The10 Best Portable Electric Cooler

“Why do you need the best portable electric cooler?”. Maybe you’re thinking exactly as I am, Right? The answer is a big yes. This will help you to keep hydrated and cool in a summer vacation or a trip, definitely as we all want.

If you want to make sure and save perishable food you just need a portable cooler or portable refrigerator in your ease. To keep safe ourselves from food poisoning, we need to avoid those all food which is described to use only if they are in good cool temperature.

To avail, the best results from these portable electric coolers are very easy. Carry it where you want, directly plug it to an electricity socket, with your car battery, or even work with solar panels perfectly and well to go.

It doesn’t mean if you have a portable cooler it just made for a trip purpose, No. You can deposit it in your bedroom to keep water bottles, beverages at the approach of a few steps. (Now, even you don’t need to step out of the bedroom and go all over the kitchen to grab a glass of water or your favorite drink.)

Top 10 Best Portable Electric Cooler:

Now, it is time for a surprise for you all, I am giving you a free treat with a list of top 10 best portable electric cooler. You don’t need to go all over from store to store or website to website for searching a perfect electrical cooler for you. I managed a list of these top and best-selling coolers for you on a single page and a single platform.

Yes, here below, complete guidance and a list of coolers for you. The important is what to see and what not to see in a cooler before buying it. We’re giving you an extra bite of sugar in respect of pros and cons. Now please appreciate us and our team for this effort for you people, because you people are amazing.

1. Wagan 12V Portable Electric Cooler

best portable electric cooler

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This Wagan 24 Liter cooler is an essential item when anyone gets hungry or thirsty. It is perfect for family road trips. This keeps food and drinks cool without any mess of ice, and another option is to keep them warm instead. If desired, you put snacks like fruit and ice-creams. You can place cooler on the floor of your vehicle, or the seat and tighten with the seat belt.

Dual capabilities:
Having dual capabilities means cooling and heating features at a single cooler. This seems to be a great device to take with you on sports or camping but also BBQ nights with friends.

Light indication:
As we all know the importance of indications in our lives, exactly as in this, having a feature of indication of cooling and warming. You can set the temperature with just a button at its back, the direction of the button will tell you which mode you’re in. Blue color for cooling and red color for warming.

Ease of cleaning:
Suppose that you went out for fishing, you came back with plenty of fish in cooler. Now you need to clean it up because the fish stinks very badly. This cooler has no deep inside corner that makes you tired of cleaning. This is easy to clean up.

It has 24 liters capacity that can hold up to 27 soda cans or four 2 liters water bottles. Interior dimensions of this electrical cooler are 11″ x 8″ x 12″and exterior dimensions are 15″ x 11″x 17″. Easily adjustable in a car right next to passenger on the seat, use it as arms rest or if you’re using it in your bedroom you can put this under your bed easily.

The seven and a half feet DC power cable is enough to reach your vehicle’s back seat area, so the cooler can be in approach for anyone sitting at the back.

The great size of this fridge/warmer is capable of handling the family’s entire lunch or dinner menu. Its large size makes it perfect for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle.

Grocery partner:
This even comes in great for grocery runs. If the distance between your home to Walmart/Super Market or your favorite grocery store is over 20 or 30 miles away so sometimes you hesitant to buy ice cream, or anything frozen. This will keep all your frozen items like ice creams till your home.

  • Compact size
  • The capacity of 24 liters or 27 cans
  • Heats up to 140-degree F
  • Dual facilities of cooling and warm
  • Indication light
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable lid
  • Family-sized convenience
  • Operating with 12V adopter
  • Doesn’t have any temperature gauge

2.Dometic CFX  Electric Portable Cooler

best portable electric cooler

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Having a massive 100-liter storage capacity, this cooler represents the largest single zone portable coolers. This cooler can refrigerate or freeze food and drink for large groups on weekends, or small groups on extended trips. This cooler comes a divider, so this will organize your things without any mess.

Multiple Sizes:
This special mini-fridge or portable electrical cooler comes with a lot of sizes. You just need to pick it up one size which suits you and you’re ready to go. Sizes need space, so we recommend you to choose it according to your desire and plan a trip.

Integrated WiFi app:
The best feature that I like the most about this. This WiFi app increases mobility. To download the app, you can go to the Dometic website for information for the WiFi app with control. Through the app you can control display, alarm, functions such as cooling or freezing temperatures, and when to on and when to turn off remotely.

Wire baskets:
For the ease of yours, you will get wire baskets within this electric cooler, so you don’t need to buy them separately. These wire baskets will help you to keep your food respectably. Each compartment will be in use properly, with no wastage of space.

Power input:
This electric cooler works with both AC and DC currents. It is having both inputs for AC wire and DC wire separately. The inputs for this electric cooler for AC are 110V/240V-AC to run and 12V-24V-DC to run on solar panels or on a car battery.

Cooling and freezing:
Both facilities are available in this electric cooler. The plus point is freezing and cooling compartments are separate. Left compartment for cooling and right for freezing things like popsicles, ice-creams, or ice cubes. Both compartments having different control that will keep away us from errors and confusion.

LED monitors:
LED monitors are also given on the front side. Cooling and freezing having separate controls and display panels. The increase or decrease of temperature can be control with dedicated buttons as plus and minus on the control board at the front.

We don’t know where will we carry this electric cooler with us. In daylight, direct and indirect sunlight can cause trouble in reading the number on the screen. The brightness level adjustment settings are given there on the control panel.

  • Temperature controls
  • Wifi app integrations
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Low-Medium-High levels
  • Intelligence adjustment according to voltages
  • Rugged and durable
  • Waterproof
  • No rechargeable battery

3.Coleman 40-Quart Portable Cooler

Best portable Electric cooler

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Coleman is a very famous brand which is serving us with all their multiple products for camping and picnics such as tents, camping gears, and electric portable coolers. This Coleman portable electric cooler is characterized by its design. It looks like a small trunk, with adorable price but a great space to store food.

This is a perfect portable electric cooler for those who need a good space and a rectangle box-shaped cooler within a reasonable price.

This vast capacity electric cooler can hold inside itself up to 44 cans of sodas. Having a lightweight travel design gives you a pretty decent satisfaction of having something very durable with you that will last up to ages.

I like the way they designed this. Unlike others, portable electric coolers, only useable in one direction, whether in a horizontal position or vertically. But this has unique engineering and design. You can use it as other electric coolers that have a mechanism of opening the lid in an upward direction while laying down or you can use this in a vertical position like home fridges.

This comes with one tray that can be adjustable according to the user’s needs. The adjustments are already molded by the company inside the electric cooler walls, you can just put it where you want to. For example, if you put the tray in exactly at the center, you will have equally parted portions.

Direct plug-in:
A cigarette lighter port is readily available in any car nowadays. A cord and adopter that manage current for this electric cooler to work through and adapter which designed to plug into the lighter port in the dashboard.

The Deodorization of this electric cooler is as simple as the user. Just remove all the items from the cooler and plug it out. Take any dishwashing soap and clean it. The design of this electrical cooler is very easy to approach in every corner inside it.

Single-step operational:
This portable electric cooler has a step operational system. Just grab the plug and put it in the board, this will start working for 24/7 without any problem.No matter what’s the temperature outside, this will keep your food cool inside in it.

  • Unique design.
  • Always ready to go.
  • Automatic start cooling.
  • Landscape and straight mode of using.
  • No wheels

4.K-box Electric Cooler

Best portable electric cooler

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Having a portable electric cooler can save you from unwanted expenditures on road trips or picnics. The company designed this product just to keep your drinks and food cold on a road trip with your friends to enjoy at any moment you want to.

It is made with a thermoelectric material to keep your things cool or warm. This product having a great space for store food of 60 cans of soda or 6 two-liter bottles and 15 cans of soda. This portable electric cooler has a divider to divide the whole space into two chambers for different types of foods.

Two handles and wheels make you less effort and easy to carry or pull. A dual functioning handle allows you to carry your cooler in hand or pull it on the ground using the wheels.

Every electric cooler must these two features to roam around as a good partner of the trip is to sustain a specific temperature for your food whether it is to keep hot or to keep cold. So, this package has both.

We need a shift key to go one stage to another. In this portable electric cooler, there is a single key which allows us to shift from cold temperature to hot and vice-versa.

Ventilation is very important in every aspect of life even in foods also, a motorized fan is located for ventilation in the lid for the airflow. This will prevent the smell in the airtight container to keep clean inside the cooler.

Cable closet:
A closet or storage compartment for wires no doubt is a smart step. This compartment is very helpful. Sometimes we forget where we put the wires last time, now the only effort is to roll it and put in the closet and close the lid of it. Congratulations, now your wire is safe and always available to use.

Control Button:
Buttons are very important in every gadget or electrical appliance, there is only one single control button to on and off the whole cooler and the same button is using for the shift from cool to warm and warm to cool.

  • Wheels for carrying
  • Smart one button
  • Wire cabinet
  • DC and AC both inputs
  • Holds up to 60 cans
  • No temperature controls
  • Not freezing facility

5.Travel Cooler and Warmer

Best portable cooler

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A durable cooler for camping and going out for fun with friends and family. This has a pretty good size that will hold a good amount of food if you’re going with family because family food needs much assistance and care.

It comes with the storage capacity of up to 48 cans of sodas of 12-ounce each. Two-dimensional usage as horizontally or straight upward. This has a cooling mechanism via electricity. This product also having two molded handles on both sides to carry and lift it up.

Thermoelectric cooling technology:
Thermoelectric cooling is a system to remove thermal energy from any medium. This cooler works on the same mechanism, this removes the thermal energy from foods and keep them cool for a long time.

The durability of any product like these coolers are way important than it sounds. Because when you go out for a trip on a car, there must be some bumpy roads which  effect your cooler if it is made up of low-grade plastic. This will go with you anywhere in your car or truck, no matter how damaged the roads are, this will work amazingly.

The space-saving facility you can get only in the electric coolers. You can add more cans of drinks or bottles of sodas or packs of juices inside it in the absence of ice and plug the power wire in the car.

This portable electric cooler is rugged and heavy-duty and having more chances to stay with you for a long time. This is one of them. If you drive a truck or heavy-duty pickups, this will be your partner all the way.

Solo motorized:
One motor, one wire, and one plug can do all the magic here. You don’t need a bundle or different wires and plugs to start the process. The current portable electric cooler need is 12V-DC, which can be provided by a battery of a solar panel.

  • Toughness
  • Noise-free
  • Ice-free
  • Spacious
  • Special cooling technology
  • Waterproof
  • No facility of divider

6.Koolatron P75 36 Electric Portable  Cooler

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Here is another example of the good work that I got for you with a reasonable and justifiable price to the product. This cooler doesn’t require any ice, which means there’s plenty of space for extra food and drinks. It has a large 36-quart capacity, which makes it ideal for long trips. Bring your portable electric cooler to the boat, the beach, campsite, or your next sports event. It’s the perfect companion for any road trip.

This cooler also has a hard-plastic body that saves your food from damage and protects your glass bottles inside to as not to break apart into pieces and making a mess. If you’re getting two in one deal what you need more than this. This cooler also has heat and cool feature. Now you can go on camping with freezing sodas and drinks and also you can go to a BBQ party and your food will be safe in it.

Security of food products:
The cooler should help in maintaining the stability of the food products against the environmental factors which cause the collapse. That is why the build quality matters in every aspect of a product before buying it.

It keeps the content cool up to 40 0 F (4.5 0 C) below the surrounding temperature. And it should be able to withstand temperature up to 135 0 F(58 0 C).

Magnetic door:
The door has magnetic lock systems to prevent the internal material from outer dust and other flying creatures. With the help of lock, food will defiantly safe from dust particles and other environmental issues. Open the magnetic door with just one pull and close it with just a small push.

It also has a great ability to preserve a certain temperature for a longer period of time. It does not expand when it is too warm or shrink when exposed to the lower temperatures.

Definitely this is economically friendly. No heat produced which causes our environment and no other type of gases while doing it works on electricity. This electrical cooler just needs 12V of DC to run smoothly.

Impermeable to water:
A thing that is impermeable does not allow any type of liquid to pass through it. This means cooler is safe for the fruits, vegetables, cakes, and for bread like materials.

  • Easy to shut door
  • A pretty good space
  • Low power consumption
  • Safe food from outside
  • Holding capacity of up to 16 pounds
  • Horizontally and vertically use
  • Heating and cooling options
  • Only support DC

7.Koolatron P25 26-Quart FunKool Cooler

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This cooler is a great solution for travelers. This portable electric cooler can be used in your car, truck, SUV, boat, or RV, and is ideal for picnics or a day at the beach. The great 26-quart volume will keep your food and refreshments cold for hours. This thermoelectric cooler plugs directly into any vehicle’s 12 V power socket to deliver efficient cooling without the hassle or the cost of ice.

Efficient cooling system:
This compact cooler cools down the temperature of any product fast, but the outside temperature matters. It cools to 40°F (22°C) below the ambient temperature.

Iceless refrigerator:
In iceless electric coolers, thermoelectric material causes at a very significant level. And the most important point that the iceless coolers can save a lot of space for your food inside the cooler.

Enhancing the stability of product:
The thermoelectric material will also protect your food, drinks, or any ready to use the material for long. Because it prevents the effect of all those factors which can cause food deterioration.

Removable shelf:
Come with a removable sliding shelf to organize your snacks and drinks. The sliding shelf of this product easily removable and we can adjust the shelf according to the size of our product.

Holding capacity:
This can hold goods up to the level of 26 quart which is approximately 24 liters, as 31 cans easily.

Family-sized convenience:
The capability of adjusting and handling goods for the entire family during the road trips or moving from one city to another.

  • Very nice size and shape
  • Saving electricity mechanism
  • Can hold a good amount of food
  • Can fit up to 30 cans
  • Removable shelf
  • Removable lid
  • Lid locking system
  • A little bit slow in cooling but long lasting

8.Igloo Iceless 40-Quart Cooler

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This is the best thing for traveling! You didn’t have to worry about leaky coolers or running out of ice. Because no one wants to has a ton of ice and water in the cooler, now you can fill it to the tons of food. It is easy to life- even with food in it and we just pulled it out of the car at night and hooked it up in the cabin-easy. You can use it at home as an extra fridge.

Manufacturing material:
It is made up of Polypropylene. A special kind of plastic which is now using in different appliances and applications. It means this product is made up of a very good material that will protect your items from deterioration.

Dual operation:
It can be used as a refrigerator as well as an ice chest. When you’re on electricity, use it as a refrigerator or cooler, but when you’re away from electricity or facing low battery problems, then you can use it as an ice chest.

Easy to transport:
It also has handles to carry from one place to another. Some cooler doesn’t have this facility of handles so the user might face difficulty while transporting it from one place to another, but this one has two handles to carry it easily without any problem.

Easy partition:
With help of adjustable shelf, the divider line for one portion and the other can be easily changeable. For example, on beside you need to put meat that has a big size, and on the remaining side, you can use it for sodas or drinks to put in.

The capacity of this chest is 40-quarts. Large enough to hold 59 cans, you’ll have plenty of space for refreshments for a whole group of people.

  • Handles
  • Big size
  • A plenty of space
  • Shelf for partition
  • Air tight
  • No timer or thermostat

9.Koolatron P65  12v Portable Cooler

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The Koolatron P65 Kargo Thermoelectric Cooler has a 31 Liters space and a unique dual-lid design. No need of ice, no mess, and no more soggy sandwiches.The Koolatron P65 12-volt Kargo cooler is ideal for long trips, big families and parties.

Dual doors:
Dual doors are just giving this portable cooler a very nice look and a different design in the market of electric coolers or refrigerators. Now it depends on how he or she gets to facilitate himself or herself with this design.

Unlike others, this comes with two removable adjustable shelves. It is now the user’s ability how he parts out them, you could use them both at the same time but also just one. First two-door mechanism and now two shelves. Imagine how can you give it a great look professionally when it comes to your doorstep.

Use horizontally or vertically like a fridge – Whether you need a cooler for a day trip or a longer camping or road trip, use it horizontally. And when you’re at home, you must use it. Put this in a vertical position in your bedroom next to the bed and use it as a fridge.

Long-lasting cooling:
The technology of thermoelectric martial must keep your food cool for a long time. This would never be let you upset. Give it a try, you’ll amaze yourself.

This electric cooler has a lightweight, even kids can carry it from one place to another. The material they used in this is very durable and lightweight. This will never fall apart even when you go out for a hilly ride.

The capacity of this storage cooler is 33 Quart (31 Liters), can fit up to 42 cans easily. this is enough space to go for out for a family on a road trip to enjoy. Go with this cooler on the beach full of food and drinks and enjoy it.

  • Cooler and warmer in one
  • Can fit up to 42 cans
  • Ideal cooler for camping and travel
  • Portable iceless cooling
  • Wide space
  • A little bit of low storage

10.Wagan EL6206  Portable Electric Cooler

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This 6 Quart personal fridge/warmer is user friendly and lends itself to ease of use. With a built-in strap, you to carry the 6 Quart personal fridge/warmer too and from your destination without being awkward. Unlike others, this can be carried with a single hand, because of the smart size of this cooler is more readily available with you.

Impermeable design:
The compact design is basically made up just for  a single person to carry it. It is made for personal use, not for a family or for a whole friend group.

Cup holders:
The best feature of this cooler is that this is having two cup holders or you can put cans in it while sitting in a car or sofa.

Because of its compact and small size, it is easily adjusted as armrest just right next to the driver seat in car or you can place inside the table of your bed or sofa.

With shoulder strap, it is convenient to carry the cooler as well. Even unlike others, if it is full you can easily pick it up without much power.

Eco friendly:
It has no CFCs or refrigerant inside of the unit; there is nothing to leak out or deplete the ozone. The cooler/warmer uses thermoelectric cooling which is a simple transfer of electrical current and keeps your food cool or warm.

It holds 6 20oz bottles standing up. 6 cans of soda. It will hold 1 liter of soda if you lay it diagonally.

  • Best for solo travelers
  • Low price
  • Very much compact design
  • Dual functions of heating and cooling
  • Easy to carry
  • Ease of convenience
  • No temperature gauge

Buyer’s guide to buying Best Portable Electric Cooler:

Money-Saving with space:

Money is an important asset in the life of any person. We selected only those products whose prices are very reasonable for all of you. So, choose that one which best in your pocket and fulfill your needs of space.


Before going to buy any cooler, you must check its measurement. The more spacious will store more supply of food for you at once.


One thing with multiple kinds of abilities is a good investment. Pick that one which capable of doing more than one thing for you like cooling, heating, and freezing.


Safety of food is one the basics of all, the best quality made electric cooler can save your food much better than having food without cooler. Rugged and fine build hard body can prevent food from spoiling.


Situations are always mattering. One product that can be useable at any condition much better than to have different products for different purposes. These all mentioned products are perfect buy for you.

Ease of cleansing:

It is a dream that things can be easily washable and stay clean. These coolers are made up of fine and durable plastic that will never rust like iron and having no side effects of water on them and no restrictions and limitations. These can be a wash or clean them with regular dishwashing soap or liquid.

Ready to go:

Simplicity with multi-functionality is one of the best qualities in any product. Given products are one-button operational, one button for cooling as well as one button for heating.


Thus, all the above discussion ends up here, and I strongly hope that you are much familiar with the world of portable electric coolers. This comprehensive list of the top 10 best portable electric cooler gave you a complete round of understanding of features along with pros and cons.

Companies charge us with respect to features. And we suggest you buy those that have more features, a complete package and satisfying your needs.

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