10 Best Pressure Cooker for Beans

Nowadays, considering the demanding lifestyle, it is a really time-consuming task to cook a decent meal. But it doesn’t have to be this way, buy the best electric pressure cooker to cook beans and other wholesome meals.

These models are an upgrade from your grandma-style cookers. They can stew, slow cook, sauté and more, you can get your dinner ready fast by simply pouring the ingredients into the pot and then cover it with the tight fitted lid.

Now heat, when the water reaches the boiling point, the steam gathers inside, thus reduces the cooking time by 70%. After you are done with the cooking, release the valve and let the temperature drop down on its own.

This is how pressure cookers work. Now let’s review the best pressure cookers and gain insights on which one is suitable for you. You can cook a variety of vegetables, beans, fish, chickpeas and other healthy meals. Invest in one of them, as these pots are a major lifesaver.

Top 10 Pressure Cooker for Beans

1- Mealthy MultiPot Pressure Cooker

A multi-function 9-in-1 cooking pot with 14 preset cooking programs is a perfect addition to your kitchen. The LCD panel is equipped with the latest intuitive signals and included a cheat sheet with the recipe booklet making cooking handy.

Best Pressure Cooker for Beans

The inner pot removal and transport will become convenient using the 2 silicon mitts included in the whole package and spare silicone gasket is also available for making sweet or other dishes.

The handle of the steam vent is extra wide that will save your hands from getting burned and the red float is designed in a way to let you know when the pressure has reached its level.

You can even warm your meal using this all in one pressure cooker. Along with the mitts, gasket,and steamer, a 4cm-raised steam rack, measuring cup, rice paddle and ladle, are all included in this cooker.

  • The time tracker helps to track your meal.
  • A 9-in-1 multi-function pot
  • Great safety measures
  • Quality control issues

Sum Up

Looking for a pressure cooker with which you can cook 2 dishes at one time? Then choose Mealthy pressure cooker with a 6-quart stainless-steel pot and stainless-steel separate seamer,so you can cook rice and savory at the same time and you can also stew, slow cook, sauté, bake cakes, make yogurt and can prepare a lot of other stuff too.

2- Sharff & Mueller Pressure Cooker

A user-friendly, 6 quarts, 12-in-1 multi-purpose pressure cooker with 14 different cooking modes suitable for making stew, soup, pasta, beans, multigrain and more. You can warm your meal using warmer mode, cook rice using cooker mode, a yogurt maker mode for yogurt, a slow cooker mode and a manual mode for more experienced cooks.

Best Pressure Cooker for Beans

A perfect kitchen appliance for easy, quick meals supporting people’s fast-paced lifestyles. You can even sterilize your baby bottles, or jars using this cooker’s sterilize mode, and also can pasteurize milk.

The Sharff & Mueller Duopro Plus has embedded their cookers with latest technological features like a 24-hour timer for delayed cooking and an auto-warm function to maintain food’stemperature. The inner pot has 3-ply SUS 304 and outer has stainless-steel exterior providing a natural non-stick and an elegant finish.

  • State of the art safety features
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Auto-release button sometimes fails to function, release the steam during cooking without even pressing the button.


A best quality multi-functional Sharff & Mueller pressure cooker with a reasonable price tag helps make your culinary experiences better with consistent good results and uncompromised safety.

3- Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

A 6-in-1 multi-use cooker with latest built-in microprocessor technology to monitor temperature,pressure, heat adjustments and duration to get the food ready. Advanced 3 rd generation technology with 12-smart programs and easy one-touch controls.

Best Pressure Cooker for Beans

The features or modes it offers include Pressure Cooker, Steamer, Sautéing, Rice Cooker, Cake Maker and Food Warmer with Alexa app including 300+ recipe options. This high-pressure cooking reduces cooking time by 70%. The adjustable temperatures-less, normal and more-provides flexible cooking.

Finger resistant stainless-steel exterior and interior with no chemical inner coating provides a healthy meal and the 3-ply bottom allows even distribution of heat. The best part is its dishwasher friendly accessories so you wouldn’t have to scrub hard to remove the food.

  • Certified safety features
  • Provides the great value of money
  • User-friendly and dishwasher friendly
  • The steam valve sometimes doesn’t work properly
  • Slightly small


Instant Pot is a reputable brand for making the best pressure cookers in the market, offering the best quality at an affordable price. Another awesome electric pressure cooker option to cook beans or other dishes.

4- Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

A BPA free 6-quart capacity cooker reduces the cooking time by 70% when compared with the traditional stovetop cookers. The unit and the top seal traps the steam inside, thus building the pressure to create hot temperature locking the food nutrients, flavor, and moisture as a result providing a wholesome nutritious meal.

Best Pressure Cooker for Beans

A healthy, exceptional pressure cooker for beans, chili, stews, soups, rice, and other entrees.The thermostats and easy-to-read digital displays and push buttons make tracking meals preparation convenient.

It has a good quality non-stick coating which makes cleaning breezy and a 99-minute timer and a cool-touch handle makes pot holding easy. Different pre-programmed cooking modes like simmering, sautéing, warming and browning make meal preparation smooth.

  • A great purchase at an affordable price.
  • An appropriate capacity cooker
  • The cooking pot can also be used as a serving dish
  • Faulty design and built
  • Sometimes it overheats and shuts off


A renowned name in the kitchen industry -Cuisinart- true to their aim, cook faster, eat healthier! Effortless cooking in the desired setting. With the LED panel displayed, click on the menu button and experience the sensational textures and taste, you never felt before.

5- Presto Pressure Cooker

Another simple yet great 2-in-1 pressure cooker and slow cooker, with different mode setting for high or low temperature, sautéing, simmering, browning and warming. A fantastic pressure cooker for cooking beans, rice, grains, chicken, vegetables and even yummy desserts.

This electric cooker has 19 programmed settings with 12 pressure cooker presets. Properly cooks the suppers keeping the flavor and tenderness of the meat intact. A special rack allows cooking several foods at the same time without mixing the flavors.

When the timer on the LED display signals that the cooking is complete, then the cooker automatically shifts to the warm mode. The removable pot is dishwasher safe and the eight built-in safety lock feature securely cover the lid and release the steam.

  • Adjustable high or low temperatures
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The steam valve has to be moved by hand to release steam
  • Not very durable


If you are looking for a reasonable, easy to use, and simple cooker, then Presto is the best choice for you, a good alternative to the expensive ones.

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6- COSORI Electric Cooker

This premium kitchen gadget is equipped with 8-in-1 programs to accommodate your busy,healthy lifestyle. The 10 installed safety features ensured that the lid is fitted securely and that the pressure remains within the secure operating levels. Lid lock will prevent the lid from opening if the cooker is pressurized.

Other than that, they are ETL, CETL and FDA approved certified pressure cooker. Modern stainless steel, the finger-resistant exterior with intuitive controls to build culinary work of art.The customized setting on LED display allows the adjustment of temperature, pressure and time.

Make your pasta by hitting the pasta/ boil button, or pan fry or simmer using brown/ sauté feature. The additional features include 12-hour delay timer; their manual setting cook time is also up to 12 hours. The cooker also includes a rice spoon, ladle, measuring cup, silicon sealing ring, tempered glass lid, stainless-steel rack with handle and a recipe book.

  • Easy to operate and clean with excellent manual and automated operating system
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Latest 3 rd generation technological cooker
  • Small size for bigger families
  • Substandard quality


Now prepare your favorite meals with just a touch of a button using this Cosori heavy built stainless steel electric cooker with 10 exceptional safety features installed to ensure safe daily usage.

7- Power Pressure Cooker XL

Just as the name suggests, Power pressure cooker provides power cooking which helps keep the food vitamins and nutrients intact, make vegetables crisps at the same time keeping the whole fiber in them. An economical pressure cooker not only in terms of actual price but even cooks cheap cut meat to juicy perfection.

Conveniently replaces 7 kitchen appliances from slow cooker to the pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, soup maker, and canner, all can be done with just a click of a button. This cooker is available in different sizes. The Power cookers are easy to clean, conveniently cooks food for the whole family 70% quicker, thus making it time and energy-efficient.

The cooker’s air-tight lid traps super heated steam inside, thus creating a hyper-pressurized environment locking in food’s original flavor and important nutrients. Now you can get everything ready in one pot with just a simple press of a button.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Included a user manual and recipe guide
  • Accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Questionable durability
  • Lightweight Teflon coated inner pot


Power pressure is another great pressure cooker to cook kidney beans or any other beans along with other savory meals. It has a flavor infusion mechanism that helps keep the food moisture, nutrients, texture, and flavor intact.

8- Pressure Pro Cooker

Different sizes for different families or individuals. A 4-quart size for a small family, 6-quart for a medium-size family and 10-quart for a large family. Available in these 3 sizes, this 10-in-1 multi-purpose PressurePro pressure cooker caters to everybody’s needs.

The small size is the perfect fit for smaller kitchens. But even with a small size, its features are really big, they have provided all the essential features in one. A substitute of a rice cooker,egg maker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, canner (excellent for canning fruits and vegetables), warmer, sautés, preserver and steamer.

You can now save energy cost by cooking 10 minutes faster using this pressure cooker. Because of its quick cooking time, it is able to preserve more heat-sensitive nutrients thus making your food healthy. Their one model even has a one-touch steam release feature thus making the overall pressure release process safe. Can also be used to sterilize jars or baby bottles.

  • Quick and efficient cooking
  • Delay timer which allows to set up the cooker beforehand
  • The non-stick inner coating saves the cleanup time
  • Accessories are dishwasher friendly
  • The auto keep warm feature maintains the food temperature and keep it warm for long
  • Not very durable and weak construction
  • Quality control issues
  • Proper placement of lid and seal is a bit tricky


PressurePro is the first pressure cooker to introduce the feature “One-touch pre-programmed button” for which they received a Harvest Cookware award. So they were the market innovators and others were their followers and you could never go wrong with the market leader.

9- GoWISE USA Cooker

Like all the other great choices, GoWise is also an exceptional electrical pressure cooker with 12 preset cooking programs for easy cooking. These 12 preset setting includes Rice, bean/chili, grains, porridge, steam, meat, sauté, soup, poultry, yogurt, egg maker and slow cook. It is an amazing pressure cooker to make beans- any sort of beans- whichever you desire.

If you are an expert cook, then you can manually set your preferences. Adjust the time and temperature of each mode as per your requirements. This 12-quart cooking capacity can easily feed the whole family; it is available in smaller sizes as well. You can now get 9 kitchen functions in this single cooker.

The set it and forget it feature with 24 hours’ delay timer will help you get your food ready at dinner time even with your jam packed schedule. This cooker can slow cook for up to 20 hours and its auto warm feature keep your food warm for long.

  • Secure pressure release
  • Cooks food faster than the standard stovetop cooker
  • The inner pot is PFOA free so your food remains chemical-free
  • Breaks down sometimes
  • To get the lid off can be tricky sometimes
  • Faulty design, the system gets jammed up at times


Available in four different sizes suitable for almost every family. Go Wise with its durable and sturdy ceramic pot which neither makes noise nor emits vapor keeping your house noise and smell free.

10- Aroma Housewares Pressure Cooker

In a mood to have some beans, or maybe rice, or maybe some dessert- some yummy fluffy cake? Then this pot is the right choice for you. Aroma has been known to build reliable and durable kitchen appliances at a reasonable price. True to their mission, they are creating the line of products that enhances lives.

Now you can enjoy, easy homemade eight cupped rice and steamed vegetables or meals with this Aroma Electric cooker and food steamer. With just a touch of a button, prepare whatever you desire. You can enjoy your time doing other tasks because this super-smart electric cooker help
saves time.

This versatile cooker with an inclusion of a steamer tray allows you to create a variety of wholesome, healthy meals. The steamer allows you to prepare a meal above while you cook rice or soup below without worrying about mingling the two flavors. Along with other cooking options, you can also slow cook and sauté-then-simmer STS making delicious meals for your family.

  • User-friendly programming
  • Auto keep-warm function
  • Set it and forget it mentality
  • Includes a non-stick inner pot, measuring cup, spatula and steamer tray.
  • Faulty design
  • The timer doesn’t work properly, at times when the timer says “the rice is done”, it usually is not.


Like many other models, Aroma Housewares is also a multi-purpose pressure cooker but unlike others, it is available at a really economical price. Includes all the features that the other pricey models have.

Best Pressure Cooker to Cook Beans

You can cook all types of beans in these pressure cookers, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans and more. Our recommendation would be The Mealthy 9-in-1 multi-function pressure cooker, a perfect choice for cooking beans and other variety of nutritious meals. There are a variety of beans and every type takes a different amount of time to cook in a pressure cooker.

Secondly, you need to decide for which dish you need beans for. Beans for a salad are barely cooked but if want beans for a bowl of soup then they need to be properly cooked so they can easily blend and create a creamy soupy form.

You can start cooking scrumptious meals with this pressure cooker in no time as it is really convenient to install and use. Available in a pretty charcoal grey color with which you can cook your favorite dishes in just a few minutes’ time. The recipes and guides inside make your overall cooking experience breezy.

Buyer Guide

While making the pressure cooker purchase, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind to make your investment worthwhile.


Pressure cookers are made of Aluminum and stainless steel materials. If you are looking for heavy built and durable ones, then go with the stainless steel cookers but if you want something reasonable then aluminum cookers are a better choice as they have better heat conduction structures.


Whichever pressure cooker you choose, don’t ignore its safety mechanism. The reason behind is that pressure cookers are super-hot and contains super-heated steams, which if God forbade explodes could cause you serious burns.

So the mechanisms like release valves, release vents, lid locks, tightly fitted cover, and pressure indicators much be installed providing a safe environment so the lids remained locked when there is still pressure inside.


If you have a bigger family, then buy the one with the capacity of more than 8 quarts, but for smaller family choose the smaller pot.

Dishwasher Friendly

Make sure that whichever cooker you buy; it should be dishwasher friendly because you wouldn’t want to waste your time scrubbing the remaining food from the pan bottom.


A user-friendly cooker must possess a heat-resistant handle, because when using the cooker, the superheated steam at times heated the whole house, spilling some of it on the handle, which if used tactlessly could cause severe burns.

Inner Pot Material

Pressure cookers operate under high temperatures and great pressure, so choose the pot keeping that in mind. If you buy a non-stick pot, expose them to high temperatures, the coating will start to chip off thus making it ineffective and then later food will start to accumulate at the bottom making it difficult to clean.

Added Features

You can also look for the cookers that have a separate steam basket and cooking racks allowing you to cook two meals at a time. Other features include user manuals, guides, and recipe booklets for your handiness.

Word of Advice!

If you are looking for durability, versatility then those cooktop stainless-steel pressure cookers are the best choice. The only drawback with these is that you cannot put a timer while cooking and you’d have to keep closer check or monitoring so the food doesn’t get burned.

Wrapping Up!

We really hope that this extensive guide we presented you with will help you find the best pressure cooker. Take your time when buying one because they don’t come cheap, you wouldn’t want to waste your money. Choose the one that serves you the longest.

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