41 Cubic Ft. The unit weighs 55.1 pounds. Furthermore, works on 120 volts/60hz which eventually costs 220kwh per annum.

This compact refrigerator has a mind-blowing red exterior, which never gets old no matter what product you invest in when it comes to the showcasing, red never lose, its best fitted in any corner near the sitting area due compact and miniature look.

Like the exterior, the interior is given the due consideration in order to preserve the maximum amount of frozen food and beverages it has been designed with 1 chiller, 2 racks and 1 slide out glass shelf at the bottom to store fruits and vegetables.

In addition to that, the door is well equipped with 2 full and 3 half width crystal balconies to place the bottles. In order to give the interior a dreamy look it has been fitted with LED lights, an adjustable thermostat knob, refrigerator 32F to 47F, chiller mode 27F to 37F.

In order to ignore the buzz, it has been equipped with leveling front legs which help it to linger in the place. And a retro fashioned handle to open and close the refrigerator with ease. This product has more of an old school charm and advanced technology.

The Expert Opinion
Galanz glr35rder retro compact refrigerator is an investment well done, it features all the essentials a full-sized fridge would offer, a chiller, two spacious racks, slide out vegetable part and enough space in the door for beverages, moreover its well designed to be used the whole year due it’s to manual temperature regulator.
What we Like !
  • Made completely of tough durable metal
  • Stabilizing legs
  • Spacious and organizable.
Things to Consider!
  • Doesn’t have an actual freezer

10. Wanai Compact Fridge / Refrigerator

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Wanai compact refrigerator is a package of unit featuring two-door design, fridge and a dedicated freezer, engineered in the retro style from exterior and equipped with modern technology machinery.

It comes with the storage capacity of 3.2 cubic feet while the chiller capacity is 1 cubic foot, weighs 44 pounds, practically pretty ample for its size, yet lies well within the economical range of power consumption that is, it runs on 110-120V/50W/60Hz.

Its specifically designed in bright yellow to make it look appealing and fresh, even on a hot summer day when everything seems annoying, the exterior color and design expels out a refreshing energy.

Wanai Compact Refrigerator has fresh exterior, so is its interior. It is equipped with racks in the refrigerator and a slide out drawer at the bottom. Moreover, in order to make it spacious, it has been given glass balconies in the door for the beverages.

The freezer at the top can be separately used by dedicated door. There are two separate reversible doors for both compartments which makes it easier to organize the food items. Moreover, the doors can be used either way by just changing the hinge of the door.

The mini fridge is equipped with LED lights, which give appealing look to the food. In addition to that, it has two widely height adjustable roller legs, which significantly make sure the thorough stability as well as easy mobility.

The Expert Opinion
Wanai compact refrigerator is well suited appliance for an office, apartment, a garage as well as a dorm room as its appealing and well organized in its structural and functional abilities. Moreover, due to its separate doors both the compartments can be independently used without interfering the other. Therefore, a good buy and value to money.
What we Like !
  • Space well used
  • Convenient reversible doors
  • Energy efficient
Things to Consider!
  • The yellow color might get dusty
  • Not good for frequent moving

Things Consider When Buying a Compact Fridge For Garage

When buying a mini fridge, there are some technicalities as well as some general things to be considered. In this buy guide, we have tried to cover all such possible aspects for your convenience.

Cooling and compressor power

How your mini fridge will perform depends totally on what kind of compressor it is equipped with. Similarly, cooling and chilling also depends on the same. Therefore, it is the most important to inquire for the quality and durability of the compressor and choosing one with warranty. There are qualities ranging from mediocre to good to excellent. Always choose the one with excellent compressor even in you have to compromise on aesthetics.


As mini fridges are pretty compact in size, so, the unit you choose must be the one which utilizes all the space available and no shelf of corner goes unfilled. For instance, a mini fridge with pockets, shelves and dispensers in door and adjustable thin shelves inside compartment is a good buy. A dedicated drawer for vegetables and fruits would be another worthy addition, making your chosen mini fridge the best among all.

Power saving:

It is significant to choose the mini refrigerator that not only saves your perishable items, but also money on electricity bills. Needless to say, that fridges may cost you fortune on electricity. Therefore, always check annual consumption mentioned on ads. For your ease, we have mentioned this in the article, too. Ideal one should run on 110-120V/60Hz.

Portability and weight

As these fridges are needed in specifically closed and conserved spaces, plus, they often need to be moved quite frequently, therefore, portability should be among the top most points to be taken into consideration. Weight and portability go hand in hand with each other. A mini fridge that has less weight and features adjustable legs is a good choice.

Adjustable temperature ranges

Since mini fridges are not only to be used in summers alone, therefore, one temperature setting might be problematic in different seasons. So, you want to buy the mini fridge that features totally adjustable thermostat between wide range, so you can fully control your unit.

Freezer included

This is quite an important point to keep in consideration. Since you’re paying a sum, you definitely should try to buy a product having good value to money. A unit that constitutes on only the refrigerator and not at least a freezer compartment is not a very practical and value to money choice.

Built Quality

You might get attracted to many mini fridges having tons of fancy designs and features, but most of them are either made of plastics or cheap metal alloys. Always prefer a product that is made up of sturdy and firm material and has reputable built quality. Built quality of your mini fridge is important because these products are bought for long term usage, so they face the test of time and long-term usage.


By this point of the article, we are sure you now have a very clear idea of what kind of mini fridge you require and which one to choose among the list we hand picked for you. Mini fridges are springing up as a practical alternative to space consuming huge refrigerators.

There are refrigerators of numerable categories mentioned in this article, to help you choose the best mini fridge for your garage. All you need to do is figure out your requirements and match them with all the 10 options described here in detail, with opinions from our experts.

Whichever product you decide to buy after going through this content, we are sure, will be the best suited for you.


People Also Asked About For Mini Garage Fridge 

Can I put a mini fridge in garage?

Yes, a mini fridge can easily be placed in a garage. Not only it provides you with cold beverages, but it also improves the aesthetics of the dull arrangements like one in a garage.

Does a mini fridge use a lot of electricity?

No, mini fridge is best fitted to your per annum expense. They consume very less electricity as compared to a full-size refrigerator.

what size breaker does a mini fridge need?

A modern refrigerator requires 20-amp, 120/15 Volt circuit.

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