7 Best 10 Quart Air Fryers 2022

Large capacity air fryers, for instance, 10 qt Air fryers have come out to be the need of every household ever since people have started taking health into serious consideration, while considering enough portion of diet as well. They are a very clean and worthy alternative to old messy and unhealthy deep frying. Rather, modern 10 qt air fryers offer way more features than we could think of, while the quantity remains sufficient.

Having said that, following is an extensive list of 7 best 10 qt air fryers, for you to choose from. This list in all-inclusive of detailed technical as well as general review of the products along with their pros and cons. Above all, each product review features an exclusive opinion from our experts.

7 Best 10 Qt Air Fryers Reviews 2022

We have keenly and carefully chosen SEVEN 10 qt air fryers from among hundreds, and we have carried out exhaustive research over each and every point. This listing contains products that are thoroughly tested, reviewed and recommended by their users.

1. Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer

Best 10 Quart Air Fryers

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The Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 qt is not just another air fryer, it is actually a counter top 7 in 1 multi-functional kitchen gadget that does a lot more tasks than what regular air fryers do. This gadget bakes, reheats, boils, air fries, dehydrates, roasts and for the rotisserie recipes, rotates.

The exterior features a premium looking two-tone color scheme in metallic finish, these colors are piano black and stainless-steel finish. Piano black part contains the touch screen command panel as well as LED display panel along with the branding of Instant.

The instant pot vortex plus has feature-loaded interior, too. It consists of two perforated fully removable and adjustable tray shelves along with one plain heat resistant intact drip tray shelf for leftover chunks and debris, that too, removable and adjustable.

The door sometimes may feel wobbly, that is because is it removable for efficient and deep cleaning. This door can be removed by fully opening it and releasing the red latch, which will eventually lead to the door removed within a matter of seconds.

It is equipped with 1-step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM, which aids the user to get the food crispy from outside, like potato fries etc., and tender from inside at the same time. Needless to say, that this technology is not available in most other air fryers.

The Expert Opinion
The instant pot vortex air fryer is unmatched practicality and usability wise. This model offers quite a number of additional kitchen chores you can do with it. Moreover, it is resistant to sturdy drips or spills due to drip tray available within. The 1 step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM technology makes it superior over others in the league.
What we Like !
  • Built quality is highly durable
  • Offers 7 functions within 1 gadget
  • Removable door for cleaning with ease
  • Well suited for large families.
  • All accessories are dishwasher friendly
Things to Consider!
  • Screen isn’t spill proof

2. Paula Deen Stainless Steel 10 QT Digital Air Fryer

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Paula Deen is a renowned brand when it comes to kitchen equipments and gadgets, worldwide. They are known for quality and reliability. This stainless steel 10 qt digital air fryer by Paula Deen is yet another highly reliable product for your kitchen.

This model features 10 preset cooking functions to facilitate the user, these include customized settings for French fries, pizza, beef, wings, fish, chicken, vegetables, baking, air frying and reheating. Load the container, press the button and you’re good to go, effortless.

Exterior of this model of air fryer is manufactured on the blocky design concept as compared to round design concepts used in family size single compartment model of the same brand. The exterior features a detailed command setup of touch screen and a LED screen for information.

Though, the interior follows rather a simplistic approach by not adding additional add-ons for versatile kind of food items like rotisseries etc., unlike instant pot vortex or NuWave. It includes one basket, ceramic coated, which is FDA compliant ceramic coated and stick-free.

The pull and push handle aids taking out of setting in the basket pan, for loading and unloading. This pan is easy to clean. Just wipe with a regular kitchen towel and you’re done for the day. It has an auto shut off and is proven compatible with 50 recipes.

The whole intact unit weighs 14 pounds, as compared to instant pot vortex which weighs 19 pounds, it runs on 1700 watts and takes within 20 to up to 80 minutes to get the cooking process done, depending on the type of raw material you put in and the amount/weight of it.

The Expert Opinion
Functionality is undoubtedly proven but practicality is subjective and could be an issue for someone who tries new recipes everyday off the internet. Heat circulation and temperature settings are well in control since the machinery used in all Paula Deen is always the best available. If your serving need is bigger, and need an air fryer for longer times, this one is the right call.
What we Like !
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • FDA compliant ceramic coated pan basket
  • 10 presets for frequently cooked items
  • Simplistic and durable
  • Reasonable built quality
Things to Consider!
  • Wobbly sliding basket
  • Heavier in weight

3. PINSOON 10 Quart Air Fryer

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Looking for an air fryer that can actually cover all cooking forms in your kitchen? We got just the product for you. The Pinsoon 10 qt air fryer is a highly practical product with usability to large extent. You can cook a variety of dishes at one touch of your finger.

The on-board interactive panel has listing of 8 preset functions, which are, baking, steaks, seafood, dehydration, French fries, shrimps, rotisseries and chicken, on touch screen with minimalistic and eye catchy figure drawings.

The exterior of this model is in jet black finish with stainless steel garnish over the door top. Door has a see-through heat resistant glass and right above that, is the fully automatic preset touch screen panel along with interactive LED screen.

The interior is beautifully designed and is eye catching along with being fully practical. It has lighting for you to see the process, and comes with accessories to help you cook almost anything that fits in. It’s loaded with rotating function, too, which Paula deen 10 qt air fryer lacks.

In the package, comes a rotating mesh, perfect for French fries, a non-stick frying basket with detachable safe-touch handle and air flow racks specially for cooking food with minimized moisture content, like steaks, shrimps and etc.

This model of air fryer comes with a complimentary recipe book and user manual, both for your ease and assistance. The air diversion fan ensures that hot air convection current spreads in 360 degrees, aiding in gaining crisps on the outside and remarkable tenderness from outside.

The Expert Opinion
The Pinsoon 10 qt air fryer is one of the most feature loaded air fryers in its league. It offers its consumers to try a wide range of recipes with success. If little noise is not a major constraint for you, then this model really is one not to let go. Its customer reviews are predominantly positive and almost no customer is unsatisfied with the purchase.
What we Like !
  • Air flow racks are best for homogenized cooking
  • Wide see-through glass for analyzing the process
  • Rotating mess basket
Things to Consider!
  • Not easy to clean

4. NuWave Brio Black 10 Quart Digital Air Fryer

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You go to gym and the weight machine still casts you down? The reason has to be the appetizing food you can’t resist, well you can do both only if you replace the method of deep frying the items to air frying them.  It takes much less time and reduces the risk of toxins.

The NuWave brio black 10 quarts digital air fryer has a capacity of 9.46 liters, weighs 1.69 pounds, comes in a shiny black color, which is fully compact, practical and tidy. Moreover, it compliments all your interior decors.

It has an eye catchy exterior of black which makes it deathless and easy to clean in addition to that it has a LED digital control panel to handle its functioning. This control panel has been proven to be one of the most reliable ones in league.

The interior is given a thought too, when it comes food, there must be enough to fulfill the appetite, in that context it’s pretty spacious, it has an adjustable rack, a rotisserie rod and 5 skewers, which mutually make the sizeable amount of food in no time.

In order to keep the food flavorsome, crispy yet succulent, it is well equipped with retractable vent to lock in the moisture and is fairly easy to clean due to its removable door. What’s better is that the door doesn’t feel wobbly, like instant pot vortex air fryer.

For a desirable taste NuWave brio black 10 quarts digital air fryer provides a pre heat, warm and delay functioning which operate on adjustable temperature ranging from 100-400 degrees. This temperature range is optimal for majority of food items.

The Expert Opinion
The NuWave brio black 10 quarts digital air fryer is best option to go with while replacing deep fryer as it doesn’t include unhealthy oils while functioning and the outcome that it provides with uplifts the quality of eatables. Moreover, it has an evenly distributed heat for efficient working and provides enough space for considerable amount of food.
What we Like !
  • Preheat and reheat functioning
  • Removable basket and door for efficient working and cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Even heat distribution
  • Practical and portable
Things to Consider!
  • Uneasy to clean
  • Hard to carry

5. Kalorik Air Fryer Oven 10 Quart Capacity

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The most noticeable space in any household is most probably its kitchen. In order to make it presentable, it must be well equipped with fancy utensils and impressive appliances. Kalorik air fryer oven quart capacity 13 settings is best suited for the need.

The kalorik air fryer oven quart capacity 13 settings comes with the whooping food capacity of 10 quarts and the food capacity range of 2 kg while the liquid capacity is 9.50 liters, the unit weighs 17.31 pounds.

Coming to the outlook, it is undoubtedly astounding. The black exterior easily goes with every decor scheme, it actually enhances the beauty of the counter/shelf its placed upon. The exterior also features a digital controlling panel for more precise and efficient functioning.

While the interior of air fryer oven is well suited to fry, grill, toast and roast the eatables as it has a rotating rotisserie spit, rotating skewers, two removable air racks and a rotating basket. Though the space is ample, yet cooking capacity at a time is way lesser than that of Paula deen.

As the name implies kalorik air fryer oven quart capacity 13 settings come with a 13 preset and in addition to that the preset temperature helps to make your favorite food 30 times faster than NuWave brio black 10 quarts air fryer.

The Expert Opinion
Kalorik air fryer oven 10 quarts capacity 13 settings is really a highly considerable option as it doesn’t produce harmful fumes while working and functions as an air fryer and as well as an oven, too. While the only thing you’ll have to compromise on, is its small and close packed construction, hence the very limited portion of food to be made in single go.
What we Like !
  • 13 preset options
  • 9 included accessories
  • Rapid heat technology
  • Rotisseries compatible
  • Makes little to no noise
Things to Consider!
  • Not ideal for large family
  • Can’t cook rice

6. Paula Deen 9.5 QT  Family sized Air fryer

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Thinking about hosting a surprise family gathering? Sounds good? Yeah! But making food for everyone in short time is quite a hectic job. Paula deen 9.5 qt (1700 watt) offers a family size air fryer, gets your cooking done, quicker than ever.

Paula Deen family sized Air fryer has a capacity of 9.5 QT, runs upon 1700 watts, can cook food enough for 5 to 10 individuals. This unit weighs 16.32 pounds and features an amazing outlook of gleaming red with dial knobs, an attractive scheme indeed.

The interior of Paula Deen 9.5 qt air fryer is also given due consideration as the name implies it’s a family size air fryer, large single basket inside is pretty capacious, alongside, being simplistic without extra add-ons like, as compared to Instant Pot Vortex 10 qt air fryer.

While consuming 1700 watt, it gives out pretty amazing results as the air fryer offers rapid air circulation system which cooks the food thoroughly and evenly. This even circulation ensures the thorough and optimal cooking of food, as required and set by the user.

Like the kalorik air fryer, it doesn’t come with a preset temperature. Therefore, is completely controllable and allows the consumers to operate itself as per their choice, the temperature can be raised up to 400F.

Paula Deen 9.5 QT (1700 watt) family size air fryer has much more to propose if you are a diet conscious person, it doesn’t consume oil and yet gives out crispy, crunchy, tender and juicy fried items. Enjoy all you want, calorie-worry. Though it consumes more power than NuWave air fryer.

It’s easy to clean in comparison with any deep fryer owing to the reason that the inner basket comes with a non-stick ceramic coating and a little to no oil is used in operation, hence, it can effortlessly be cleaned with a regular kitchen cloth.

The Expert Opinion
Paula Deen 9.5 QT (1700 watts) Family sized air fryer has the amplest capacity among its league due to its spacious single basket to serve the whole family. Moreover, it doesn’t expel out unwanted noise and works upon the set temperature as per the need of the product which is to be fried or cooked. The knob controls are the best among all other kinds of controls.
What we Like !
  • Practical and portable
  • Gleaming and attractive exterior
  • Removable basket
  • Nonstick interior
  • Makes little to no noise
  • Easy and simplistic controls
Things to Consider!
  • Set temperature fluctuates
  • Pricy for the features
  • Somewhat outdated

7. Digital Air Fryer with Control Panel

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Digital air fryer with a control panel is kind of an air fryer suiting majority of consumer categories. It has a capacity of 10 qt and runs on 1300 Watts, which is way less than Paula Deen’s 1700 watts. The intact unit weighs 10 pounds, which is considerably less than kalorik air fryer oven.

This minimalistic air fryer features the most amazingly done exterior in solid jet black. The exterior has certain noticeable features too, the control panel can be seen at the forefront of the digital air fryer, making it a lot easier to use for the beginners too.

The interior, likewise, is loaded with usable features. For instance, inclusion of skewers and rod for rotisseries is really an impressive thing for such a compact air fryer. The turbo hot air technology makes it unique and efficient simultaneously.

Interior also features a rotating basket, rotating skewer and a single stand, all of the products dispense best labor in order to provide the flavorsome food. It has the best use of space for proper functioning, so it is compact yet capacious.

Temperature is manually adjustable with aid of interactive command panel. This panel includes a display for information and buttons for ON/OFF, temperature, rotation, air flow settings and etc.

The Expert Opinion
Digital air fryer with a control panel is really a practical gadget when it comes to finding a versatile product which cooks healthy. Moreover, it has not occasionally been reported to have functionality issues. However, the only thing you might have to compromise upon is its capacity constraint, otherwise, it’s a fair deal.
What we Like !
  • Compact and space saving
  • Versatile number of options
  • Turbo high velocity hot air technology
  • Human interactive
  • Faster than most of others
Things to Consider!
  • Not ideal for large family
  • Prone to voltage fluctuation

Things Consider When Buying a 10 Qt ( Quarter) Air Fryer 

There are a number of certain significant points to keep in due consideration when buying an air fryer. The ones we listed and went an extra mile on research for your convenience, are few of the most suitable air fryers in the market among a huge piles and piles of unworthy ones. We made efforts so you won’t have to. Anyways, listed below are some key concerns and points to consider before you make the choice.

Storage capacity

Since almost all air fryers available in market are compact and built on space saving concepts. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the space of interior. Some air fryers are compact yet offer huge space, enough to cook for 5 to 10 people.


For an air fryer, cleaning after every cooking is significant. It is because left over residues and fat deposits negatively affect the efficiency of machine over time. Majority of air fryers listed in this content are the ones made in a way to make thorough cleaning possible with ease within no time.


There is a variety of controls in this category. Some air fryers are equipped with conventional mechanically rotating knobs, some feature button controls and some modern touch screen controls. These controls need to be reliable for longer periods of time and especially resistant to water and other liquids.

Size and dimensions

The size and dimensions of the air fryer you choose matters. It is because where you place or fix it, it needs to fit in and suit the surroundings. Therefore, always check your kitchen and especially counter tops. Looks are subjective though, yet they play a major role.

Power consumption

Since air fryers are majorly compact in size, they need to be power saving, too. If an air fryer runs on 1500 watts, they are likely to consume up to 1 unit of electricity a day. Always choose the air fryer that is energy efficient and more importantly environment friendly.


Safety from heat and electricity mishap is quite important. Always choose a well-insulated air fryer, specially one with cold touch handle or hand-grip. This helps you stay safe from burning your skin. Safety must be made sure in terms of electricity as well. The exterior must be well insulated and wires and motor should be of high quality.

 Wrapping Up

By this point of the article, we are sure you would be well decisive on what kind of air fryer, rather, which one of the 7 best air fryers listed in this article, you need to buy as per your requirements and needs.

Air fryers market is blooming, and therefore, sub-standard products can also be seen every now and then. The consumers need to beware of such hazardous purchases and rely on reviews like this, where researchers and experts have burnt the midnight oil for you.

It is important that you choose from the best of the best ones, as we listed in this article, so you never have to compromise on your safety and quality, and your money is spent where it is worthy of. Best of luck with the purchase.


People Also Asked About 10 Qt Air Fryers

what can you cook in a 10QT air fryer?

Any eatable that has to be deep fried before serving can easily be grilled, fried, toasted and roasted in an air fryer, without the mess of oils and compromises on health.

can you cook 2 things at once in air fryer?

Yes, if the capacity of the air fryer allows and the products fits it you surely can cook multiple things at once.

what should you not put in air fryer?

The consumer should avoid putting stored frozen food, cheese and wet batters as they make may create mess.

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