Best Masticating Juicer For Leafy Greens In 2022

Are you switching to a healthy diet? The first thing to be in your diet must be leafy greens. And taking leafy greens in the form of juice is the most effective method as the absorption liquids is way faster than solid foods. But how to make juices out of those long strips of spinach? Here is where the best masticating juicer for leafy greens come to rescue.

Leafy green smoothies have the power to make you look younger even in your 50s. This multivitamin drink is the best to help reduce obesity and heart risks. Because it is rich in fibers and low in fat.

What’s better than a drink that is great in taste yet loaded with health benefits? Isn’t it the supernatural water turned out of the magical well of masticating juicer?

Why Do You Need the Best Masticating Juicer for Leafy Greens And Fruits?

Leafy greens include kale, spinach, mint, and parsley. These all are paper-like leaves that are difficult to extract juice in a juicer particularly made for hard fruits like apples and carrots. That is why a masticating juicer is the best juicer for vegetables. It uses an auger and cold presses the juice out of those skinny little leaves. In a traditional juicer, leafy greens will get shredded instead of ] extracting out.

Difference Between a Centrifugal and Masticating Juicer:

Difference Between a Centrifugal and Masticating Juicer

Centrifugal Juicer
  • Centrifugal juicer is wholly made for firm fruits like carrots, beetroot, and apple. It is not ideal for leafy greens like kale and broccoli.
  • With a centrifugal juicer, you’ll get two spoons of juice out of a bowl of spinach.
  • Fast juicer uses a fast spinning technique.
  • centrifugal has a comparatively big motor.
  • a fast juicer does not extract all the nutrients from your fruits and veggies.
  • A centrifugal juicer produces smooth juices.
  • Centrifugal juicer is not quiet
  • A Centrifugal juicer is of high speed and causes rapid oxidation.
Masticating juicer
  • A masticating juicer has a cold presser that works best to extract the juice out of spinach but a centrifugal juicer has a big feeding chute that will tear or shred the leaves.
  • While with a masticating juicer, you’ll get a half bowl of juice out of the same amount of spinach used for a centrifugal juicer.
  • Masticating juicer works with slow technique.
  • The masticating juicer has a small motor. 80 RPM to 100 RPM motor cuts down oxidation and enhances juice life.
  • A low-speed juicer extracts all the nutrients from your fruits and veggies.
  • A masticating juicer produces pulpy juice.
  • A masticating juicer quiet.
  • Cold press slow juicer due to its slow speed produces low to minimal oxidation of the juice.

Top 10 Best Masticating juicers For Leafy Greens in 2022 :

Here are the top 10 List of best masticating juicer that will satisfy your cravings of a healthy green smoothie.

1.Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center:

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Do you want to bring your fruit or vegetable juicing experience to an entirely distinct level? Or do you expect much from your masticating juicer in terms of versatility? Or do you want to have the most robust motor to masticate your green leaves slower?

Omega presents a classic looking metallic colored juicer with an innovative design that is easier to assemble and disassemble.

The cold press juicer is cherished for its versatility. From fruits and vegetables to nut butter and frozen desserts; herbs and spices to grinding coffee beans and making pasta. Make baby food or even use it as a juicer for a ginger shot, the choice is all yours!

The slow cold-press juicers are preferred over centrifugal blenders for a reason. The 80RPM Omega cuts down oxidation and enhances juice life. And even after running for a longer period, heat build-up is minimum. Isn’t it great?

In addition to all the above qualities, it also offers five different settings for hard or soft ingredients. Beetroot and carrot will yield more juice at setting five, whereas lower setting is for soft green leafy vegetables.

  • 15-year warranty
  • Quiet motor
  • 2 HP motor
  • Effortless cleaning (brush included)
  • Wide feed chute
  • 5-setting adjustable speed
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Horizontal Juicer takes more space on the kitchen counter

2. Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer

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Nothing can beat human teeth for crushing, chewing, or slicing. What if you get to know about a machine that can imitate human teeth?

Tribset Greenstar brings a complete masticating system with powerful twin gears. Its fascinating jumbo twin gears resemble human teeth in functioning. It can slice, cut, or crush your favorite veggies to produce the maximum quantity of juice than other brands. Single gear juicers can’t do wonders as double gears do!

It pulverizes everything that we push into its chute with its exclusive bio-ceramic and magnetic technology. Such technology retains all the beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the juice, which is clearly visible by the density of the juice. And the bio-ceramic material doesn’t let the air mix into juice and delay oxidation. Less oxidation means juice can stay fresh for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.

And one of the prominent qualities of the Greenstar is its portability. We haven’t observed any other juicer with a handle for more comfortable carrying of the juicer, which makes it one of the best.

Tribest Greenstar is a high-end product, and as expected, it comes with a plethora of accessories including wooden and plastic plunger, four different screens, the breadstick make a set.

  • Powerful twin gears
  • Less oxidation
  • Portable
  • Different screens
  • Pressure adjustment
  • High nutrient value in juices
  • Quieter and powerful motor
  • Bio-ceramic technology
  • Cleaning can time consuming

3. Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer

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If you are looking for a machine that takes less space on your kitchen countertop, you should hunt for a vertical juicer rather than a horizontal juicer. Nowadays, more and more companies are producing vertical juicers. And there’s a reason for it. Vertical juicers produce a high yield of juice than horizontal ones.

Now, we are going to tell you the most exciting part; it is the slowest, and yet the fastest. Wondering how? Slowest in terms of RPM(only 47RPM) and extracting maximum juices out of the toughest ingredients, and fastest in terms of less time in making the juice.

How has Slowstar made this possible? The answer is; with double blade auger. Yes, Tribest Slowstar offers a double-edged duo-blade for quicker extraction of juice and less time in the kitchen. Relish your experience of extracting juice, making nut butter, or frozen sorbet by this Tribest Slowstar!

Don’t stop! There’s more to come. It features a convertible mincing attachment and making it a multi-purpose tool. By using this, you can prepare seed butter, salsa, or frozen sorbets.

And if you don’t want your favorite shirt ruined by spillage of your juice, Tribest will provide you with a detachable cap to prevent any drips and leaks.

  • BPA free
  • Slow and Quiet
  • Double blade auger
  • More torque
  • Detachable cap to prevent drips
  • Extra attachment for mincing
  • Small feed chute
  • Only fine screen included

4.KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Machine

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Have you recently planned to switch to a healthy lifestyle? Or are you already an early morning juice kind of a person? Whoever you are and whatever you need, you will find everything in here for your journey towards a healthy life.

Start your day with fresh juices of fruits or vegetables with a KOIOS juicer. It is quiet, which means it is not unpleasant on the ears. The auger blade is 7-level spiraled for a refreshing and delicious taste.

Moreover, it extracts the maximum quantity of juice in three steps: cutting into small parts, then squeezes the ingredient with the spindles, and an innovative technology rips up every cell to squeeze the last drop of juice. Thus, leaving behind a pulp drier than the sand. If it doesn’t sound satisfying, what else will?

If you want to retain the much of the fiber, enzymes, or minerals that get lost in centrifugal blenders, you should choose the KOIOS slow juicer. Yes, it’s true that a masticating juicer also loses some of the nutrients, but with KOIOS, you can still get the max benefit of your valuable nutrients.

  • It has separate containers for pulp and juice.
  • Effortless clean-up
  • Less heat build-up
  • Less oxidation
  • Easy assembling and dismantling
  • Pulp can get stuck

5. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

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Horizontal masticating juicers are known to take more space on the kitchen counter. But this one is a sleek, compact, and classy looking juicer that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen even when it is not in use.

In other aspects of life, slower things are usually frowned upon: but this isn’t the scenario with masticating juicers. The slower, the better is the formula for selecting a juicer.

With so much noise pollution in the environment, one searches for a quieter machine. Aicok keeps its grueling voices lower when gulping and chewing the fruits and veggies to extract the last bit of juice from them.

Who wouldn’t love a juicer that serves many purposes? Do you also have a baby in the family? Have trouble making baby food? Don’t worry! Aickok can make various juices along with your baby food. It can also extract ginger, wheatgrass, celery, and other fibrous fruits.

  • 2-years warranty with life-long technical support
  • Less oxidation
  • Good shelf life
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Affordable
  • Small footprint
  • It doesn’t work well with mushy fruits

6. CIRAGO Masticating Juicer

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Are you a green juice enthusiast looking for weight loss along with boosted immunity? Then, this Cirago Masticating Juicer is a must purchase for you! Do you want to know why?

Masticating juicers can be ridiculously expensive, and if you are on a tight-budget, Cirago is the one you should consider buying. The reason is, it can give you all the benefits of a good masticating machine in a reasonable budget.

Unlike other quick things in life we prefer, the Masticating juicer wants your life to stall down a bit. Yes! A low-speed juicer is beneficial for obtaining all the nutrients from your fruits and veggies. The slower it works, the more nutrients in the juice. With 80 RPM, it slows things down quite a bit.

The auger of Cirago is an upgrade with seven segment spirals making it an ultimate choice for your wheatgrass, vegetables, and fruits. The upgraded auger has made it possible to yield more juice out of your ingredients. And more juice means more nutrients, who would say no to it?

If quiet life is your preference, then you will not choose a centrifugal machine for juice extraction. Cirago operates on just 60 decibels. Quiet, isn’t it? Moreover, two-speed adjustments make juice extraction more convenient.

  • One-touch Disassembling
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to clean (brush included)
  • BPA free
  • 2-years warranty
  • Separate bowls for pulp and juice
  • Small feeder chute

7. COMFEE’ Masticating Juicer Extractor

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It’s not just a masticating machine; it’s an ice-cream maker! Yes, you read that right. You might be wondering how is this even possible? But, Comfee has made it possible for you.

You only need to place an ice-cream net in its place, and put frozen chunks of several fruits, cream, milk pieces and voila! Just watch your refreshing and healthy ice-cream coming out of the juicer. It is okay to alternate your green juice day with some delicious ice-cream sometimes. And the ice-cream that comes out is of perfect consistency and doesn’t melt soon.

By now, you may already be in love with this juicer. But there’s more to come. Its 3.4-inch extra wide chute gulps the whole apple, orange, or any fruit in it. That means you need not cut your fruit into smaller pieces. Moreover, minimal oxidation and less foam mean your juices will have a larger shelf- life.

Quieter and slower are the most desirable qualities to aim for while making a cold press juicer investment. And Comfee with just 55 RPM and quiet performance makes it an ideal choice for healthy-eaters. Drier pulp, maximum juice yield without any loss of nutrients, and anti-drip spout to keep your kitchen counter clean are just a few out of many qualities it possesses.

In short, it is an ideal choice for your cold-press juices and ice-cream!

  • Ice-cream maker
  • BPA free
  • Less oxidation
  • Quiet performance
  • Anti-drip spout
  • Pulp chute is small

8. CalmDo Masticating Juicer by Abox

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If you want a sleek and exquisite yet functional press-cold juicer that not only juices the soft fruits and vegetables but also hard ingredients such as sugarcane and carrots, then CalmDo is all you need.

This little beast has outdone all other competitors by its unique features. One of the best things that makes it unique is its colorfast ceramic auger. Auger is the main screw-type part that revolves to masticate the fruits and vegetables. If it is made of inexpensive material or corrodes quickly, it won’t last for an extended period. CalmDo has fixed this problem by making a ceramic auger that has high hardness, and corrosion-resistant, durable, and doesn’t discolor.

Do you crave for ice-cream in the hot summer and can’t eat one because you are health conscious? One of the most significant advantages of making home-made ice-cream is we have complete control of what ingredients we use. Calm-Do will let you make your guilt-free (sugar and cream-free) ice-cream in the comfort of your home with your choice of fruits.

Moreover, it sets an automatic speed based on the hardness or softness of your fruits or veggies. And unlike other juicers, it doesn’t leave pulp above it, making it easier to clean. All its parts are dishwasher friendly.

Now you can enjoy your smoothie, ice-cream, sorbet, green juices, or make baby food to boost your immunity or lose weight without compromising your health.

  • Energy-saving powerful juicer
  • Durable ceramic auger
  • Slow and Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • One-touch disassembling
  • Pulp comes out automatically.
  • White-plastic parts are easily stained

9. Tribest Solostar Horizontal Masticating Juicer

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Do you want a sophisticated designed juicer, that can create a vibe on your kitchen counter? Or do you need the slowest cold-press juicer that can yield more juices with more vitamins?

If you require the qualities which are mentioned above in your juicer, then Tribest Solostar is an ideal choice for you. Tribest with just 57RPM is one of the extremely slow juicers. The slow juicer means it will cut back oxidation and increases the life of the juice. And the slow juicers also yield more juice that in turn means more vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients. Also, since its speed is lower, it will not heat up quickly as compared to other centrifugal juicers.

The best part is the power of the motor; it has a 5.4HP equivalent motor that reduces the aspects of jamming pretty much and creates 26% more torque. With such features, you can surely make your juice without any hassle of jamming or undesirable lagging.

The qualities of Tribest aren’t over yet. It is energy efficient as well and saves up to 10% energy. Compared to its competitors, it yields almost 40% more juice from your favorite vegetables or fruits.

As if it’s not enough, it features additional attachments to make nut butter, sauces, or even pasta. And it has a whooshing 15-year unmatched warranty that makes it a must on your purchase list. What else would you want from a masticating juicer?

  • 15-year warranty
  • Slow and powerful motor
  • 40% more juice
  • 10% less electricity consumption
  • More torque
  • Solid and durable
  • A bit expensive

10. Sagnart Masticating Juicer Machine

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Is your Masticating juicer’s auger a small one? Do you want to upgrade your juicer? Sagnart slow juicer offers a seven spiraled long auger that can yield more juice than its previous versions.

Squeeze more juice from apples or strawberries to carrots or celery with Sagnart! It is a relatively soundless juicer less than 60 decibels so, let your kids sleep while you take out their citrus juice early in the morning. It's not only quiet, but it also yields more juice with its long auger and produces less foam by cutting up the heat and minimizing oxidation.

The only fast thing in Stagnart is its cleanliness function. All parts can be washed in the dishwasher for the user’s convenience. Moreover, it offers two-speed choices and a reverse function. The reverse function is remarkably helpful in reducing the risk of clogging and any unwanted delay in the preparation of your healthy juice.

Relish the experience of less and drier pulp with 90% more juice out of your apples, strawberries or spinach with this slow masticating juicer!

  • Less than 60 decibels noise level
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Upgraded spiral
  • Wide feed chute
  • It doesn’t work well with more fibrous fruit or veggies
  • You may want to repeat the procedure to extract more juice

The Buyer’s Guide For Best Masticating Juicers for Leafy Greens And Fruits :

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing the best masticating juicer for leafy greens, fruits, or vegetables.

Noise Level:
Always keep in mind the noise levels of your masticating juicer. Choose a cold-press machine with 60 decibels or less for ensuring low noise.

The secret formula for buying a masticating juicer is its speed. The slower the masticator, the better. It doesn’t allow more air to mix in the juice, which means less oxidation and a high shelf-life.

Chute Size:
Consider chute size, before buying a masticating juicer If you don’t want to cut your food into smaller pieces, choose a wide-mouth feed chute.

Auger Size, material, and gears:
If your auger is durable and reliable, you will get more juice extracted from your cold-press machine. Nowadays, brands produce longer 7-spiral durable augers. Plastic ones are sometimes not long-lasting. And twin gear machines yield juice quicker than single gear machines.

High-end Juicers usually have more useful accessories like ice-cream net, pasta maker, or different screens. If your juicer doesn’t have these attachments, you may have to pay extra for these.

The powerful motor means the extraction of juice will be quicker than other masticating machines while retaining the flavor and nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

How quickly does a masticating juicer extract juice?
Masticating juicer is slower than a centrifugal juicer, that is why it is often named as a slow juicer. It requires more time to extract the juice out of those long leaves as it works on a slow spinning mechanism. It has a small 80 RPM motor that works slowly yet steadily to get out all the nutrients from those paper like strips.

Does a masticating juicer yield more juice than a centrifugal juicer?
Yes, a masticating juicer yields more juice than a centrifugal juicer. With a centrifugal juicer, you’ll get two spoons of juice out of a bowl of spinach. While with a masticating juicer, you’ll get a half bowl of juice out of the same amount of spinach used for a centrifugal juicer. The juice extracted out of a masticating juicer contains pulp that adds a great proportion to the overall production of a juice.

Why are masticating juicers more expensive?
There are two reasons that masticating juicers are more expensive than centrifugal juicers. The first reason is you’re getting a more nutritious drink than one made with a fast juicer. It contains more pulp that is full of fibers, natural enzymes, and multivitamins. The second reason is that you’re getting the exact taste out of the kale juice as if you are eating the kale in liquid form.

Final words:

We hope that you have got each and every detail about the masticating juicer. We have tried our best to cover everything related to a masticating juicer. Also, we have mentioned the best masticating juicer for leafy greens to make it easy for you in choosing one. Still, if you have any query or confusion, leave a comment below and we’ll reply back as soon as possible. Happy juicing!


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