How to Clean Grease off Gas Stove Top

Every time How to Clean Grease off Gas Stove Top with water is difficult because you need to remove the gas connection and other kitchen items, and using chemicals is also dangerous for health.

A greasy stove top make your kitchen unattractive. So it is best to clean cooking spills as you make them, but that doesn’t always happen. No matter how carefully you try to clean burnt on food and grease from the gas and burner on your gas stove because it is very dangerous when you use chemicals for cleaning your greasy stove.

Fortunately, you don’t have to turn to chemical cleaners. There are very best methods available through which you clean your greasy stove without using chemicals and water.

Gas stove

Gas stove is very comfortable and simple when you cooking on it as well as it is very comfortable in cleaning . In fact, it offer you complete control over the cooking and other needs you may have.

How to Clean Grease off Gas Stove Top

However when you compare it with electric stove it becomes dirty over time after prolonged usage. The hollow of burners become full which cause many issues like heat distribution quite ineffective etc.

so cleaning of greasy gas stove is very easy as compare to an electric stove or we say cleaning is an art in itself.

Now we think to train you a bit in this art of cleaning your greasy gas stove effectively without using major tools and materials Check these tutorials carefully.

Grates and burners

Whenever you will clean your greasy gas stove first remove grates and burners from it because many of rust and grease hidden below it and it will remain after cleaning your stove.

And these burners and grates of greasy stove are also full of grease and rust, and it will also need to be clean because these are the central parts of stove , when you will properly clean it, it will make your stove more attractive.

So here is a very easy method present through which you will completely clean your greasy stove and its parts(grates and burners) and in this method you have no need of more tools and materials without few and according to our experience it must be present in every home.

How to clean grease off gas stove Top by using natural ingredients

Instead of spending money on expensive products white vinegar and baking soda will get the job although combining baking soda and vinegar will produce that great science fair volcano fizz, it isn’t the most effective to clean greasy stove we will use these powerhouses of cleaning separately as well as combined. Both of these materials work better when they are used alone, but a combination of both while cleaning stove is give you a very best result.



White vinegar

white vinegar is very best thing and keeping it at home is also very beneficial. It can do a great job in getting rid of grease from stove and its parts(burner, grates etc).

How to Clean Grease off Gas Stove Top

Baking soda

Baking soda is also perform a big role in cleaning your greasy gas stove and its burners and grates. It is that material which is nowadays mostly use for cleaning a lot of things for example nails, teeth and many other things related to humans.

Using these materials alone is also better in cleaning but when you will use both of these combine, it will work better.

So in this tutorial we recommend a method in which we combine both vinegar and baking soda for cleaning greasy stove because it will give you best result.

Step 1

  • First remove all the extra mud and debris from greasy stove by a damp cloth and also remove extra mud and relief rust from grates and burners.

Step 2

  • Take a spray bottle and put vinegar into it, spray into greasy stove and cover all of the greasy spots and also spray the burners and grates of greasy stove which you have isolated already.

Step 3

  • After it take tissue papers and cover all the top of your stove through it, now again take a spray bottle and spray vinegar on top of tissue papers and make it completely wet. Similarly cover the burners and stove from tissue papers and spray vinegar on it.

Step 4

  • Leave it for one hour, to soak and loosen the grease and rust that has accumulated. After one hour remove tissue papers and you will see more grease come with tissue papers at this time. And rub the same tissue papers on stove which help in removing more grease and rust which is hidden in the cores of greasy stove. And also remove tissue papers from grates and burners, rub these already used tissue papers on grates and burners.

After following these steps more of grease and rust will remove from your stove, as we say in start that both these materials also work alone if you will apply just vinegar it is also good in cleaning your stove but both of vinegar and baking soda perform good job and you will completely get rid of grease and rust.

So after following the above steps you will need to follow the steps given below because according to our experience, little bit grease remain after applying the vinegar if you want to completely get rid of grease and stove, and make your stove more clean and shiny then follow these steps:

Step 5

  • After rubbing tissue papers, take baking soda and sprinkle it with a spoon on top of your stove and its grates and burners cover all your stove mostly those parts of your stove which have still rust and grease.

Step 6

  • Again take a spray bottle of vinegar and spray on top of baking soda which is already present on the stove and its parts (grates and burners), spraying vinegar on baking soda will do a reaction with each other but it is normal.

Step 7

● Now take an old brush from your tool box and rub your greasy stove with this brush.

As we know that brush are those cleaning tool which perform a very good job in cleaning everything similarly it also help you more in cleaning your greasy stove.

So brushing your stove and its parts (grates and burners)while baking soda and vinegar is present on its top is very best and you will see that your stove is completely clean and get rid of grease and rust.

Step 8

  • Finally take a soft cloth and clean all of your stove, remove the usable ingredients.

You will see your stove look very clean and attractive.

So this is a very easy method in which you have no need of water, chemicals and other expensive materials and big tools etc. And using chemicals and other big tools and materials also make a lot of difficulties for you while cleaning greasy stove.

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Other easy methods for cleaning grease off gas stove top

clean greasy stove through boil water

when you have no extra products in your house but need to clean your greasy stove quickly, try boiling water gently and carefully pour the boiling water over the greasy parts of stove. If you let it sit until it cools, those part which have tough stuff will simply wipe away. If some grease still remain then it is necessary to scrub stubborn areas with a soap of pots and sponge. This is a simple and very easy solution because it uses a completely natural method and free of any tool and chemicals. But in this method you need to remove the gas connection and other items of kitchen because of using water.

Clean Grease off Gas Stove Top through soap and water

In this method you will need a cloth, dish soap and water. Remove the burners and grates from greasy stove. First wash your stove with water and then make a thick paste of water and soap and then apply it to the troublesome spots with the help of spongy or cloth. After about twenty minutes, scrub and rinse the stove and its parts. Replace the burners and grates after it is thoroughly dry.

Final thought

Cooking is an art as we say but we would say that it extends beyond cleaning your gas stove. So cleaning greasy stove is another art and learning this art is also very important.

The method for cleaning greasy stove whichever you may use, you can use a regular maintenance schedule to take that you do not need to spend time cleaning it frequently.

The natural method we suggested should help you keep your greasy burners grates and entire parts of greasy stove quite clean and effective.


Never use a bleach or other chemicals in combination with vinegar or other ammonia-based cleaners; the gases given off by this chemical combination are toxic and might kill you.

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