Best Food Processor For Shredding Cabbage In 2022

Do you know that the bitterness of the cabbage serves as an anti-cancer agent? Besides, this leafy green veggie offers ample health benefits. Keeping in mind all these benefits, you must need the best food processor for shredding cabbage so that you can add cabbage in your diet.

If you’re a fan of coleslaw with your favorite Mighty Zinger Burger, you’ll have to shred cabbage for making a flavorful coleslaw. The crunchy texture of it adds taste to plenty of dishes. And if you love Chinese food, you may know almost every recipe of Chinese demands shredded cabbage in it. That is why we have put in some effort to list out the best food processor for cabbage.

How to shred cabbage in a food processor?

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

Wash the cabbage, and remove the outer layers that are usually dirty. Cut it into two halves on the cutting board. Make sure to cut it in a vertical direction.

If you have a large food processor, then add those two halves directly in the food processor. For a smaller size, you have to slice the two halves further before adding it into the food processor.

After adding, turn on the button. You may select the speed. Choose a higher speed for finely chopped, and a low speed for small pieces.

Advantages of using a food processor to shred cabbage:

  • Shredding a cabbage by hand is difficult and effort-taking. However, when you use a food processor to shred cabbage, it saves your effort.
  • Likewise, hand shredding takes a lot of time, but a food processor does the job within seconds.
  • Hand shredded cabbage is not as fine as done by a food processor.
  • A finely shred cabbage will make your recipe even. Your sauerkraut will not taste somewhere mushy and crispy somewhere.



Best Overall


  • BPA free bowl
  • 12 cup capacity
  • Safety braking system
Runner Up

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY

  • 11 cup capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Large feed tube
Mini Food Processor

Hamilton Beach

  • 10 cup capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Bowl scraper attachment


Top 10 Shredding Cabbage Food Processor Reviews 2022 :

Here are the 10 best food processor for shredding cabbage.

1. Breville Sous

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

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Are you of shredding cabbage to make Vegetable Chowmein for yourself? Don’t hold in your cravings for Chowmein, instead leave it on Breville Sous Chef Food Processor. It will surely get all your food cravings covered because it is a versatile product that can do all in one unit.

Do you want grated cheese to top your grilled chicken panini? Put the cheese in the 12 cup capacity bowl of this food processor. With its extra-large space, you can get mozzarella cheese to top your large pizza within seconds. That is why it is mostly recommended for large families.

From shredding cabbage to grating cheese to mixing batters, it can do it all with its 1000 watt induction motor. It has a safety system that prevents the machine from operating unless the lid is correctly locked.

The large feed chute cuts your need to pre-cut the cabbage into smaller pieces. Just add it into the bowl, and you’re done. Not only this, but the multiple chute options allow you to slice in whatever size you want. Large feed chute measures 5 inches, medium measures 2 ¾ inches, and the mini chute measures 1 ½ inch.

  • Three feed chute option
  • 12 cup capacity
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable slicing disc
  • Heavy duty induction motor
  • Micro serrated S-blade
  • BPA free bowl
  • Safety braking system
  • A bit expensive

2. Cuisinart Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

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Do you love Lemon Garlic Sauteed Cabbage in lunch? But you have to work your fingers to the bone to make it. Want a magical machine that can shred the cabbage and chop the garlic as well in the same unit? This food processor by Cuisinart is the best choice for you then.

It comes with two slicing discs; thin for chopping garlic and medium for shredding cabbage. Not only this, but its large feed tube enables to cut larger slices of fruits also. You can also cut your veggies in it for quick and efficient cooking.

No more worries about removing the first batch to add the second one, it has 11 cup capacity that is enough to accompany a large amount of food. For more convenience, the unit comes with two pushers to easily push the large quantities of food in the bowl.

The plus point of this food processor is that it comes with a compact top. That is why it takes less space on your counter top. Not every food processor equips a compact cover with a cap. This small piece of magic attains a sleek design that manages to look great addition to your kitchen.

The stainless steel material ensures the durability of the product. The blades are long-lasting and don’t rust. Moreover, it has a five-year warranty for the functioning of the motor and a three-year warranty for the full unit.

  • 11 cup capacity
  • Two sizes of slicing discs
  • Large feed tube
  • Stainless steel
  • Ideal for slicing large as well as small pieces
  • Five-year warranty
  • Poor design

3. Hamilton Beach

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

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Are you annoyed by removing the lid and mixing the cabbage that is being shredded with a spatula? Congo to your lazy ass because you have found your best friend who’ll perform the job on your behalf.

Hamilton Beach food processor comes with a scraper. It is attached to the bowl, scrapes the extra cabbage that is stick to the sides of the bowl and keeps it closer to the blade. No more need to use a spatula to keep the ingredients close to the blades.

Its large feed chute cuts the need for slicing the ingredient into smaller pieces. You can add the two halves of cabbage or a full block of cheese, and leave the rest on the unit. Within seconds, you’ll get a finely shredded cabbage or cheese.

The reversible disc has one side supported for shredding and the other side for slicing which makes it a versatile product. The two-speed options give you the freedom to get your work done according to your recipe.

The good news is that the parts are removable dishwasher safe so that you don’t need to put in effort in cleaning the device. It is also safe to use due to its BPA free bowl. It is equipped with two stainless steel blades that can shred, chop, mix, and great as well.

  • Bowl scraper attachment
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Reversible discs
  • Large feet chute
  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • If you fill it full, it overflows

4. Cuisinart

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

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Does your counter top not have enough space? But you need one to chop and mix ingredients for various recipes. Don’t stress out. This mini food processor by Cuisinart got your back.

If you don’t have a large family, this one is the best choice for you. Its small size saves space and does the job efficiently at the same time. The three-cup bowl is ideal to serve a single person or a couple.

The patented reversible blades are sharp enough and make the machine versatile. It serves as the best tool for shredding cabbage, chopping garlic, blending mayo, and grating cheese. Not only this, but the blunt edge of the sharp blade can also grind spices as well.

The plastic body of this mini food processor is lightweight yet durable. It lasts for years. The plus point here is that the bowl is BPA free that makes it is safe to use. Also, the parts are easy to clean as they are removable and dishwasher safe.

What would be better than a kitchen gadget that has a space for site storage? Yes, this mini food processor has an underwire storage space making it manageable on the countertop. Moreover, the touch control panel makes the device simple and easy to use. You just have to add the ingredients and push the button. Your shredded cabbage is ready!

  • Patented reversible blade
  • Simple to use with push-button
  • Lightweight
  • 24-ounce bowl
  • Small in size
  • Continuous hold action
  • Not ideal for grinding coffee beans
  • Can not take up large amounts of food

5. Ultra Chef Express

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

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Ultra Chef is another budget-friendly food processor for shredding cabbage. It is a 7 in one unit that not only shreds but has different blades for different purposes.

The slicer blade slice fruits and vegetables for the salad. Julienne blade cuts strips of veggies and meat for pasta. This blade can also cut potato fries like a pro. You can also cut zucchini or carrots within seconds to garnish your grilled chicken steak.

With the shredder blade, you can shred cabbage for coleslaw, mozzarella cheese for pizza, and potatoes for hash browns. The best part is the whipping blade, you can whip the cream to make frosting of your best friend’s birthday cake. Another pro, this machine comes with a citrus juicer so you can make your favorite orange juice.

Accompanying all these functions, still, the device is so quiet that your neighbor will not know that you’re shredding lettuce for taco night. What else? The plastic bowl is also BPA free that makes the product safe to use.

Moreover, it has a large-sized crank so that you don’t have to snap the cord over and over. This feature makes it easy to use and control. The blades are also concealed for safety so you can easily remove the ingredients without risking a cut.

  • Anti skid base
  • 7 in 1 unit
  • 5 cup bowl capacity
  • Large sized crank
  • Whipping blade and egg separator
  • Various slicing attachments
  • Made up of cheap plastic material

6. KitchenAid

Best food processor for shredding cabbage

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Are you one of those busy people who love to prep their meals beforehand?

If yes! Then you have come to the right place!

Kitchen-Aid is making appliances for almost 100 years and one of the leading brands when it comes to gifting home appliances. Amazing, isn’t it?

It not only makes cutting vegetables easy for you, but it also lets you make yummy purees. It comes with a seven-cup bowl, slicing and shredding disk, and chopping blade. Shred, chop, puree, and slice quickly with this Kitchen Aid Food Processor.

As the name suggests, it makes exact slices (thin or thick) of your choice with accuracy for all types of food, be it hard or soft, large or small. Kitchen Aid comes with large and small (Two sizes) chute opening, which processes the food faster because of continuous feeding of the ingredients. The smaller tube is for drizzling oil in sauces or purees.

Now, you don’t need to worry about making a mess on your kitchen-top as Kitchen Aid features a special ultra-tight seal to hold all your ingredients in the bowl. Different speed options let you handle soft or hard food to chop evenly.

Cleaning is a breeze with Kitchen Aid, as all pieces are dishwasher-safe and the leak-proof system doesn’t let food get trapped in it.

  • The blades are all dishwasher safe
  • One-year warranty
  • Leak-resistant ring
  • Not durable

7. Oster Oskar 2-in-1

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Want a sous-chef in your kitchen to do all the manual work for you? This Oster Oskar is your extra pair of hands in the kitchen for all the hard work.

The Oster Oskar Food Processor shreds, slice, chops, and purees accurately and quickly. You can make everything from appetizers to desserts with speed and power. It comes with an added blade for mixing dough. Isn’t it cool?

It’s compact, yet powerful with 400 watts motor. The compact design is perfect for busy kitchens. You can also use the 4-cup capacity chopper attachment with stainless steel chopper blade to make flavorful purees, baby food, sauces, or dips. Chopping up ingredients for cooking or preparing salad is effortless with this 2-in-1 processor.

Now, you can save hours of your life shredding cabbage with its reversible stainless-steel slice shred
blade with endless capacity. You can add liquid when preparing sauces and dressing without having to stop the unit by pouring them into the drizzle hole. All parts are dishwasher friendly for easy cleanup.

  • Affordable
  • Chops and shreds vegetables evenly.
  • 400-watt power
  • Prep chemical-free food
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free
  • A bit loud
  • Shakes when chopping hard and large pieces of veggies

8. KitchenAid 14-Cup Food Processor

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How can we get tired of trying kitchen-Aid different varieties of home appliances? This Kitchen Aid, like the previous one food processor, makes its place in the top 10 due to its uniqueness and advance features.

Are you multi-tasking a lot in the kitchen and needs your hands to be free and not on your processor? It is perfect for your needs!

This high-end processor has 14 cup capacity to shred a large amount of food, which is excellent for huge families. You can whisk, slice, chop, and knead in addition to shredding cabbage and similar vegetables.

The benefit of Kitchen Aid is its two different sizes of feed chute, so you fit in large chunks of food with less prep time. Your precious time won’t be wasted in cutting the food into smaller pieces.

The versatility of this processor is the talk of the town. It has the first commercial-style dicing kit along with a multipurpose blade, case for storage, tool for cleaning, reversible shredding disc. In addition to it, an extra 4-cup bowl is also available with the purchase.

  • Exact slicing system.
  • 14-cup capacity bowl
  • Different speeds and pulse system
  • Ultra-tight seal for leak resistance
  • You can only use a 4-cup capacity bowl by placing it in the other bowl

9. Black & Decker

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Who doesn’t want a reasonably price-ranged food processor to cater to all your needs?

An attractive feature of this powerful shredder is its capacity. 10 cup bowl is more than enough for large families and to feed many people. If capacity and power combination is given a name, Black and Decker will be a perfect name for it. 500-watts power helps prep work for making food go faster and making life more relaxed.

If you don’t like to cut your vegetables in small pieces, you should choose a wide mouth food processor. Black and Deck offer a wide mouth feed tube for the convenience and comfort of its users, making it a worth-buying piece for your kitchen.

With two different speed options and a pulse button to choose from, you can grate, shred, or make a puree in no time. The sturdy and compact exterior will easily fit on your countertop and looks captivating in your kitchen.

  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Wide-mouth feed tube
  • Different speeds and pulse system
  • Affordable
  • Its assembling is a bit difficult
  • The center-rotating part can’t come out and difficult to clean
  • It’s loud

10. Cuisinart SSL-100

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Elevate your food presentation to the next level with this Cuisinart SSL Slicer. It does all the heavy- labored work for you with only a slight push of your hand.

If you don’t have a chef like knife skills to make startling salads, all you need is a Cuisinart slicer. The four cones that come with it are your slicers and shredders. Depending on the cone and the pusher, it makes eight different cuts. What else do you want?

The unique characteristic of Cuisinart is its Spiralizer, which makes ribbon-like cutting in no time. Isn’t it fabulous? Spiralizer is the straight feed tube that can create four types of spiraled vegetables. Now, you can amaze your guests with your presentation skills.

And if you want to shred or slice your vegetables, you can use an angled feed tube. The product comes with an instruction manual, so if you get confused in tubes and cones, you can refer to the book to get your choice of vegetable cuts.

Cuisinart has made healthy eating easy for us! It not only makes your vegetables worth eating, but it is also BPA free, which means preservatives and chemical-free meals for everyone in your family.

What a useless machine it would be if it isn’t easy to clean! Cuisinart has solved your cleaning issue by providing a cleaning brush and making all parts dishwasher safe. This compact eight by the six-inch processor is all you need in your kitchen for your meal preparation.

  • 3-years warranty
  • Four different cones for eight types of cuts
  • Angled and straight feed tube
  • BPA free
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Ingredients get wasted sometimes, as it doesn’t slice or shred the ingredients completely.
  • Not powerful

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Can I use a food processor to shred cabbage?
Yes, you can use a traditional food processor to shred the cabbage. But it would be more favorable if you use the food processor specifically made for shredding cabbage. It may be a versatile unit that can do grating, chopping, mixing, or whipping but it must have a blade specific for shredding. Otherwise, it’s of no use.

Can I shred vegetables in a food processor?
Yes, you can shred vegetables in a food processor for vegan. You can shred carrots to add in the soup. Shred potatoes for making hash browns in your breakfast. Shred zucchini to add in the garnishing. Shred iceberg lettuce to add in your Chicken Burger. Shred cabbage to make coleslaw. But using a blender to shred veggies is not recommended.

Can you shred carrots in a food processor?
Yes, a food processor can easily shred the carrots to add in your carrot cake. Wash it and peel the outer layer with the help of a peeler. If your food processor is large enough, then push the carrot directly into the bowl. However, if you have a small food processor then cut it into small pieces and then add it to the bowl. This will lead to evenly shredded carrots.

Final words:

We hope this article helped you find the best processor for shredding cabbage. We have tried our best to give you even the smallest details of each product. Pick out one of them and make your life easier enjoying coleslaw, hash browns, pizzas, salads, and many more.

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