How to Use a Wok On a Gas Stove

Cookware is a most important gadget of a kitchen, everyone needs a right choice of cookware which can befitted in their kitchen. There are a lot many types of cookware i.e cookers, steamers,pots, dutch ovens, skillets, pans and woks. What you are going to cook, will choose the right type of gadget, like, if you are interested in stir frying then you have to choose a wok. Some people find it tricky to use a wok but there is no need to worry about, this (article) is all about how to use a wok on a gas stove.

Now what is a wok? And how it works? For these questions, have a look on this article. Wok has different types and is made of different materials, that’s why it has separate directions for every type. Using wok on a gas stove is much more easier as compared to other categories of stove.

The Inception

A wok is a deep, rounded pan that is mainly used for stir frying and is made of different materials like aluminium, cast iron, non stick etc. This is useful because the bottom gets much hotter than the sides, and food can be cooked quickly. It can be used for many purposes like stirring, frying, smoking and much more.

Types of Wok

There are two main types of a wok, one is Round-bottomed wok and other one is Flat-bottomed wok. Both possess almost same space for cooking and serve equal services but in few cases they differ to each other, like their outer appearance etc.

1- Flat-Bottomed Wok

Most preferred wok is this one; Flat-bottomed wok. The reason is, as it is flat-bottomed so it can be easily adjust on a stove, especially Gas stove. It gets proper contact with the heat and is more stable on the surface.

2-Round-Bottomed Wok

They are best for mixing or stirring purposes, also allows the heat to come in contact with each and every part of a wok. You don’t have to be worried much because on gas stoves, even, they are very comfortable, because of the coil.

How to Use a Wok on a Gas Stove

Now it’s time to explore ‘how does a wok works on gas stove’. First of all, you must know that a Gas Stove is a kind of ignition stoves, which needs fire/ignition for startup. It may include many kind of gasses to make cooking possible. So here are two main kinds of Gasses which are mainly used in gas stoves.

Two kinds of Gasses

1- Natural Gas

Natural gas, it’s a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture with many other alkanes and propanes. It becomes more preferred when the oven was fitted in the base and its size was reduced.

2- LPG

Liquid petroleum gas, flammable mixtures of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating and cooking gadgets.

Three types of Gas stoves

Let’s have a look on three different categories of gas stoves and how you can use a wok on on these stoves.

1. On a Gas Hob

Hobs are kind of stoves which are inserted or fitted on the countertop. You should use a Flat-Bottomed Wok on a gas hob. They can be easily placed right on the burning stands and you’ll face no difficulty in handling. In this way, the heat would easily spread throughout the bottom and allow your food to cook properly. As for the Round-Bottomed Wok, this type of stove is not that much convenient, you have to, always , hold one of its handle while working. You can easily cook, fry or steam in beautifully designed Flat-bottomed woks.

How to Use a Wok On a Gas Stove

2. On a Free-standing Gas Stove

Although the two serve same function but being classic and conventional they are designed in such a way that every cooking gadget can be easily settled on them. Both, Round-bottomed and Flat-bottomed woks are easily adjustable on a gas stove. For easy stirring you must place a wok on a gas stove, free standing woks, as they have more convenient burners.

How to Use a Wok On a Gas Stove

3. On a Cylindrical Stove

These are the type of stoves, in which burner is set on the top of cylinder. This is mainly used where, there is, shortage of gas supplying or at picnic parties etc. Either Round or Flat, both can be placed on this type of stove but you have to extra take care and need to hold the handle while stirring or cooking. There is no issue of uneven heat but, yes, you have to wait for a moment until the wok is fully heated.

How to Use a Wok On a Gas Stove

Required Heat for Wok

Whatever type of cooktop you are using won’t matter but you have to do some pre-adjustments before you can cook. You need to preheat your wok for at least 2 minutes and then you may add oil in the wok. If wok is non-stick then you should use less oil to maintain your health.

After adding oil, try to whirl it so that oil will be equally distributed and then add vegetables or any other material you want to cook. Wok is a wonderful cookware which is designed in such a way that it had made stirring very easy and it can use for multi purpose.

The Seasoning

Seasoning is very important factor if your wok is brand new. Manufacturer uses some oil/chemical to prevent it from rusting, this has to be removed before you cook for the first time. Follow the underlying steps:

  • To remove the oil/chemical coating, scrub the wok as a whole, from inside and outside.
    For this purpose use stainless steel scrubber and some liquid soap then wash.
  • Place the wok on a burning stove and let it dry. You can give it high or moderate heat, no
  • You will note that when your wok is heated enough, the black spots will appear at the
    bottom and wok turns into gunmetal greyish color.
  • Let the wok be cooled.
  • Now, add some over-heated oil to create a non-stick coating in a wok. Heat the wok again
    and add 1.5 tbsp of oil and spread it all around.
  • Add some chopped or crushed ginger, better chopped, and stir fry it for 20-25 mins. This
    will help to remove the smell and wok will not be rusted ever.
  • Now remove the material and turn out the burner to let the wok cool.
  •  Wash again your wok and now it is ready for cooking.
  • Both the woks (Round and Flat bottom) are useful in every way.
  • They are designed to perform multi-tasks, cooking, frying, steaming etc
  • It is purely dishwasher safe and you can easily wash it manually, too.
  • Heat will be more distributed at the bottom, so needs extra care while cooking.
  • Their design is ,such that, at some moments you have to hold the handle of wok, which may cause some disturbance.


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