7 Best Juicer For Hard Vegetables 2022

Want to adopt healthy nourishing habits…

With an excellent juicer right on your countertop, you can make your very own favorite blend of healthy hard vegetables at a much lower cost, making it a much more convenient choice.

A juicer is a great way of increasing the amount of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Clearly, you’d want the unit to actually work instead of just sitting in the cupboard collecting dust.

Obviously, it is quite a heavy investment, albeit a one-time investment, so you’d want to be sure that you are putting your time, money, and effort into the right appliance.

7 Best Juicers For Hard Veggies Reviews

After testing a variety of juicer machines, we have selected the 7 best juicers to help you make highly nutritious juices using different colored hard vegetables with minimal effort. The two types available include Masticating Slow Juicer and centrifugal juicer that is working on separate functions to create fresh juice.

1. Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Juicer

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With the focus on a healthy lifestyle, Tribest has continuously been striving to create and improve excellent small kitchen and home appliances. Tribest Greenstar Elite is a pioneer in creating new and advanced technologies allowing their customers to make healthy living easy.

Featuring cutting-edge stainless steel twin gear technology with special points designed to reflect the human complete mastication process. Starting with the twin gears’ teeth that were equipped with special pocket recesses to help the processing of hard vegetables including carrots, beetroots, etc., can even grind nuts and grains.

Which in turn creates a sharper edge during the initial grinding process, exerting less pressure on the motor when processing tougher produce. Also, the cutting points have been added to the gears, allowing it to extract more juice and handle sinewy vegetables such as celery without getting clogged.

The 3 stages of the complete mastication process include pocket recesses for slicing, the cutting points for cutting string cellulose, and for crushing the gear teeth base is used. Working at a low 110 RPM, this slow cold press juicer helps preserve the quality for you to enjoy all the healthy juicing benefits.

Without having to stop juicing, the Greenstar Slow Cold Press Juicer allows you to adjust the amount of pressure so you can effectively handle several varieties of produce without the juicer getting clogged down. GSE-5010 Black 110V Model features a sure-grip handle for easy maneuverability and carrying of the unit.

Making a juice is not difficult but cleaning them afterward can sometimes be annoying, Tribest Greenstart Elite has taken care of this issue by creating an automatic pulp ejection mechanism along with smooth juicer assembling and dissembling that will facilitate continuous juicing and easier cleaning.

The Expert Opinion
One of the best juices for hard vegetables that will help energize your life by allowing you to make healthy life decisions. Offering unprecedented versatility as the unit can both be used as a juicer and a food processor. Though it is a bit expensive your investment is secured with their excellent customer service and 12 years warranty.
What we like !
  • Twin gear produces a high yield
  • Powerful extraction rate
  • Multi-functional
  • Keeps maximum nutrients intact
  • Noiseless operation
Things to Consider!
  • Cleaning all parts take time

2. Breville 800JEXL Stainless Steell Juicer

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Breville 800JEXL  aka Breville Juice Fountain Elite is a highly powerful, efficient 1000 watts with dual speed dial ranging from 6500 RPM, a low speed for softer fruits, and 13,000 RPM- a high speed for hard fruits and vegetables.

Comes with a Patented 3 inches wide chute to accommodate large fruits and veggies so you wouldn’t have to waste any time cutting or preparing them. Also comes with a patented central feed system, a direct mechanism for maximum juice extraction.

The Nutri disc is equipped with ultra-sharp titanium-reinforced blades to keep the blades sharper for a longer time and the mesh filter basket is durable stainless steel designed to spin the pulp out. 800JEXL is created using a sturdy die-cast material giving it a beautiful appearance and ensuring the product lasts long.

Also comes with a 1-liter high-capacity jug so you wouldn’t have to transfer the juice to another container for storage, the size is enough to feed the whole family. The large-capacity pulp container comes with an integrated handle for convenient usage. You can also use a green biodegradable pulp container bag to make cleaning easy.

Along with all these parts, the juicer has overload protection against overheating, automatically shuts off the machine at the time of overload, and the juicer won’t work until the safety arm cover has been properly locked in place. All parts are not dishwasher friendly so carefully read the instructions before placing them on its top-shelf.

The materials that come in contact with the food are all BPA- free ensuring consumers’ safety, a cleaning brush is provided for easy filter clean-up. The power cord can easily be coiled around the feet and can be clipped under the base for a reduced top-shelf footprint.

The Expert Opinion
Breville is focused on providing commercial performance at the convenience of the home kitchen; two-speed controls that allow you to adjust the speed according to the ingredients you are using. An extremely high-quality juicer with a great brand reputation; A uniquely designed efficient system crafted to save your time and effort.
What we like !
  • Heavy-duty 1000 watt motor
  • Unique Extraction System
  • Shortened Prep Time
  • 2-Speed Electronic Control
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Large waste container
Things to Consider!
  • A bit noisy on high speed
  • No spout cover

3. Tribest GS-P502 Heavy Duty Juicer

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The Tribest Greenstar is one of the most efficient, renowned juice extractor companies that offers a complete masticating juicer experience from cutting, slicing, and crushing, ensuring maximum juice yield and nutrition. The specifically designed Jumbo Twin Gears performs better by extracting more healthy juice.

Using an exclusive Pro Twin-Gear technology that has an advanced impeller press system runs the motor at a low 110 generating minimal heat while extracting a substantially higher amount of juice than other leading brands while ensuring to retain the maximum concentrations of essential minerals like calcium, iron, zinc.

This model is way too expensive compared to Tribest GSE-5050, it is a pro commercial model and helps make robust living comfortable, by meeting all your juicing needs in record time. Comes with a safety hood to cradle the juicing parts. Along with juicing hard veggies, it even has the capacity to grind nuts and grains.

Same like the above-mentioned model, This Greenstar’s Jumbo Twin Gears has an embedded magnetic and bioceramic technology so that the juice can be stored for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator preserving the maximum living enzymes, vitamins with minimal nutritional loss.

Equipped with all stainless steel twin gears, this electric, cold-press juicer has pocket recesses and different cutting positions that help in the overall grinding and juice extraction process ensuring longevity without sacrificing the extracting quality.

GS-P502 is durable as compared to other slow masticating juicers, producing a high amount of quality juice capable of being stored for at least one day or in an air-tight container, and has a solid 15 years warranty. The versatile knob with easy grip ridges allows handling several fruits and veggies easily without having to stop or change parts.

The Expert Opinion
The Greenstar is actually living up to their motto by making healthy living easy for their users, offering a variety of quality wellness products that are backed by their excellent, award-winning customer services and extensive warranties. The simple assembly of the juice makes cleaning easy. A good buy for both home and commercial usage.
What we like !
  • Embedded Magnetic and bioceramic technology
  • Easy to clean and grind
  • Versatile capability
  • Ideal and Low RPM
  • Tribest Greenstar Pro Twin-Gear Juicer
Things to Consider!
  • High Price

4. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

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Highly endorsed by the medical medium Anthony Williams who claims that Omega is one of the best juicers that extract the juice from celery or other leafy vegetables like no one ever does, squeezing every single drop of juice so you wouldn’t miss a single nutrient.

The Omega NC900HDC has an exclusive dual masticating extraction system that juices at a slow speed of 80 RPMs building a minimal amount of heat preventing oxidation and discoloration thus promoting healthy enzymes and minerals. The juicer is specifically designed for household use, and not for commercial purposes.

With the Omega Premium NC900HDC Nutrition System, you can easily make baby food, pasta, whip up some soy or nut milk, grind coffee beans, mince garlic or herbs, turn nuts into all-natural nut butter, and make a variety of other healthy snacks.

Because of its slow juicing RPM, it is almost noiseless but has a powerful motor with gear reduction equal to 2 HP motor; the auger design forces the produce into a tight chamber, makes the highest juice yield in its class, with a larger feed chute size reducing your prep time.

The dual-stage slow masticating style juice extractor helps extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients, taste, color, and juice using the smallest amounts of hard vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, and wheatgrass. The good value-added aspect of horizontal juicers is that they come with a pressure adjustment nozzle.

You can increase or decrease pressure for hard and soft ingredients. The extractor also comes with a highly adjustable end cap with 5 positions for maximum output, so you can easily adjust the speed as per the ingredients without having to stop the machine. Enjoy the continuous juicing experience with the auto pulp ejection system.

The Expert Opinion
Comes with an industry-leading 15 years parts and performance warranty committing to a lifetime of juicing; though not the only company offering this much warranty but is still a value-added feature. It is a fabulous all-rounder juicer with all attachments for different ingredients so you can also make other wonderful juices.
What we like !
  • High Juice Yield with Quiet Motor
  • Easy to Clean
  • Minimizes Oxidation
  • Preserves Nutrients
  • Slow Squeeze Juicing
  • 15 Years Parts & Performance
Things to Consider!
  • Some parts are made using flimsy material
  • A bit noisy

5. Kuvings C7000S Whole Slow Juicer

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Kuvings C7000S is a whole slow juicer different from a centrifugal juice extractor with a 3 inches wide feed chute that has the capacity to hold a whole fruit and vegetable saving you the preparation time while ensuring that the juice is packed with healthy nutrients.

Though the chute is of 3-inch diameter you still need to cut your produce into manageable chunks, but not as small as you would in a typical vertical slow juicer, the low-speed will help preserve the maximum nutrients. The provided hopper is detachable and makes putting smaller ingredients more suitable.

Using the Kuvings juicer, you can gently squeeze and extract the food ingredients at a low masticating speed of 60 RPMs, preventing oxidation and discoloration, preserving all the beneficial nutrients so you can enjoy the fresh juice within seconds, plus the juice can be stored for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator without degradation.

The funnel allows for smaller fruits and vegetables to be juiced without spilling. The juicer has been improved to avoid leakage and increase the efficiency of extracting juice from leafy greens and hard vegetables, in addition to having a sleeker appearance taking up less counter space.

The powerful and highly efficient 240 watts AC brushless motor creates less noise and will last a long time, with a higher torque to smoothly crush ingredients. The juicer’s detachable drip-free chrome-plated juice spout aids in creating mixed juices and rinsing between recipes. Cleaning up the mess is a breeze.

It is a versatile 3 in 1 multi juicer that helps prepare juices and the sorbet attachment allows you to make delicious frozen desserts using your favorite fruits, by simply replacing the strainer with the blank one. Comes with a customized pulp strainer to strain the unwanted pulp from the juice.

The Expert Opinion
For the last 40 years, Kuvings has been committed to providing premium quality to its consumers with a 10 years warranty and an excellent customer service team. It also has the capacity to squeeze juice from vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, herbs, wheatgrass and can also make frozen desserts, nuts, or soy milk.
What we like !
  • Powerful and Efficient 240W motor
  • A pulp strainer for the juice cup
  • Convenient drip-free smart cap
  • Convenient 3 Inches Feed Chute
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
Things to Consider!
  • Not dishwasher friendly

6. Kuvings B6000WR Whole Slow Juicer

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The Kuvings B6000 is the first vertical whole slow masticating juice extractor with a very big mouth, featuring a 3 inches wide feeding tube so you wouldn’t have to cut the apple into smaller pieces, substantially reducing the preparation time and later cleanup time up to 40%.

Within seconds you can have a glass of fresh juice altogether eliminating the downside of high speed that generates heat and kill important enzymes and nutrients. Providing users with convenience and offering them more time to enjoy the juice.

Creating a richer mix with higher nutritional value, more full-bodied, creating a lovely aroma. Same like the C7000S model, it is also equipped with a drip-free spout cap which is a great feature for quickly mixing juices and easily rinsing between recipes.

All food contacting parts of the juicer are BPA-free, which helps keep your juice clean from unwanted chemicals ensuring healthy intake. All in all, it is a sleek, stylish, and compact design that blends well with your kitchen whether you wish to place it on the countertop or fits under cabinet doors.

The B6000 is an efficient, versatile juicer that comes with a blank screen to make organic nut butter and delectable sorbets to satisfy your craving. Don’t get us wrong, this juicer can still outperform centrifugal juicers but is surely not as efficient as the horizontal masticating juicers.

Also comes with the patented easy cleaning tools to make cleaning breezy, a blank strainer to make frozen desserts using bananas and strawberries, a smoothie strainer in selected models, and a Kuvings recipe book to try out new and delicious recipes.

The Expert Opinion
Kuvings B6000 is a good fit for those who are looking for high-quality juice that takes little time to prepare but is still extracted using the cold-press process. The juicer can easily handle all types of hard and soft products including beets, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, pineapple, etc. A recommended, powerful everyday Juicing machine.
What we like !
  • 3-inch wide feeding chute
  • Slow motor prevents heat buildup
  • Higher juice yield and nutrient retention
  • Durable Ultem auger & strainer
  • Noiseless operation
  • Juice tap for mixing juices
Things to Consider!
  • A little expensive
  • Not as efficient as horizontal juicers

7. Tribest SS-4250 Solostar 4 Slow Cold Press Juicer

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Another great addition to the fantastic line of triturating juice extractors by Tribest, the best twin gear juicers in the market. Like always, with Solostar 4 they have continued to maintain their standard and have not disappointed us. It is compatible with the Zstar Conversion Kit.

The SS-4250 Solostar 4 is one of the slowest but most power-efficient horizontal masticating juicers, a single-auger cold press masticator mostly favored for wheatgrass, same as the omega for celery but both are powerful enough to easily extract a whole variety of other fruits and vegetables.

The Tribest Solostar cold-press has a slow-speed pressing operation and an improved juice yield that helps add the most enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients to your daily diet. The all-new style modern design with an elegant chrome finish will add elegance and function to your countertop.

The Dual-Stage extraction process extracts juice from produce without harming essential enzymes and vitamins. After crushing the produce, the auger blade presses it against the juice strainer. The pulp is removed, leaving you with a delicious, nutrient-dense juice.

Though it is a heavy one-time investment, it will save you a lot of money in the future as it will go easy on the electricity bill, consuming 10% less electricity and creating 26% more torque, and above all, you’ll be able to yield more juice. It not only competes with the best juicers in its class but has also raised the bar high.

Comes with the gear reduction of a 5.4 horsepower motor. High torque means less clogging, and less power means lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint. They have given great attention to their user’s health ensuring that all the parts that have any contact with food are made from BPA- and BPS-free materials.

The Expert Opinion
The large auger and a Dual-Stage Extraction Process help produce up to 40% more juice ensuring maximum juice yields. The low speed of 57 RPM effectively eliminates all heat and oxidation, allowing more vital nutrients and live enzymes to be preserved. Comes with 15 years extended warranty like all the Tribest models.
What we like !
  • The slowest horizontal masticating juicer
  • More juice extraction power
  • Ultem large auger
  • BPA and BPS free parts
  • Quiet operation
  • Sleek and compact design
Things to Consider!
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Masticating juicers are usually slow

The Buying Guide of Best Juicers For Hard Vegetables 2021

Which Juicer should I get? A great question as there are a lot of factors to consider before you go get one, like should I get a cold press or a centrifugal, which is better, and what is the difference between the two; which one has to offer the best nutrient quality; what juicer is easier to clean; how much noisy are they and so many more.

So here in this 2021 10pickup guide, we’ll help you make your decision easy, lets get to it…

  • Slow juicers a.k.a masticating juicers VS centrifugal juicers

There are a variety of juicers available in the market of various sizes and prices. The two most common types are cold press and centrifugal.

A cold press juicer or slow juicer or masticating juicer (can be used interchangeably) will help extract a superior quality large amounts of juice from your fruit and vegetables, will save you a lot of effort, and money in the longer run.

While they are more costly but their slow and thorough extraction help produce more nutrient-rich juice, as they don’t use a very high speed, don’t generate much heat, save the maximum nutrients and enzymes, but require a little more prep time because of small feeding chutes.

Centrifugal juicers on the other hand are faster and affordable, uses sharp blades, and because they are quick they generate heat and a bit of foam at the top, and they can be quite loud sometimes but if you want your juice made instantaneously and have a limited budget then they are a very good choice.

  • Nutrient Value

Nutrient value is a very important consideration when buying a juicer because when it comes to your health, taking the best quality, nutrient-dense foods should be a top priority. This is the one thing on which we should never compromise.

A study between a cold press and centrifugal juicer revealed that slow juicers extract up to 42 percent more vitamin C, 60 percent more vitamin A, and produce 35 to 50 percent more juice than centrifugal juicers.

Slow juicers with their slow speed operation claim to maintain the maximum enzymes and vitamins of the juice because of low built-up of heat as compared to centrifugal ones but we checked the before and after juicing temperature of the fruits and vegetables of both juicer types, there wasn’t a significant difference.

  • Size

Other things to consider include size, unless you have a huge kitchen space, go for the one that doesn’t take a lot of space on your countertop, as juicers are heavy you wouldn’t want to move it around a lot. The vertical ones are narrow as compared to the horizontal ones and take up less space.

  • Parts

Your juicer should be made up of as few parts as possible that can quickly be assembled and disassembled. As food and bacteria are less likely to be trapped in corners or crevices, so parts should be easy to clean.

  • Pulp container

The container should be big enough so you don’t have to keep stopping the juicer to empty it.

  • Chute

A chute size should be wide enough that you don’t have to cut pieces of fruit and vegetables to fit into the chute thus minimizing your prep time. A proper chute size easily accommodates an average-sized apple.

  • Blade

Make sure the blades are sharp and the assembly isn’t easily accessible through the chute, particularly by small children’s fingers.

  • Jug

It’s always preferable to use a large size juice jug, with a capacity of at least 1000ml, so can easily extract the juice from 1kg of fruit and vegetables, accommodating a large family. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to stop halfway through the juicing process to refill the jug.

The jug should also have a proper pouring spout with a comfortable handle. Some juicers come with froth separators or sieves which is a good value-added feature.

If the juicer does not come with a jug, make sure the spout is positioned to fit over a large jug.

  • Attachments

Most cold press juicers and some fast juicers come with a smoothie attachment, which is a great feature suitable for processing soft fruits including peaches, bananas, berries, and mango.

  • Cleaning

A lot of centrifugal juicers are dishwasher friendly, which means you can disassemble your machine and put it in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done making your juice.

Bear in mind that most masticating juicers aren’t dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand. If you put off washing your juicer until later, you’ll most certainly end up with a sticky mess.

  • Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes are a necessity as they will help remove fibrous bits or other fruits or veggies pulp around the blade area and filter area where the bits become trapped.

  • Cord storage

A handy feature suitable for keeping your benchtop uncluttered as the cord can easily be coiled and clipped at the base of the juicer.

  • Control switch

The control setting or panel should be easily accessible.

  • Speeds (fast juicers)

A juicer should come with multiple speeds to accommodate a variety of fruits and vegetables. High speed for juicing hard fruits and vegetables and low speed to be used for soft fruits and vegetables.

Centrifugal juicers make juice fast to get a good and nutritional breakfast, but if you have a few extra minutes on your hand let a cold press juicer do its magic extracting more, high-quality nutritious, and thicker juice.

  • Noise

A centrifugal juicer’s high speed sometimes generates vibrations, making it sound a bit louder than most juicers, but that’s not always the case.

On the other hand, most cold press juicers, on the other hand, are so quiet that you may forget they’re on. In case you have some guests over, you won’t be interrupted by a juicer jumping about on the counter or the noisy whirring of a blade slicing up fruits.

  • Reverse feature (slow juicer)

A feature mostly found on a slow juicer comes in handy if you have to unclog the juicer.


There is nothing better than starting the day with a glass of fresh, nutrient-rich glass of juice; and even better beat the scorching heat by cooling down with a glass of delicious homemade juice, adding all the beneficial vegetables that are missing in your diet so your body can absorb all the benefits without having to work hard.

We have done thorough research to help you select the best juicer to bring home, but you’d have to make the final decision based on the type of juice you’d like to make with the juicer, or how many people you’ll be serving on a daily basis, your storage capacity and most importantly your budget.

All the juicers in the above-mentioned list are the best in their class, choose whichever suits you the best.

Have a Happy Healthy Life!!!

People Also Asked For Hard Vegetables Juicer

Is it worth it to buy a juicer for hard vegetables?
It is totally worth getting a juicer for hard vegetables as it will help incorporate more vegetables into your diet. No doubt eating them raw is also as good, however, sometimes it becomes difficult to daily include the recommended amount of veggies into your diet; juicing makes it much easier for the body to absorb all the required nutrients.
Do I peel carrots before juicing?
Peeling or not peeling the carrots before juicing is totally a personal preference, as it doesn’t have any nutritional advantage, but peeling or un-peeling them will surely create a difference in both the appearance and taste of your juice. Peel the carrots if you want a bright orange-colored, sweeter-tasting juice.
Do you need to peel hard veggies before juicing?
To prepare the hard vegetables before juicing, it is advised to thoroughly wash them then remove the seeds, you can keep the skin intact, leave it unpeeled as their nutrients are likely to be concentrated into their skin, including organic carrots, beetroots, or even ginger just cut the ginger into cubes when using in a juice.

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