How to Slice Cheese Thinly?

You would think why almost everybody loves cheese? Americans are obsessed with cheese, the French love their cheese beautifully cut and even Parisians are ready to eat cheese any time of the day, whenever the urge strikes. However, the French take the cheese obsession to the next level. When cutting cheese, it’s size, texture, shape, and flavor should be factored in. The passion for cheese is not enough; one cannot enjoy cheese if it’s not properly sliced. So,here in this article, we’ll learn how to slice cheese thinly so it becomes more delectable.

The standard Parisian fromagerie is everyone’s dream. Cheese love takes you to different places around the world. Dubliner Cheese takes you to Ireland, Gruyere takes you to Switzerland,Cremoso to Argentina and the list goes on.

The answer to cheese obsession is simple; cheese can make anything succulent. You can start your day with shredded cheese omelet, then can drizzle creamy cheese on broccoli or other veggies for lunch and then Cordon Blue for dinner… Hmm… Sounds Yum, right? If that’s not enough, then feature your dessert with yummilicious cheesecake.

Even a restaurant in Paris L’Affineur’Affiné, offers more than 100 varieties of flavorful, gooey From age from all over the world artfully placed on the shop’s entrance cellar wall. Their menu caters different cheese flavors.

Different Ways to Slice Cheese Thinly

There are different types and textures of cheese and to cut each one wisely at home need a bit of expertise which we are going to share here with you because believe me the whole cutting or slicing can create or ruin your overall cheese-eating experience. Take your time to perfectly cut your cheese before a party so the guests get the perfect rind-to-cheese ratios on every bite.

There are different ways to serve cheese depending on the occasion and crowd you are serving.

Kitchen Gadgets

A perfect smooth knife:

How to Slice Cheese Thinly

A knife will help you cut a perfect smooth hard block of cheese in your desired size.

Slicer or wire cheese cutter:

How to Slice Cheese Thinly

But if you want to slice semi-soft or soft cheese, then cheese slicer, or the wire-cheese cutter would be the perfect kitchen utensil.

A clean Board:

If you are cutting cheese using a knife, then a cutting board will prove to be a useful tool.

A clean tray:

If you are slicing cheese using a cheese slicer then you’d need a tray to collect the pieces.

Serving Size

When serving an individual, 20-30 gram of each cheese per person should be enough but
remember not to serve more than a total of 100-120 grams.

Different Kinds of Cheese & Ways to cut it

Cheese cutting is a much delicate process than one could imagine. While cutting a cheese slice,the chef or the cook must ensure that everyone gets an even slice both in size and rind.

Wheels & Round

How to Slice Cheese Thinly

The most common form of cut simply slice the round in half and then cut the half-moon from the center to the outer edge for even wedges. Cut it like you’d a cake.

Hard cheese

Hard cheese is the most convenient to cut. Take a sharp knife, and cut in one fluid motion, if the block won’t budge then rock the knife back and forth and start making slices as per your
preferred thickness.

Medium-hard cheese

You can cut medium-hard cheese or medium-soft cheese with a cheese slicer or a wire cutter.The thin stretched stainless steel wire cutter and strong handle will allow even, smooth slices of cheese. Adjust the wire according to the thickness or thinness you are going for.

Wheels of Soft Cheese

Take the wheel or squares of soft cheese and cut it diagonally outwards from the middle, giving it a shape of small wedges. Soft cheese like Brie is the best to cut when cold.

Soft Wedges of Cheese

You can cut the Brie or wedge of a big wheel into further thinner wedges.

Log Cheese

Also known as French goat cheese. As it is in log form, cut it horizontally across into not too
thick or too thin slices so that it can be spread efficiently without crumbling all over the place.

Pyramid Shade

You can even give goat cheese a shape of the pyramid the same way you’d treat a wheel of
cheese. Start the slicing process from the middle then slice across one half and then the other to create the pyramid shape.

Blue Cheese Wedges

This type is really very easy to slice as they already come in a pyramid shape so simply take a sharp knife, start from the middle and cut your preferred size, you can even cut it into 2 halves and then slice it further to make thinner slices. Knives with holes are recommended for blue-veined cheese as it will prevent the veins from sticking to the knife.

Crumbly Cheese

You can give cheddar cheese the crumbly form by taking a cabana knife shaped like a bell. This knife is also suitable to make big chunks. Hard cheese sometimes crumbles into tiny bits under the pressure.

Cube Cheese

Cube cuts can be made using a coring knife with sharp edges and pointed tips. This cut is mainly used in desserts.

Thin Slices of Cheese

The thin slices of cheese are best for sandwich, burgers, nachos and a lot of other food items. To make those thin slices you’d need a cheese slicer. Place the slicer evenly on the cheese block and drag, you’ll get your fine thin cheese slices one after the other.

Last Step

Once you are done with cutting the cheese, place it delicately on the food of your choice and savor it!

These above-mentioned cuts will help you learn how to thickly or thinly slice your cheese.
You’d be able to get your chosen size using knives, cutter or slicer depending on the type of
cheese you are using. Ensure to use separate cheese knives for each cheese so the flavors won’t get mixed up.

The Knives to Use to Thinly Slice Cheese?

Dip a sharp cook’s knife in hot water and wipe it to cut cheese wedges from a wheel. Apply a bit pressure to evenly cut the cheese. Slash the rind first and then move the knife back and forth so that fine slices can be made.

When the time comes to serve those cheese wedges or thin cheese slices, use a sharp knife or the tip on the knives’ end, and use butter knife for softer ones.

Buy The Best Slicer to Cut Cheese Thinly

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How to Serve?

Before cutting the cheese always keep in mind to slice the cheese before you are planning to serve the dish. Never use a regular knife or saw to cut cheese, always go for a sharp knife or cheese slicer specifically built for this purpose.

Once you are done with cutting or slicing your cheese, now it’s time to serve it in a way that it makes an attractive or delectable appearance. It is recommended, especially for creamy cheese,to cut them at the last minute, else you’d have to fix them again. And as for hard cheese, if you’d cut them in advance they’d dried out because temperature plays a really important part when it comes to cutting cheese.

A word of advice!

Before serving the cheese, take it out at least 30 minutes before. Cutting hard cheese when they are cold is easier than when they are at room temperature.

A cheese slicer is an awesome kitchen appliance for day to day use. It is the best tool for hard cheese and for cream cheese, a paring knife will work fine.

Wrapping Up!

Creating a cheeseboard for any occasion starts with your budget and what cheeses you prefer,once you are decided on these two aspects then the next essential part is to learn how to cut the cheese flawlessly so that an Instagram worthy cheese platter could be created. Properly cutting the cheese will not only look pretty but help cut back the waste, thus making use of every piece of the cheese. Pre-cut cheese make it easier for party goers or guests to grab the piece and go without cluttering the dinner table.

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