7 Best Rice Cooker For Sticky Rice In 2022

Rice is a simple grain that forms the backbone of many food dishes eaten globally; however, for many, rice can be unpredictably difficult to cook, especially sticky rice.

That’s exactly, where the need for a rice cooker arises!

When you do not want to eat another disappointing pot of overcooked, undercooked, or burnt rice, a good rice cooker is sure to help you get it perfect every time whether using any kind of rice, sticky, white, brown, or any other.

Whether you’re a newbie into using this technology or are a pro who has already owned many rice cookers in the past, we have choices for one and all. We are glad to offer assistance and will help you choose one with this article.

7 Best Rice Cookers For Sticky Rice Reviews 2022

To help you choose the options and find yourself the best rice cooker for your needs, we’ve also indicated how many cups of uncooked rice each cooker holds along with an insight into their features and specifications.

1. Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Rice Cooker – Compact & Durable

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CRP-HS0657F is a high-end compact induction heating rice cooker with pressure from Cuckoo. The Korean company has over 50 years of renowned expertise for making a range of kitchen & home appliances including rice cookers.

The CRP-HS0657F comes with 11 unique pre-set menu options to make everything from sushi to porridge in addition to traditional white & sticky rice dishes. It is designed to work with a variety of rice including white, brown, & others & the keep warm function kicks into action at the end of a run.

It is designed for induction heating which in conjunction with high pressure up to 11.4 psi ensures consistently & thoroughly cooked delicious rice dishes in less amount of time.

The induction heating is further accentuated with stainless steel inner pot coated with premium scratch-proof, non-toxic & durable X-wall non-stick material. It presents a rice capacity of 6 cups (uncooked) which approximate to almost 12 cups of cooked rice making it perfect for a small to medium-sized family.

Its unique, smart cooking algorithm always makes the rice with the same texture & taste & in very little time, especially in turbo mode. This rice cooker is designed for maximum convenience with easy-to-navigate customizable controls in addition to the removable lid of the inner pot.

It is also equipped with a voice activation feature that can work with English & Chinese in addition to standard Korean languages. The accessories like steam plate, rice scoop & cleaning pin are also provided with it.

The Expert Opinion
This is a great rice cooker to make anything from rice varieties including sticky rice, beans, quinoa, lentils, etc. in no time. It is easy to use & you can effortlessly customize it to your needs. It’s compact and elegant in looks & easy to clean in working. A flawless appliance for your home.
What we Like !
  • High-end model
  • Enough for a medium-sized family
  • Steam self-cleaning
  • Non-stick coated Stainless steel inner pot
  • Quick & consistent
  • Made in Korea
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

2. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB Heating Plate Rice Cooker – Traditional yet Innovative

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CRP-P1009SB is a traditional pressure rice cooker designed for those who like to have it the old-fashioned way. This rice cooker operates via a heating plate while taking advantage of pressurized cooking to produce exceptionally good rice dishes.

It is a versatile appliance that can cook your favorite dishes easily & effortlessly with its 12 pre-set menu options to the perfect taste & texture. The pressurized cooking technology uses 11.4 psi pressure to circulate the heat inside the pot for flavorful & faster cooking.

CRP-P1009SB has a large capacity of 10 cups of uncooked rice (equivalent to almost 20 cups of cooked rice) which makes it an ideal candidate for large families. Similar to other high-end rice cookers, it also has a non-stick, scratch-proof, non-toxic coating over a durable stainless steel inner pot for optimal heat distribution.

It utilizes a smart cooking algorithm to heat the inner pot for reliable & reproducible rice dishes every time by optimally controlling heating & pressure functions which are further accentuated with an automatic steam release mechanism.

Its keep warm function kicks in after cooking to keep your rice in ready-to-serve condition. The cooker also has voice activation which supports English, Chinese & Korean.

Packed with many safety features like pressure control & automatic release system, magnetic safety sensor for lid-lock mechanism & more, this rice cooker has a core design around safety. While the inner pot is easy to clean, it can also self-clean the system using steam.

The Expert Opinion
Undoubtedly Cuckoo offers the best rice cookers. The Cuckoo CRP P1009SB is a smart appliance with innumerable state-of-the-art and progressive features which has to offer consistent performance all thanks to its innovative cooking algorithm. However, this rice cooker is on the expensive side. 
What we Like !
  • Advanced design
  • Lots of cooking programs
  • Smart cook algorithm
  • Speech navigation
  • Large cooking capacity (10 cups)
  • Stress-free cleaning
Things to Consider!
  • A bit expensive

3. Panasonic SR-HZ106 Japanese Rice Cooker – Versatile & Multipurpose

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SR-HZ106 is a high-end induction heating rice cooker from the Japanese appliance giant Panasonic. The leading company has pioneered induction heating rice & multi-cookers to create excellently delicious meals for your family.

It is made with a range of 13 pre-set programs for automatically cooking a variety of dishes to your likeness down the perfection of texture & taste. The unit is multi-purposed to handle soups, stews, fish, or even veggies allowing you to experiment by yourself to create new recipes.

It has a unique 7 layered inner pan which is composed of materials like fluorine, copper, and ceramics to evenly enhance the heat generated from the induced currents from magnetic fields around the inner pot.

The peculiar micro-computer is designed to delicately adjust the heating all over for precise temperature controls giving consistent & delicious food.

It has a medium-sized capacity of 5 cups of uncooked rice equivalent to approximately 10 cups of cooked rice making it ideally suitable for small-to-medium sized families. Its automatic shut-off function is there to avoid over-cooking while the keep-warm function is there to keep it ready to eat for many hours.

The rice cooker features a steam basket to perfectly steaming your favorite vegetables to perfection. It is also supplied with many gourmet cooking accessories such as an umami-enhancing taste catcher system, measuring cups, ladle along with a scratch-less rice spoon making it authentic east-Asian service.

The Expert Opinion
This multipurpose rice cooker from Panasonic is pretty durable. SR-HZ106 is a seven-layered diamond-coated pan that makes it amongst the top sellers for sticky rice. Unquestionably, this is one rice cooker which is not only versatile but very easy to use and fully loaded to handle it all.
What we Like !
  • 7 layered inner pan
  • Japanese made
  • Diamond non-stick coat
  • 13 preset programs
  • Multi-purpose model
  • Keep warm feature
Things to Consider!
  • Sometime cooked Rice Hard

4. Cuckoo CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker – Versatile Cooker plus Warmer

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CR-0655F is a very basic model offered by Cuckoo which can be presented to someone as a great wedding gift or housewarming present even for a beginner cook and an expert chef alike.

Cook your favorite rice including the sticky ones & popular and healthy grains effortlessly using this Cuckoo Micom rice cooker just the way you enjoy them!

With a capacity of 6 cups, this rice cooker is ideal for small gatherings and a hungry family of 4, with its smart cooking algorithm which lets you cook enchanting rice automatically! However, its compact size fits perfectly over your kitchen counter without taking up a lot of space.

The CR-0655F Micom rice cooker helps you prepare other common dishes beyond rice with its unique 11 menu options like white rice, brown rice, mixed rice, porridge & much more with some useful options for instance steam, baby food, and multi cook.

This Cuckoo rice cooker offers Customized Rice Cooking options such as the My Mode which allows you to take charge with the 16 unique rice flavor and texture options either sticky or soft rice, sweet or savory rice while the quick mode delivers fast cooking times for specified menu selections.

And with the keep, warm function one can sustain an optimal serving temperature for hours. Or reheat your warm rice to hot with the reheat function. Plus the cooker comes in handy with a measuring cup and a rice scoop.

The inner pot of this rice cooker is coated with a non-stick and non-toxic coating equipped with an excess water drainage bowl allows you to enjoy healthy and harmful chemicals free food.

While Clean-up is also a breeze with this detachable inner pot and inner lid which can be removed to be hand washed independently. However, the auto-clean function is also available.

The Expert Opinion
The Cuckoo CR-0655F is simple to operate leading you to prepare sticky rice or any other rice variety or other stuff with a push of a button. If you are a newbie this simple rice cooker is a great choice that will lead you to make perfect rice every time.
What we Like !
  • A good value for money
  • Makes 6 cups
  • Smart Cook Algorithm
  • Display Navigation
  • Delay timer up to 13 hours advance
  • Light in weight
  • Non-stick coating
Things to Consider!
  • Very Basic model
  • Not for big families

5. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker – With “Sauté Then Simmer” Technologies

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MTC-8008 is a professional category rice cooker from the famous Aroma Housewares which offers a range of products for your home & kitchen. It is branded as a high-tech crossover of professional rice cooker & multi-cooker, which means that it rolls in your kitchen extends way beyond cooking just rice.

It has a unique cool-touch technology that keeps the outer surface at amiable temperature all the time during cooking making it ideal for any type of counter surface. With a medium to the large capacity of eight (8) uncooked cups of rice, it is suitable for small family gatherings.

Another unique feature of this rice cooker is its patented “sauté-then-simmer” function which is designed to push high heat for sautéing followed by simmering temperatures, and so it works great with sticky rice too. This mechanism is ideal to make stews and soups doubling its function as a multi-cooker.

It comes equipped with a 2 millimeter thick spherical inner pot with non-stick coating on it. The concave design of the pot is the basis for unique turbo convection technology which allows better & more even heat distribution within the pot quickly and consistently.

This aesthetically pleasing rice cooker has a brushed metal exterior equipped with 13 upfront digital programmable controls for slow cooking, keeping warm, up to 15 hours delay timer, and even a cake function.

The unit is supplied with a measuring cup, steaming tray, soup ladle, and plastic as well as bamboo rice paddles.

The Expert Opinion
It is a great rice cooker and we especially like the sauté then simmer & cool-touch technologies. The two super functions make life quite easy. It also has very good performance comparable to those induction heating models. Overall, it is rated quite well.
What we Like !
  • Large capacity
  • Turbo convection system
  • Cool-touch technology
  • 2 mm thick spherical inner pot
  • 13 pre-set cooking programs
  • Programmable cooking function
Things to Consider!
  • Heating plate instead of induction

6. Zoinada RF-401BC-1 Rice Cooker – All-in-1 Programmable Multi-functional Cooker

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RF-401BC-1 is a multi-functional rice cooker from Taiwanese home appliance giant Zoinada. With its touchpad control & digital LED display, the rice cooker has a more humanized design as compared to its competitors.

Despite its large capacity of 8 uncooked cups of rice, it only consumed 860 watts of power making it more energy-efficient than other models available for large families or small gatherings. This multi-cooker can be your workhorse to make soups, stews, steamed veggies, and a slow cooker.

You can cook a variety of foods using this multifunctional cooker that can be used as a Rice Cooker, Soup Cooker, Food Steamer, and Slow Cooker, it’s like having your own personal chef at home!

It is designed with two programmable delay timers including one for cooking and the other to keep your food warm. A big carry handle is included in this rice cooker for you to carry easily when you have a dinner party with your family or friends.

The cleaning of this Zoinada rice cooker is made a breeze with the removable steam valve and the 7 layered non-stick inner pot with a removable inner cover while the stainless steel exterior is also easy to wipe clean.

The Steam Vent is an important component of rice cookers. It should be cleaned frequently to avoid any food residue clogging the steam vent, which would otherwise affect the cooking result and food taste.

Additionally, the inner pot and all of the plastic accessories included with the cooker are BPA-free as well as they are dishwasher safe. This model besides the inner pot also includes a special standing rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, and the food steamer basket.

The Expert Opinion
Zoinada RF-401BC-1 is a Taiwanese All-in-1 programmable, durable multi-cooker that is very easy to maintain as well as convenient to use. The 7 layered, high temperature resistant painted, non-stick inner pot ( great for sticky rice) followed by a 24 hours delay timer and auto keep warm functions are the plus points of this rice cooker.
What we Like !
  • Programmable Multicooker
  • Removable Steam Vent
  • Removable Inner Cover
  • Big Handle
  • 7 layered inner pot
  • Highly resistant nonstick coating
Things to Consider!
  • Pretty basic
  • Induction Heating not provided

7. CRUX Induction Rice Cooker – Ideal for Crowds and Large Families

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With a powerful 1200 watt heating system and 20 Cups large capacity of rice (white, sticky, brown, or basmati rice), the Crux 20 Cup Rice Cooker is your ideal partner when entertaining crowds and large families in as little as 30 minutes.

This CRUX multipurpose cooker lets you cook rice, steam fish or veggies, make stews, cook oatmeal and pasta, or make an ideal one-pot dinner. Or you can simply organize your busy lifestyle using this rice cooker featuring the programmable 24 hours delayed start time in advance.

Sticky rice cooked in this rice cooker saves a lot of time and effort, and it’s so simple to make that you’ll find yourself making it more often.

The cooker itself is quite simple to use, and it’s especially nice that once it’s finished cooking, it immediately switches to ‘keep warm,’ so you can set it up before you leave and come home to delicious rice.

You can also make homemade yogurt, simply a touch of a button away. The unique water level gauge in this rice cooker self-adjusts to keep food warm once cooked so as to prevent burning. Moreover, the easy, hinged lid remains open for trouble-free serving.

Additionally, this cooker is equipped with an easily readable LED display followed by a clearly audible signal to indicate when your meal is prepared. You can also make a variety of other items using the sleek LCD display’s 12 preset modes.

The very unique surplus feature in this rice cooker includes a removable as well as dishwasher safe main, nonstick coated cooking pot, making cleanup a breeze plus its accessories such as steaming tray, rice paddle, and rice measuring cup are also dishwasher safe.

The Expert Opinion
Cook for the crowd with the CRUX 14998, 20 Cup, and Induction Rice Cooker! With the Easy to use push button features and a clear instruction booklet, cook different varieties of rice like sticky, white, basmati, brown, or whatsoever for your friends and families.
What we Like !
  • Push-button features
  • 12 preset functions
  • LCD display
  • Dishwasher safe cook pot
  • Detachable power chord
  • Water level detector
  • Large capacity
Things to Consider!
  • Average build quality


Looking to get yourself a rice cooker? Things can be pretty tricky if you are not familiar with the tricks of the trade. Our following buying guide will help you understand some key features so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing a rice cooker especially for sticky rice:

Type of Rice Cooker

Rice cookers have evolved a lot from the basic version which has a simple one-touch operation with a heating element at the bottom. These are the cheapest & simplest rice cookers available in the market. The only drawback is that you have to stir the rice often to cook them evenly.

More sophisticated rice cookers are equipped with a micro-computer or Micom utilizing fuzzy logic & multiple sensors to continuously monitor the pot temperature and adjust it according to the pre-set program. These smart cookers are designed to cook rice evenly and thoroughly despite being a little slow.

A completely different and novel type has recently emerged which uses the radio frequency electricity to heat the conductive inner cooking pot making it more efficient than any other version. These rice cookers readily & precisely adjust the temperature during the cooking process and make cooking a quick breeze.

Induction rice cookers fall in the more expensive category with larger size & consume more electricity. More modern induction rice cookers also employ pressure to further improve the cooking experience.

Cooking Capacity

Rice cookers can generally be found with a largely varying capacity starting from as low as 3 cups to all the way up to 10 cups of uncooked rice. You can roughly double the capacity if you are talking about cooked rice. To give you an idea, a 3 cup rice cooker is enough for an average small family.

Therefore, you can choose your required capacity according to your needs. But be sure to carefully look for the specifications as some companies write it in terms of cooked rice or otherwise.


In your quest for rice cookers, you may get confused with the multi-cookers which also feature a rice function. These pots are sealed and like rice, cookers utilize heating & pressure to speed up the cooking. Although multi-cookers can perform some of the functions, they are not rice cookers in the traditional sense.

Cooking pot material

Generally, inner cooking pots are either made of stainless steel or aluminum. You can easily choose the pot based on your preference of durability & ease of cleaning.

Some models also offer non-stick pots which are much easier to maintain especially if you are looking forward to making sticky rice in them. You can always make your choice based on your thinking.

Timer & Alarm

Although these features are normal in Micom & induction rice cookers, the basic models pretty much work on the one-touch principle. Additionally, the delayed start feature comes quite handy if you want your rice to be ready by the time return from work.

Texture Control

Although rice cookers are typically used to make sticky rice, modern rice cookers have the ability to tinker with the texture of your dish according to the recipe & type of raw rice you are using. So you can make sticky Thai rice & firm basmati rice with equal ease.


Generally, the rice cookers are supplied with a range of accessories in addition to the inner bowl with lid. These include a measuring cup, one or more spatula or ladle, steaming tray and a spoon / spatula holder. Although not a deal breaker, any additional accessory is always there to make your life easy and comfortable.

With these few things in mind, you will most likely select your next dream rice cooker for all kinds of rice including the sticky ones in no time. Happy shopping!

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have given you a selection of the best what is available on the market today in terms of rice cookers to be used for sticky as well as other rice varieties. All of these are top-rated appliances from high-end and renowned brands.

Since everyone has different preferences, we would suggest you go with your own set of requirements since all of these are top-notch products.  For some, it may come down to price; you won’t regret buying any of these rice cookers.

We hope our detailed information on each product along with a thorough buying guide will help you if you are in the market looking for these handy kitchen appliances.

Good Luck Buying a Rice Cooker for your Sticky Rice!

People Also Asked About For Sticky Rice Cooker

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

What Rice do you use for sticky rice?

Typically, sticky rice is made from the smaller grain varieties of rice having a larger gluten quantity in them. Alternatively, you can use Jasmine rice which has less amylopectin & almost thrice the stickier than long-grain rice. Basmati on the other hand is found to have more amylose and consequently less amylopectin making these rice varieties firmer with distinct grains when cooked.

Can you make sticky rice with normal rice?

As described above, sticky rice requires more glutinous, short-grained varieties of rice to produce that unique texture. If you want to use normal rice to make sticky rice, you should not rinse them before cooking to avoid removing extra starch dust which helps make them sticky. Additionally, soaking them few hours before cooking & adding some extra water during cooking also enhance stickiness.

Should I rinse sticky rice before cooking?

As discussed above, rinsing uncooked rice rid them of their starch dust which adds to the stickiness after cooking. Sometimes, rice is not properly cleaned and therefore you might want to rinse them; but then you need to soak them for few hours in order to draw the starch out.

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