How to Season a New Gas Grill

Summer is almost here, and the second word for summer is grilling. Who doesn’t love to grill and enjoy a barbecue night in his backyard with some old friends? Almost every house in the U.S. owns a grill, whether it is a portable gas grill, stainless girl, or a charcoal grill. According to research, 75% of U.S. households own a grill.

If you have bought your new gas grill and want to cook on it, hold on my friend! You have to maintain it first. I know you’re eager to eat those dark brown charcoaled pieces of chicken, but maintenance comes first. But how to season a new gas grill? Go through the article and you’ll get the answer.

How to season a new gas grill?

Do you wash the new dishes when you get it from the market? Do you rinse the grinder thoroughly when it comes home from the market? Do you change the oil of your car every month or so? Just like everything needs maintenance and seasoning, your new gas grill also does.

How to season a new gas grill

Step by step guide on how to season a new gas grill:

For making grilling easy for you, we’ve given a step by step guide on how to season a new gas grill. Follow each step and enjoy your tailgate!

Prepare the grill for seasoning:
Whenever you start any procedure, the first you have to do is preparation. For example, if you are cooking, you have to gather your ingredients first. Likewise, if you’ve made your mind to season a new gas grill, it’s time to gather the things you need.

For this, you may need some oil, a grill brush, thermometer, cooking spray, paper towel, and a heat resisting glove. Well, don’t be silly! You already have the grill. Yes, no need to list it out.

Rinse the grill:
After you have gathered your ingredients, now you’re all set to season a new gas grill. Now what you have to do is wash your grill thoroughly to clear any chemicals as it has come directly from the factory.

Or if you’re thinking it’s from the market, still, it has some doubts about dust. So clean it either in a dishwasher or by hand. And then wipe it and air dry.

Coat it:
The next step is coating your gas grill. Take some oil, put it in the cooking spray bottle, and spray it on the grates. Now brush the grates to evenly spread the oil over the whole grill surface. If your grill has a lid or emitters, rub some oil on them too. You may use canola oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, or a can of Pam. It’s up to you.

Wipe excess oil:
Notice if the oil has spread evenly. If yes, then take a paper towel and wipe the excess oil on the grilling surface. Make sure to remain a thin layer of oil on it. Don’t wipe all the oil, just wipe the excess. The idea here is to maintain a smooth and non-stick surface for grilling easily.

Heat it:
Now turn on the grill and heat it for 20 minutes. Let it heat till the oil burns or the smoke begins to blow up. This will kill any contaminant on the grill surface even bacteria or a chemical.

Let it cool down:
After you have seen some smoke, turn off the heat, and let the grill cool down. Stroke away if there’s any debris.

Coat it again:
After the grill is cooled down, coat it again with some oil. But this time, apply a little amount. This will prevent the grill from rust and maintain the nonstick surface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should you season a gas grill?
It is recommended to season a gas grill before and after every use. However, like all the stuff in the house, grills also need regular maintenance. Don’t forget your grill when you clean the entire house every month. So the short answer is to season a gas grill after every month or so.

What is the best oil to season a grill?
The best oil to use while seasoning grill is Canola oil or peanut oil. You may use vegetable oil or any cooking oil for this purpose. Just make sure to use high heating oils that have a high smoke point. This ensures that you’ll get burn free food. Sunflower oil is also good. But not use olive oil, it does not have a high smoke point and it will burn the food.

Can you use Pam to season a grill?
Yes, you can use PAM to season your grill. A can regular PAM is canola oil, and it is recommended by most of the grilling experts for seasoning purposes. Moreover, canola oil has very fewer or no amounts of erucic acid—an acid that is toxic to humans.


Outdoor grilling is the most fascinating activity we’ve seen from being kids to all grown up. But most of us never knew that a grill needs some kind of seasoning before use. And after knowing it, the first thing that pops our mind is how to season a new gas grill. That is why we have mentioned a step by step guide for you on seasoning a gas grill. We hope this helped you understand everything you need to know about seasoning.

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