10 Best Dehydrator for Deer Jerky In 2022

If you love to eat deer jerky, you must know what difference the best dehydrator for deer jerky makes in a flawlessly cooked jerky.

Jerky is one of the meat snacks that are on the go. Making jerky is somehow tricky. Some people refer smoked jerky, while others like dehydrated jerky. It all depends on your choice.

However, dehydration is the most effortless method to cook a flavourful jerky snack. It not only reduces the amount of water in the food but also kills any bacteria in it. And meat snacks like jerky need a good deal of dehydration. Foodies probably know the primacy of scrumptious food in one’s

Who does not love a savory and flavourful jerky? Yea, we all do. Making such jerky without a food dehydrator is impossible. That’s why we have reviewed the top class dehydrators for you.


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Excalibur 3900B

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Top 10 Best deer jerky dehydrator Reviews 2022

Are you still looking for your best dehydrator for deer jerky? Don’t stress out. This article will help you find one. Here we have listed the top 10 food dehydrators for deer jerky.

1. Excalibur 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Best dehydrator for deer jerky

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Excalibur food dehydrator, made in the USA, never fails to impress its users. It will be unfair if we not talk about Excalibur when it comes to a food dehydrator. Having all those features the best dehydrator owns rank on the top of our list.

With this food appliance in your home, you don’t have to worry about packing some food for your upcoming trip. So get your backpack, made some jerkies, and head on to your favorite destination.

A food dehydrator is incomplete without an adjustable thermostat, and this pretty little dehydrator covers it all. It has an option of setting temperature from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whenever food is dehydrated, it loses its mineral content. However, this is not the case with Excalibur. It has a low and slow system that only reduces the amount of water and not minerals. By doing this, it helps us to boost our immune systems.

15 sq feet of drying space is enough to make room for 9 poly-screen trays. It has a horizontal airflow system. Air flows horizontally and dries out each content of the jerky evenly. Moreover, the appliance also has a hyper wave technology to ensure even heat distribution.

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Hyper wave technology
  • Boosts up the nutrient value of food
  • 10-year warranty
  • Temperature control
  • Horizontal airflow system
  • Professional food dehydrator
  • It dries out meat jerky evenly
  • The trays are not removable, which makes it hard to clean and maintain

2. COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator

Best dehydrator for deer jerky

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If you like to make savory jerkies on holiday, then this appliance is for you as it can make up-to 2lbs of meat in a single batch.

The unit comes with 6 trays made up of stainless metal. Such quality material contributes to its higher durability. Six tray set dehydrator can prepare an average portion of food in a single batch.

This simple-to-use appliance has a control panel of 4 buttons and a digital timer. It is quieter than the standard food dehydrators, making a sound of just 48 decibels.

It comes with built-in safety measures, auto shut off, and overheat protection. It is also BPA free, so you don’t have to worry that if any toxic chemicals are entering your food, leaving your food nutritious and healthy.

The best part is it has a memory function too. So the next time you turn on your dehydrator, it will tell you about the previous settings you made in it.

Another great thing! It has removable trays that make cleaning and maintenance easier.

  • Removable trays
  • Overheat protection
  • Auto shut off
  • Memory function
  • Digital timer
  • Quiet
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Safe to use. BPA free.
  • It is not expandable. You can not add additional trays

3. Nesco Food and Jerky dehydrator

Best dehydrator for deer jerky

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This food dehydrator will surely fill your craving for deer jerky, as it serves as one of the best dehydrators for jerky.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat for the temperature setting option, so you can adjust the temperature according to your choice from as low as 95 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit itself includes a set of 4 trays. Each tray has a 1.2 square feet drying space. Yet it is expandable, which means that you can stack up to 8 trays to increase the drying space to a total of 9.6 square feet. The trays are square-shaped, 14.5 inches by length, and 14.5 inches by width.

The dehydrator is equipped with a Converga Flow fan that converges the airflow in the rear part of the dehydrator for quick drying without any rotation needed.

It has a 700watt powerhead to deliver maximum speed. And blows air horizontally across each tray for even heating.

On the downside, not as quiet as other options. The top-mounted fan makes a hum like sound. However, the sound is acceptable.

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Expandable
  • Quick-drying
  • Consistent airflow system
  • Quiet
  • Top-mounted fan
  • BPA free trays
  • Small size
  • The trays are made up of plastic

4. NutriChef Electric Food Dehydrator

Best dehydrator for deer jerky

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Are you looking for the easiest way to get your favorite deer jerky dried? Go for NutriChef because it is the easiest dehydrator to operate with a single button option.

Place the jerky meat in the trays and press the button, and leave. The meal will get ready on its own.

It consists of 5 tier-trays that are removable as well. The removable option makes the cleaning of the trays easy. Moreover, the trays are made up of stainless steel, adding further ease for cleaning and maintenance.

The best thing about this device is that it not only dries out food but can reconstitute food as well.

The dehydrator is available in two colors; black and white. You can go for the black one if you don’t want to clean the product regularly, as black makes a less mess. Otherwise, white is also not a bad idea.

  • Simple to use
  • Best dehydrator for deer jerky
  • Removable trays
  • Provides reconstitution of the food
  • Preserves the minerals of food
  • Available in two colors
  • The stainless metal used
  • It requires a tray rotation


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Another simple to use product is COSORI dehydrator, with four simple touch buttons. It has a timer setting ranging from 30 minutes to 48 hours.

You can also adjust the temperature from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to heat the air for drying each portion of the jerky. Usually, deer jerky dries out at 130 to 140 degrees temperature. But don’t worry, it has an auto shut off to prevent deer meat from overheating.

And you know what the best part is? It has a memory to remember your previous settings.

The package includes 5 dishwasher-safe trays, a mesh screen, and a fruit roll sheet. There are limited dehydrators with dishwasher safe trays. It makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

And you know what its noise level is equal to the noise made in the library. So why not go for this one?

If you’re a beginner in making jerky, no other dehydrator is good for you.

  • Adjustable time
  • Auto shut off
  • 4 buttons touch control panel
  • Memory function
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Premium accessories
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • BPA free trays.
  • Plastic lined under the first tray is not removable

6. Cuisinart DHR-20

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Cuisinart Food dehydrator consists of 5 stackable trays having an interlocking feature. You can also add extra trays and expand it.

The BPA free trays make sure to leave the food healthy and nutritious. It preserves the food naturally without adding any preservatives.

On the downside, the trays are stacked closely that only small quantities of meat fit in. But it makes
sure to prepare a jerky rich in flavor.

It has a count down timer of 19.5 hours. You can leave the jerky overnight because it takes almost 12 hours to dry a jerky.

Another good reason why you should choose this product is that you can easily monitor the deer jerky from its clear door.

600-watts power top-mounted fan dries out food at a faster speed. It has an option of four
temperature settings; only fan option means very low temp, others are low, medium, and high.

  • Ideal for deer and beef jerky
  • Preserves food naturally
  • Top-mounted fan
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Expandable product
  • 3-year warranty
  • Digital display
  • Works on 120 volts only
  • No drip tray

7. Chefman 9-Tray

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This food dehydrator ranks on the top when we talk about the quietest food dehydrators. It’s simple
to use features tries it best to make the best dried out jerky ever!

Besides being the quietest dehydrator, it has eight temperature settings that no other dehydrator
has. You can adjust the temperature ranging from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit comes with nine adjustable drying trays stacked on one another. It naturally preserves the
food without compromising its mineral contents. There are no preservatives added, which makes it
ideal for allergy sufferers.

And you know what? The trays are dishwasher-safe as well. You can easily remove the trays and put them in the dishwasher. On the downside, it is difficult to manage the trays as they don’t stay in place.

If you are not a fan of cooking and need a hassle-free appliance, go for this auto dehydrator.

  • Quietest food dehydrator
  • Eight temperature settings
  • Auto dehydrator
  • No preservatives or additives added
  • Nine adjustable trays
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Trays start warping after some uses

8. Gourmia GFD1550 Food Dehydrator

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If you make deer jerky often, you might know that deer meat needs plenty of space. This food dehydrator covers it all. It is an excellent food dehydrator that offers ample drying space for drying  eat.

It includes 5 round trays that are and stacked upon one another. Due to its ample drying space, it makes a good quantity of jerky in a single batch. This feature makes it ideal for commercial use as well.

It has a digital display that provides an accurate temperature setting. It has an auto function,selects the temperature on its own according to the drying need of food. However, it has the lowest temp of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and highest as 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

The trays are BPA free and leave your food healthy and nutritious. It has a clear lid for easy monitoring. Slice the jerky, put it on the trays and, leave the rest on this auto dehydrator. Some delicious deer jerky is ready!

  • Cheap alternative to a professional food dehydrator
  • BPA free trays
  • Digital temperature
  • Auto food dehydrator
  • 5 trays system
  • The recipe book includes recipes for jerky.
  • 500 watts drying power

  • Runs on 120 volts only
  • No mesh screen or fruit roll-up trays

9. Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator

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If you have a small kitchen, go for this food dehydrator. It has a folding ability that makes it able to change its size to 1/3. It serves the best to save space in your kitchen.

It has stainless steel shelves that make a total of 11 Square feet drying space. The steel trays make it a highly durable machine. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. In case any meat fat accidentally falls on it, the trays are stainless.

700-watts dual heaters circulate hot air evenly for quick drying. It has an auto dual time for temperature settings. It has a clear view window for easy monitoring.

Meat snacks like jerky need a high temperature in the beginning and then a low temperature. And this dehydrator has this feature. It has fast initial drying and then a low and slow system to make
sure every content gets dried.

Another great thing fitted in this unit is a filter for ventilation. The filter is washable and can be used multiple times.

  • Radial fan
  • Dual heaters
  • Dries for up to 198 hours
  • Timer alert
  • Washable filter
  • Saves space
  • Works on 120V only
  • Costly

10. Tribest Sedona

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Another food dehydrator with ample drying space!

It comes with 11 stainless trays that are also BPA free. It can make up to 7 lbs of jerky in a single batch. Can you believe 7lbs? Yes, it’s not possible with any other dehydrator.

It has digital control for temperature settings. The two-stage timer allows fast and efficient drying. You can set the temperature at high, and it will automatically get low when needed.

Usually, jerky need an average temperature. But don’t worry, it has advanced overheat protection technology that protects the jerky from getting burnt. However, the lowest temperature it offers is 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a glass hinged door for a clear view of food getting prepared. An internal LED light makes it easier to monitor. The continuous operation allows the food to dehydrate for continuous 98 hours.

The best part about this food dehydrator is that it is energy saving. It uses only 470 watts fan. Still, it ensures efficient drying. And a 10-year warranty is more than enough to convince one to buy it.

  • Digital controls
  • BPA free trays
  • Stainless steel trays
  • Ample drying space
  • Clear view window
  • Two-stage timer
  • Fan with a filter
  • 10-year warranty
  • Many customers complain about poor door quality

The Buying guide To Buy dehydrator for deer jerky:

Let me clear you some aspects to consider while buying a food dehydrator.

Heat Distribution:
Make sure to go for the one that distributes heat evenly because a consistent heat flow ensures that each portion of the targeted food is dried out. Professional dehydrator having horizontal airflow do this job well. However, several standard dehydrators giving vertical airflow include technologies to provide even heat distribution.

Considering the size of kitchen appliances is as important as any other aspect. You have to keep in mind the capacity available in your space and then choose the product. Additionally, the amount of food you need is another reason to consider the size. So that you can make your food in just one batch.

For example, if you have a big family to feed, you will need a bigger size dehydrator with more trays. It saves you from putting more effort.

Check out if your dehydrator has a timer option or not. The timer alerts to remove food from the tray to prevent overcooking. It beeps whenever the food is ready to get out of the device. There are also some appliances with options of auto shut off, making it easier to prevent food from burning or

Go for a dehydrator that comes with an adjustable temperature. Every food is not the same, for it varies in ingredients; So, it needs a temperature setting to dry out. With the option of adjustable temp, you can set the temperature according to the requirement of the food.

Material used:
A food dehydrator made with plastic is less durable than the metal one because they have less bearing capacity. On the other hand, metal dehydrators can withstand higher temperature levels.

Check the fan quality and noise it creates. Go for a quiet or a low noise level dehydrator. A low-quality fan makes more noise preferred to a high-quality fan.

Airflow system:
A standard dehydrator has a fan usually equipped on top or bottom of the trays. It blows hot air vertically on the food to dry it out.

A professional dehydrator has a fan in the center of the tray. It blows air horizontally on the food. Economically, the standard dehydrator is reasonable for beginners and home-based cooking. A professional dehydrator is more expensive and designed for pro culinarians in restaurants.

Although, the thermostat is the most common option in each dehydrator. Still, some devices lack a thermostat option. Never go for such a dehydrator.

Food dehydrators of larger size tend to be more expensive than small dehydrators. An average dehydrator costs 150 dollars. The popularity of a brand also goes side by side with the cost. The more popular the brand is, the more pricey it is. But don’t worry, there are even some popular brands offering a reasonable price.


Invest in a good dehydrator and get ready for a holiday filled with flavors. With all these options, you can now make a rich in flavors and delicious jerky for yourself at home. Just make sure to get the right one that is ideal for making jerky. For the best results, follow the recipes given in the recipe book that comes with the dehydrator. It will guide you with accurate timing and temperature settings according to the appliance.

We hope this article helped you find out one of the ten best dehydrators for deer jerky. We have tried our best to mention each and every aspect you need to know about a food dehydrator. Choose the one that suits you best!

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