7 Best Meat Grinder For Sausage 2022

Buying ready-to-eat sausages sound interesting, right??  And it sure is much convenient.

However, many of you would agree that existence would get a lot cheaper if you could make your own sausages, eventually reducing your consumption of dangerous preservatives, enhancing richer, flavorful, and healthier meals as you get total control over what goes in, and make combinations of fat and meat according to your own liking.

So in order to make the best sausage, you must try grinding your own meat with the help of any one of the best meat grinders currently available.

Meat grinders come in different types and sizes ranging from small manual grinders to heavy-duty full-sized, automatic grinders for processing meat in bulk quantities.

So, let’s comprehend in this article that which one is the best for you…

7 Best Meat Grinders For Making Sausage Reviews 2022

There are thousands of meat grinders out there, but here we have narrowed down only the best seven currently available, for your sausages.

1. LEM 17791 Big Bite Meat Grinder Electric

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One always expects high-quality meat processing pieces of equipment along with the necessary supplies from LEM.

LEM meat processors are for everyone from butchers, restaurants, and the kitchens at home to make jerky and other meat products, especially appealing sausages while maintaining the healthy food stuffing you provide to your family and friends.

The innovatory value-added 17791 Big Bite Grinder lives up to the passion of LEM as it brings about modernism to the processing game with enhanced speed of 0.5 horsepower and upgraded performance to deliver the finest grind in about half the time, which is approximately 7 lbs. per minute.

The rifled head design offers a superior second grind, and vastly improving the sausage stuffing function in which its head pushes meat forward to be ground that too by eliminating stomping.

With a restructured brushed steel finish, this stainless steel tool is designed to tug more meat in lesser time, and quietly with a slight humming sound. It includes an added drawer kind of tray underneath the grinder head for knife and plate storage.

The 17791 Big Bite Grinder features all stainless steel motor housing and metal components with roller bearings for safer usage and the permanently lubricated motor with grease, all contribute towards a longer-lasting. It also includes a heavy-duty handle for easy drive and is stain resistant making it easy to clean, with ETL certification.

The Expert Opinion
The greased motor, rifled head, and extender augur all combined in this grinder along with its perfect size, can easily churn a few deer a year. This one is indeed amongst the best meat grinders you can pick if you want a lot of meat pounded in a short time span. Comes with a 5 years warranty.
What we like !
  • Excellent speed and quiet operation
  • Brushed steel finish
  • Entails little power to run
  • Knife and plate storage tray
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Built-in circuit breaker
Things to Consider!
  • No reverse function

2. STX 3000 TF Electric Grinder & Stuffer

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STX International and Turboforce are 2 names that are meant to be synonyms for quality, performance, and reliability. Since its commencement in 2009, STX International has provided us with its Award-Winning Line of meat grinders which are tested for performance and have improved over time.

The Potent STX 3000 TF Turboforce “Classic Edition” Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer is a heavy-duty meat grinder that is perfect for home use. It can bring about 800 Watts to 1200 Watts for grinding any type of meat you feed into its funnel; however, it has a locked motor wattage of a whopping 3000 Watts.

You can grind your own blends from whatever cuts of meat you like using this meat grinder, giving you full control over the ingredients, fat content (aka taste, juiciness, and nutrition), and consistency of your ground meat.

The STX 3000 comes with a 3-Speed Push Button Control Panel including speeds of High, Low & Reverse. In case of using it for sausages, simply select SLOW, as it is used for stuffing Sausage, HIGH  is for normal meat grinding, or REVERSE, if the need arises. Also included is a STOP & RESET switch with a circuit breaker for safety purposes.

It features a high capacity meat tray of 3 lbs., stainless steel cutting blades, sausage stuffing plate, 3 different sizes of sausage stuffing tubes, and 1 meat stuffer combined with a couple of new accessories like burger-slider press, meat claws for shredding, handling and carving meat and kubbe making attachment.

The Feeder Tube Opening which measures over 2 inches in diameter combined with the Polished Food Grade Aluminum Grinding Head, AVI (Advanced Variable Intake) technology, and Auger will help you grind over 250 lbs. of meat in an hour, easily.

The Expert Opinion
The STX-3000 is a powerful meat grinder that is perfect for home use as it can crush hard cuts of meat and is capable to easily drudge both fine and coarse grinding. The attachments that come with this machine make this grinder versatile and make sausage stuffing easy.
What we Like!
  • Brilliant Attachments
  • Industrial grade construction
  • 3 Speed Selections
  • STOP & RESET safety switch
  • AVI technology
Things to Consider!
  • Needs struggle with large cuts

3. AICOK MG2950R 5-IN-1 Electric Meat Grinder

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Instigate a good life with AICOK electric meat grinder as this AICOK MG2950R is a 5 in 1 product, which is meant to be a meat mincer, sausage stuffer, kubbe maker, vegetable slicer/shredder as well as a tomato strainer.

Either it’s a restaurant you own or need to meet your family’s diverse day-to-day cooking needs; the AICOK MG2950R will prove to be your perfect kitchen helper to let you enjoy personalized cooking desires with its abundant accessories.

Not only is it fast and convenient but is very economical on top. This electric meat grinder is fitted out with a robust copper motor of 500W which is capable to deliver a maximum power of 2500W; grinding 10 lbs. of meat per minute.

This 5 IN 1 Multi-Use Grinder includes 3 different sized stainless steel cutting plates for meat grinding, 4 stainless steel drum blades(one is a Slicing Blade, while 3 are Shredding Blades) to make slicing and shredding easy.

By means of a 3 Speed Switch System, you can easily adjust speed for handling of meat or vegetables as Fast is to grind meat, Slow is to slice/shred vegetables, and Reverse can help unblock the machine for Easy Cleaning, everything simplified.

Moreover, the 3 stage spiral extrusion technology, with the help of 3 spiral circles on the spiral rod attachment squashes the meat out without hurting the meat fiber, maintaining the texture and nutrition of the meat.

The AICOK MG2950R is made out of food-grade material; and with an incorporated circuit breaker and thermostat system, the motor is prevented from overheating.

The Expert Opinion
In case you own a restaurant, you certainly need something that can do much more than just meat grinding. And if you buy it for home use in your kitchen, not only will it save your time but will also free your hand. Hence, this one is highly recommended for both as it is very economical too!
What we Like!
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Multipurpose equipment
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle,
  • Powerful motor with adjustable speed
  • 1-year warranty
Things to Consider!
  • Cast layered aluminum exterior

4. OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder with Sausage Stuffer

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It will become easy to roll out smooth sausages, seasoning meat sauces, spaghetti or pizza sauces, Kubbes, and much more, than it was ever before… Once you make OSTBA your cooking partner.

OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder provides Efficient Meat Grinding with its Powerful and Fast Engine which powers up to 500W ( with a 2000W Maximum capacity ) to grind/ mince about 3.3 pounds(1.5kg) of meat per minute.

This meat grinder is perfect for fast and convenient meat grinding and sausage/ stuffing making. The 5 in 1 Multi functioning Food Grinder can Work as a Meat Mincer, Sausage Stuffers, Kubbe Maker, Vegetable Slicer in addition to being used as a Tomato Juicer.

It also includes 3 different sized stainless steel cutting plates, 1 sausage kit, 1 kubbe attachment, 1 tomato juicer plus 4 vegetable slicer kits.

Through the extrusion of 3 spiral circles of the Auger attachment with the high torque force of this electric meat grinder, it will squeeze out the meat smoothly without destroying any meat fiber, locking in the texture and flavor of meat, restaurant quality.

Above all, this machine is constructed out of food-grade material, to deliver healthy ingredients. On the other hand, with an auto-in-built circuit breaker and a thermostat system, the motor is protected from overheating. The parts of this machine are also easy to disassemble and combine facilitating easy cleanup.

This meat grinder is very easy to use with its 3-speed control switch, an ON / SLOW / REVERSE switch, In case of congestion, you can turn the “Reverse” button making the Auger rotate in the opposite direction, leading to quickly empty the head.

The Expert Opinion
This OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder is powerful and easy on the arms. Simply follow the cycle of a Short run, and then a short break and you’ll get it all done. Moreover, the 4 non-slip feet with sucker make the sausage stuffer firm squeezing out perfect sausages.
What we Like!
  • Worthy attachments
  • Auto in-built circuit breaker
  • Powerful motor
  • Professional results
  • Great price for the value
Things to Consider!
  • Poor juicer attachment design

5. Altra 3-IN-1 Electric Meat Grinde & Sausage Stuffer

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This 3-IN-1 Electric Meat Grinder from ALTRA is much more affordable than most of the other electric models out there; hence making sausages and other delicious food items at home is made an in-reach thing for most of us.

This electric meat grinder is made of 3 layers, 420-grade hard-boiled stainless steel, condensed aluminum alloy, and top-grade, PP7 ABS and features a durable and noise reducing, all cooper engine that can plow up to 350W to process all kinds of meats easily, quickly & efficiently. It has a capacity to mince up to 3 pounds of meat per minute.

The grinder Includes 3 different sized resilient stainless steel plates for fine, medium, and coarse-textured grinding and cuts. The sausage stuffer tube helps to make any kind of flavorful sausages according to your liking, very convenient.

2 cutting blades, 1 food pusher, and a set of 3 kibbe attachments help you bump into all your cooking needs with a higher speed, strength, and a cleaner grind. Not found on most models, but this one steps ahead because of including a concealed storage box to place all accessories safely while maintaining cleanliness.

The Altra Meat grinder includes a larger food tray, accompanied by all food-grade material made attachments for healthier food handling.

Additionally, the meat is squeezed out through the extrusion of 3 spiral circles of the spiral rod attachment, without letting destroy the meat fiber, hence maintaining its texture similar to that of the handmade minced meat.

By means of the 3-way speed control, this machine is easy to operate via the on/off/reverse switch. However, the reverse button is used to release the unit. And most conveniently, the components of this meat grinder are easy to dismantle or lock back into place for easy and efficient cleaning.

And since Altra takes its product quality seriously, this product is ETL certified for you to be assured that you’re receiving a safe and quality appliance. Moreover, it is anti-rust and durable with the steel silk brushing treatment, making it look upscale.

The Expert Opinion
This one is a good choice for the sake of the convenience of an electric grinder without having to pay for an industrialized-priced machine. It’s much lighter than other grinders we’ve looked through in this rundown and it manages to churn through meat without stomping or clogging up.
What we Like!
  • Easy to Undo for Cleaning
  • Includes a Storage Box
  • High-quality, ETL certified
  • Durable
  • Affordable
Things to Consider!
  • Fragile Loading Tray
  • Weak Pushing Handle

6. Kitchener 52020871 Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Elite

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Kitchener is a trusted brand name that is well known around the globe for its range of high-quality kitchen appliances products. 52020871 is a medium-duty low budget meat grinder model designed for households, mini butcheries, and small outings.

It is equipped with a stainless steel meat pan, cutting knife, and grinding / stuffing plates, it is designed around ½ horsepower AC motor drawing 370 watts of power. This makes it easily grind through 4 pounds of meat every minute making it a perfect all-in-one tool for your kitchen.

The grinder is supplied with grinding /stuffing plates of three different sizes made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. These plates can be used for fine, medium, and coarse-textured grinding quickly and easily. Its three sausage stuffing tubes are easy to handle for making a variety of sausages with your own recipe.

The SS304 stainless steel is responsible for anti-rust and food-safe construction of blades, grinding head, auger, and other parts. The durable aluminum housing is designed for sturdy yet lightweight built.

It also includes a waterproof switch to provide electric safety. It also packs a large-capacity meat pan, a removable feed tray, steel stomper, and a large neck to facilitate your grinding jobs. Kitchener 52020871 has a three-speed design with the capability of slow for sausage, fast for grinding, and reverse.

Its unique gear-driven mechanism ensures the maximum power delivery to the blade for quick and easy grinding giving high performance. The efficient and maintenance-free motor has an air-cooled design.

Safety is ensured in this grinder by means of a waterproof switch and an electric circuit breaker. The low noise motor is insulated to keep you safe from electric shock. Also, you are recommended to keep your hands at a safe distance from the feeding tube and only use a stomper to press down on the meat to avoid any accident.

The Expert Opinion
It is a powerful meat grinder from the Kitchener. It has capabilities similar to Kitchener’s elite model only its slightly less powerful with a lot lower price tag. It is well built, a good-quality product that can handle a lot of kitchen work. For a cheap, small meat grinder, this is the best option available the only problem is that it is not dishwasher safe.
What we Like!
  • Powerful motor
  • Precise grinding
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Quiet and Lightweight
  • Affordable
Things to Consider!
  • Not dishwasher safe

7. KUUNLESIN Meat Grinder & Sausage Maker

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Who wouldn’t love to make meatballs and sausages using a fine meat mincer, this machine is another great addition to our list for both commercial and home kitchens use.

An ideal high-quality gift for your wives and mothers who are looking for a healthy way to grind the beef by throwing the extra/ leftover away that the stores usually give you. This heavy-duty stainless steel meat grinder is powerful enough to mince the meat in no time.

Equipped with the sturdy pure copper motor delivering a high power load of 350 Watt reaching a maximum of 2800 Watts, along with the ultra-sharp cutter head and 420 high-grade stainless steel, this finest piece of equipment can easily produce around 3 pounds of minced meat every single minute.

Whether it’s pork, chicken, or meat, this highly efficient mincer can take every sort of meat so you can enjoy yummy, succulent sausages, meatballs, hamburgers, pies, and other mixtures at the comfort of your home. And the best part is that after you are done eating, you can easily install and uninstall the unit for cleaning.

Designed by top designers this noiseless, strong, and durable 304-grade stainless steel housing with an extremely excellent internal mechanism is created to last a long time. Weighing around 7.16 pounds, this high-performing processor can handle pretty much everything you throw at it.

Most of the time home cooks prefer store-bought ground meat because they are easy to get, but grocery store ground meats are typically made using a mixture of cuts and scrapes, so you never know what you’re getting. Keeping your nutrients and proteins intact, this electric mixer allows you to control the fat content of the meat.

This electric mincer is made using food-safe materials. The twist drill will slowly grind the meat in the form of three-step screw extrusion without losing its fiber, while also keeping the meat cold, its texture refreshing, and flavor intact so you can enjoy delectable meals.

Comes with a 3 position on, off, and reverse button; In case the food gets stuck in the grinder, the reverse function will help ensure that the motor continues to run smoothly. The machine will automatically be protected with the anti-overload and anti-overheat protection mechanism.

The Expert Opinion
This Egyptian-inspired pyramidal style structure sold by Aliens Life is a heavy-duty machine with a slightly wider bottom and a slightly narrow upper part, offering the perfect balance and stability for day-to-day use, and steady enough that it won’t easily tip over, completed with a beautiful and artistic appearance. A recommended option!
What we Like!
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • 3 On/off/reverse buttons
  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Egyptian inspired pyramids appearance
  • Safe to use
  • Easy assembling and dissembling
Things to Consider!
  • Sometimes the food gets stuck inside the blade.
  • Not exactly dishwasher friendly

The Buying Guide of Best Meat Grinder To Make Sausage

Although meat grinders are relatively simple tools, there are several features you need to consider before buying one. Our following guide will help you through selecting the optimum solution for your needs.

  • Power

Meat grinders are available in both manual as well as electric variants and depending on the power outage pattern of your area and your convenience, you can choose the best suitable for you.

Regarding the power ratings of electrical meat grinders, it starts from ~ 350 watts for the smallest and simplest machine to medium powered ~1500 watt motor all the way to the industrial levels.

Depending on whether you are a casual / home user, a regular user, or require it for commercial usage, you can choose the optimum power rating for the machine.

Some modern meat grinders have the auto adjustable capability which modifies the required power while simultaneously maintaining a stress-free operation.

  • Capacity

When choosing a meat grinder for sausage stuffing, capacity (measured in pounds per hour) is an important aspect of the tool of your choice. The grinding capacity in terms is also somewhat associated with the power of the meat grinder.

You can find meat grinders with many different capacities in the market and should wisely choose one with appropriate capacity.

For smaller families, lower stuffing capacity is required while for larger families or homes where guests are often entertained, you might want to get a meat grinder with a larger stuffing capacity.

  • Construction Material

Since meat grinders will be regularly washed and cleaned, the construction includes main parts made out of metals such as stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Some models are supplied with accessories made out of plastics.

However, you should properly investigate if the plastic material is food grade and non-toxic in addition to being dense and sturdy enough to hold the pressure from a powerful electrical motor. An additional requirement can be the hypoallergenic nature of plastic material if you have some sort of allergy in your family members/guests.

  • Overheating and Electrical safety

Since the meat grinder is similar to a power tool cutting and grinding things, it might get overheated. Also, a lack of power might also result in draining more electricity causing circuit damage.

Modern meat grinders come with an automated power adjustment system for protection against overheating issues and a circuit breaker for electric safety.

Availability of push-button and a lid is a welcome feature enhancing safety. It is always recommended not to skimp on the safety features of any tool or machine you purchase.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Since the meat grinder is used for processing food, it often has to be thoroughly cleaned. The importance of proper cleaning of this tool cannot be understated. When looking for a meat grinder, always opt for a variant that can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning.

Most of the models come with accessories that are dishwasher safe and hence reduce the need to clean the complete unit by hand.

  • The type and size of Accessories

A traditional meat grinder is supplied with a set of accessories like different grids with varying hole diameters (defined in mm or inches) for different degrees of grinding, one or more blades, an auger (pushing helix), collection tray, etc.

While considering a meat grinder, you should focus on these accessories and choose the kind that reciprocates your needs.

  • Versatility and Ergonomics

The meat grinder is generally a versatile machine and can be used to do multiple kinds of tasks. When considering buying one, we would suggest picking a meat grinder which can help you through the rest of your kitchen work like chopping vegetables, etc.

The ease of handling is also a very important aspect of a meat grinder. The ergonomic design allows you to easily and quickly assemble and disassemble for usage, cleaning, and storage.

Wrapping Up

As nowadays, kitchens are getting much more personalized and advanced, fashioning the popularity of meat grinders.

Not only are meat grinders very handy but they also offer great benefits to those who only cook casually, making a great addition to the kitchen for the lovers of the fine art of cooking.

From the Selection of ingredients of the sausages you eat to all the flavors and spices, you now have control to avoid any harmful preservatives you eat, all thanks to the brilliant invention of meat grinders and yes it’s easier than ever been before.

Since all of the above-mentioned items are overall top meat grinders, you won’t regret buying anyone out of these.

And time for a pro tip now, whatever you choose, just make sure to keep the parts clean and put away your unit in the freezer before use!

Happy Grinding!!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sausage Meat Grinders

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Can you stuff sausage with a meat grinder?
Modern meat grinders are designed as multi-tasking tools with not just the ability to grind meat but also mixers and sausage stuffer. However, you might need additional accessories to stuff sausages.
What size should a sausage stuffer be?
Sausage stuffers come in a range of sizes starting from 1 pound to all the way up to 30 pounds capacity in semiprofessional stuffers. If your requirements include industrial-level production, you can get one with an even larger capacity. Generally, for a casual user, a sausage stuffer of 4-6 pounds capacity should be enough.
Is it worth buying a meat grinder for sausage?
Meat grinders are a versatile tool and can do various tasks in addition to grinding and sausage stuffing. The multi-tasking nature of the tool makes it a necessity among your kitchen appliances. So, even if you only require it for sausage stuffing, it can be used in a variety of different tasks.

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