How to Grind Chicken With a Meat Grinder

Don’t you want a perfectly textured ground chicken to make delicious burgers or meatballs at home? Why use store-bought pre-ground chicken when you are not even sure when it was ground Have you ever wondered why a restaurant makes juicy burgers, and you can’t?

The answer is they use freshly grounded chicken to make patties.

It may seem daunting to grind your own chicken at home, but once you start grinding your chicken, you never look back. As someone has said, “Once you grind, you never rewind”!

But why purchase an expensive meat grinder when you can use the food processor to grind chicken? There’s a reason meat grinder is specifically made to grind meat. It has sharp blades that can be used to grind tough meats and even bones. See how beneficial it is!

How to grind chicken with a meat grinder

How to grind chicken with a Meat grinder? Here is a step by step guide :

Clean your meat grinder:
Cleaning your equipment should always be the priority before using it. Rinse and clean your grinder properly before using it to avoid any health hazards.

Assemble your meat Grinder:
The first thing to do before grinding your chicken is to assemble a meat grinder and make sure that all components are attached accurately. Depending on the model of meat grinder you are using, manual or electric, attach its components one by one. If it’s a manual meat grinder, you will have to attach its handle also. Place the header into its place and turn it clockwise. Next, attach blades into its place And last attach square plate or hopper over the head, and voila it’s done!

Cut your Chicken:
The benefit of grinding your chicken is; you can use any chicken piece you want be it breast or thigh. Cut your chicken into cubes, place it onto a baking sheet, and freeze it for approximately 30 minutes. The chicken should be cold, but not frozen; otherwise, it might get clogged in the head of the grinder. Using cold chicken in the grinder ensures smoothly ground chicken.

Place your chicken in the hopper:
Place cubed chicken into a tray, but do not overload your tray, or the throat area of the grinder will be clogged.

A pro tip: Place an ice bowl underneath your collecting tray of meat to keep the chicken from getting spoiled by bacteria. Place an ice bowl underneath your collecting tray of meat to keep the chicken from getting spoiled by bacteria. And using a big bowl of ice will also help if you are grinding your meat in large quantities.

Switch on and start!
Plugin your cord set your speed setting, and start your grinder. Each meat grinder has a different speed setting and different accessories. Some meat grinders have sausage stuffer, Kibbie maker, or pusher. You can also grind garlic and other herbs in it. Push the chicken with meat pusher and see your amazing grounded chicken coming out of meat grinder. Depending on the texture of chicken you like, you can use different plates for rough, coarse, or fine ground chicken.

Some useful tips:

  • Always remove tendons, ligaments, or bones before starting.
  • Always clean your grinder before using it.
  • Use a coarse blade before starting a new batch for grinding meat.
  • If your grinder gets clogged, use the reverse option to unclog.
  • Grind the meat twice for a fine texture.
  • After grinding meat, dismantle the machine and clean it to remove any leftover meat.
  • Use cold meat and cold plates for the smooth performance of your Meat grinder.
  • Use an ice bowl under your meat collecting tray for keeping your ground meat cold.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you grind cooked meat in a meat grinder?
Yes, grinding cooked meat in a meat grinder is okay but it depends on the brand of the meat grinder you are using. Most of the meat grinders are meant for raw meat. So cooked meat may end up into mushy chunks when you put it in the grinder. It also depends on the type of meat like red meat turn hard if ground after cooking. Whereas, white meat does not turn harder.

What can you grind in a meat grinder?
You can grind raw dog food in a meat grinder for raw dog food. You may use it for grinding vegetables or even cookie dough. There is a meat grinder for bones that can grind bones easily. You can make sausages, hot dogs, and burger patties with the help of a meat grinder.

Is the KitchenAid meat grinder good?
Yes, it is a good addition to your kitchen. It has sharp blades that can grind tough meats whether white or red meat. It is good for grinding raw food but a bit technical in grinding cooked meat. However, its fine grinding plates can grind bones as well. It is a versatile product that can be used to shred cheese or make bread crumbs.

Final Thoughts:

So, now do you know how to grind chicken with a meat grinder? We have added all the necessary information in this blog regarding grinding the chicken. Hope you have found your way! Just do it the right way and you’ll have fun making burgers and sausages for your next holiday treat.



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