How To Program Black And Decker Coffee Maker

Do you know that the first coffee maker was made by Turks? And now it’s famous all over the world, that our morning is incomplete without brewing those little pretty black nectar seeds. However, it is Finland that consumes the most coffee in the world.

Thanks to these coffee makers that made our life so easy. Before the advent of coffee makers, making coffee was full of effort and time taking task. The coffee beans were boiled for hours in the water, and then you could have a single cup of coffee.

Have you recently purchased a black and decker programmable coffee maker? Confused about how to program it? Is the question ‘How to program Black and Decker Coffee Maker’ roaming your mind? Well, we have got the answers to all your questions regarding its programming.

There are almost 33 coffee makers by Black and Decker, and all have different programming options. So, first of all, read the black and decker coffee maker manual that comes with the package.

Here is a Step by step guide for you

“How to program Black and Decker Coffee Maker”

How To Program Black And Decker manually

Gather your ingredients

The very first thing you have to do is gather the ingredients required for your recipe. For example, if you are making espresso, you’ll need ground coffee, sugar, and water.

For mocha, you may need some steamed milk, whipping cream, sugar, and ground coffee. And the list for cappuccino, barista, iced coffee, and macchiato goes on and on.

However, the main ingredients you need for any type of coffee is hot water, coffee(grounded or instant), sugar, and milk. For sprinkles, you may need grounded chocolate, cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, or nutmeg powder.

Set the timer

Once you have gathered your ingredients, pour them in the cup, plug in the unit, and now it’s time to set the timer. As soon as you turn on the coffee, its screen displays 12:00.

There are two quick-touch programmable buttons in the Black and Decker coffee maker. One is the HR button and the other is the Min button.

The HR button is to set up hours. And woah, it can set up to 24 hours with auto brew feature. So that the next morning you wake up, your creamy coffee is ready on the table. So press the HR button to set the hour from 1 to 12. Now, the ’PM’ appears on the screen. You can select the time from AM to PM. Release the button at the correct hour you need.

The Min button is to set up minutes. Hold the Min button and release it at the correct minute required.



With the delay feature, you can program the machine for brewing any particular time of the day. For this, push the PROG button and then select your desired time following the same procedure as above. Once you’re done, the screen flashes. Hey, don’t be scared. The machine is all okay. This is just an indicator that you’re done. It will automatically revert back to the current time after a few flashes. Now, press the AUTO button and tada!

Grind it

If you have a single cup coffee maker with grinder, you can directly add the coffee beans into it. Press the ON button and leave the rest on the coffee maker. It will grind the beans into fine grounded powder and brew the coffee itself. If you’re using grounded coffee, press the Off button. Make sure to use the same amount of coffee for both grounded or non grounded options.


For brewing, add the water in the reservoir till the line denoting your number of cups. For example, if you need to brew two cups of coffee, fill the water reservoir till 2. Never fill the reservoir above its capacity to avoid any mess. Now look if your coffee maker needs a filter or not. If it does, then place an appropriate filter in the filter basket and finally add the coffee according to your taste (strong or light). Distribute it evenly and press the ON button. Enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee!

How to clean the coffee maker?

Now when you’ve enjoyed your favorite creamy-textured cappuccino, the last step is to clean the machine as cleanliness increases the durability and longevity of a machine. Empty the filter basket by throwing away the rest of the grounds. Now, it’s time to wash the machine. For washing, look if the parts of your machine are dishwasher safe or not. If they are, that’s well and good. Just put the filter basket and carafe in the dishwasher, and it’s done. If it’s not, wash it by hand. Do this after every use.

For thorough cleaning, put vinegar and baking soda in the water reservoir to prevent any buildups. Soak it in the vinegar solution for 20-30 minutes, and then discard it. Now pour some water in it and turn on the brew button. Repeat it until the vinegar smell goes off.

If you live in college and you have a coffee maker for dorm room, make sure to get one that has removable parts, it helps in easy cleaning.

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

best Black and Decker Coffee Maker

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This coffee maker by Black and Decker is the most advanced coffee machine. It has quick touch programming buttons for ease of use. The most important feature in this product is, it has 24-hour auto brew feature that means you can program your coffee brewed for the next morning.

The digital control buttons have the option of the timer, brewing, and delay. Moreover, it has a sneak a cup feature. With this, you can stop the coffee brewing any time to get the first cup of lighter coffee.

The non-stick carafe plate has a warming quality. It can keep the coffee warm for at least an hour after the brewing is done. For more convenience, it has an auto shut off feature. The device automatically shuts off after two hours, this also saves energy.

The best part is the clear view water reservoir. It shows you the exact amount of water and prevents you from making any mess due to overflow.

  • Quick touch buttons
  • Digital display
  • Timer
  • 24-hour auto brew feature
  • Clear view window
  • Auto shut off
  • Non-stick carafe
  • Made up of plastic

Final verdict:

We hope you have got your answer to ’How to program Black and Decker Coffee Maker’. We have given a step by step guide to help you program your coffee maker. Follow this guide and enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee!

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