11 Best Cooler for Frozen Breast Milk In 2022

Breast milk is a precious gift from God that offers all the essential nutrients to your baby which are much required in their initial stages of growth.

However, like all other fresh milks, breast milk goes bad very fast once expressed out. Thus, a good cooler bag is required to make sure that the milk remains fresh and lasts long even if you travel, fly regardless of the weather. In this article, we will mention different and pretty affordable cooler bags that will assist you in easy transportation of your breast milk that is frozen or freshly pumped.

One of the biggest issues faced by exclusively breastfeeding moms is how to carry breast milk when working, traveling or flying with or without the baby. You need to guarantee that your breast milk either frozen or fresh does not go bad whenever you are moving either from work, or traveling by a car or flying.

Luckily, with the variety of best cooler  for frozen breast milk available widely, you do not have to worry about this anymore.

For how long can frozen breast milk stay fresh?

Breast milk once chilled (not frozen) usually remains good for up to five days. In case of frozen breast milk, the thawed breast milk can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours after de-freezing.  However, it is of utmost importance to note that it is not recommended to re-freeze the breast milk once defrosted.

And since microwaving destroys nutrients in breast milk, you should never try to thaw or heat breast milk in a microwave oven.

Top 10 Best cooler  for frozen breast milk Reviews 2022

1-Medela Breast milk Cooler and Transport set (with bottles)

This cooler set is great for storing breast milk because of its ability to keep milk cool for many
hours and the additional benefit is that it comes with an ice pack and 5-oz baby bottles with lids.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk


BPA Free

Safe plastic is used in the bottles in order to preserve breast milk’s beneficial properties.

Additional space

This cooler bag can hold up to 4 Medela bottles. A few milk storage bags can be squeezed around the sides of the bottles too.

Frozen breast milk carrier

This cooler bag can keep your breast milk freezing cold easily for 8-9 hours and if kept for over 15 hours, the milk will still remain cold and fresh. Moreover, if the ice pack remains frozen, frozen milk can also remain frozen for hours.

  • Keeps breast milk chilling for long
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Fits most diaper bags
  • BPA and latex-free material
  • This cooler bag is mostly compatible with Medela breast milk bottles
  • It won’t fit bottles’ nipple and cap so in order to seal the bottles flat lids must be used.

2- Zerlar Insulated Cooler Bag with Plastic Ice Pack

This eco-friendly soft and foldable cooler bag is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It is one of the best silicone storage bag for breast milk as well as on-the-go food.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk


Durability with long-lasting cooling

It is most recommended for working breastfeeding moms as it is able to keep breast milk fresh for a long time after pumping.

Large & Stylish

The large-sized Zerlar breast milk cooler bag is insulated with thick fabric encapsulating aluminum foil and is available in three beautiful colors.

A versatile cooling bag

This breast milk cooler bag is not only great for keeping frozen breast milk chilled for long periods of time but the versatile zipper compartment also has the perfect size to put in lunches, or for an outdoor picnic.

  • Roomy
  • Breast milk stays cold factually all day long
  • This bag is a perfect fit for medela pumping bottles.
  • The ice pack leaks as soon as it de-freezes.

3- Luxja Double-Layer Breastmilk Cooler Bag for Breastmilk Bottles and Accessories

This quality breast milk cooler bag is perfect for transporting fresh or frozen breast milk from work to home or day cares.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk


Useful design

This frozen breast milk storage cooler comes with a top handle band for easy transportation and it also brings with it an adjustable shoulder strap. A front pocket is also provided for convenience.

Quality product

This cooler features a leak-proof lining using hot-pressing technology. The outer of the bag is made of strong and waterproof nylon.

Two Layers

The Bottom compartment of this bag can fit up to four 8-9 ounce breast milk bottles and the top compartment is designed to store other accessories as bottle brushes, caps, and nipples.

  • It has an abundant size to manage bottles as well as pump parts.
  • Well built.
  • It keeps breast milk cold for hours if the ice pack is added.
  • The bottom part won’t stand firm unless it’s full.

4- Momcozy Insulated Breastmilk Cooler and Baby Bottle Bag

Momcozy is a brand that focuses on the ease for breastfeeding moms.  It can stock 4 large milk bottles easily and is compatible with most brand bottles like Philips Avent, Evenflo, Dr. Brown, Tommee, etc.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk



This breast milk cooler bag is waterproof and harmless. The insulation effect can be fairly increased if used in combination with ice packs.

Tinfoil lining

The inside of this cooler bag is lined with tin foil & 8mm thick soft cotton, leaving it to be lightweight.

Clip-On buckle

The detachable buckle given in this cooler bag is designed for hanging on a stroller or any other bag.

  • Fairly Spacious and taller than expected
  • Keeps breast milk safe and cold for 13 to 14 hours
  • Very well insulated
  • No shoulder strap

Best Mini Fridge for Brest Milk

5- MOJECTO Large cooler bag

This Mojecto Large cooler bag for frozen breast milk is insulated by twin heat-sealed peva liners and thick high-density foam to ensure that the frozen breast milk remains cold.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk


Excellent Quality

Mojecto cooling bag is made of tear-resistant heavy-duty polyester with large zippers and durable stitching.

Extra Peva liner for long-lasting cooling

Thickly insulated on all sides with thick foam and heat-sealed peva liner to maximize cooling efficiency. An extra liner is also included in the package as a replacement for any accidental damages.

Multiple zipper pockets

Several individually insulated compartments along with lined and netting pockets. The large expandable zippered pockets provide an extra room. The bag can be used for preserving breast milk as well as different leisure activities including hiking, camping, sports & travel, etc.

  • It can hold many milk bottles or milk storing packs
  • frozen breast milk remains frozen for up to 12 hours
  • sturdy material
  • Densely insulated
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Only ice packs or ice gels could be used inside
  • A little heavy
  • Non-durable facing which is easily damaged.

6-Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag


This Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast pump bag was intended for pumping mothers specifically, rest assured it will meet all requirements of breastfeeding mothers while traveling.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk


Compatible for breast pumps

This cooler bag is compatible with most of the breast pump brands widely used.

Thermally lined pockets

This cooler bag for breast milk storage has two thermally insulated side pockets; one is intended for the breast pump while the other smaller one is designed for bottles and other accessories.

Frozen breast milk

If you want to carry frozen breast milk, you must add ice packs in the insulated compartments and then place your bottles so that the breast milk remains frozen for up to 6 hours.

Huge capacity

This bag is quite huge so you don’t have to carry another bag with this one because you can easily adjust your personal items in it too.


This cooler bag comes in a variety of designs and so it does not look like your regular cooler bag.

  • Huge but lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Transforms into a shoulder bag or a cross-body style
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Thermally lined pouches
  • A little expensive
  • Low-quality zipper

7- Skip Hop Insulated Breast milk Cooler Bag

This Double bottle cooler bag is insulated and comes with a freezer pack so allows keeping two bottles or sippy cups cold for four hours and more.
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk



This cooler bag for frozen breast milk can easily hold two large baby bottles or sippy cups and  can fit the pumping parts easily too.

Insulated Lining

The inside of this bag is lined with an insulated facing which is easily wipe able and this lining keeps bottles warm or cold.

Two-Way Zippers

Two-way zippers are provided in this cooler bag which allow for an easy bottle access.

Easy-Open Strap

Easily adjustable strap and it easily attaches with the stroller too.

  • BPA and Phthalate-free material
  • It comes with a freezer pack
  • Cheaper
  • Non- durable
  • It allows mold growth in the tiniest gaps inside the bag.

8- Breast milk Cooler Bag by Mommy Knows Best

This Cooler bag for breast milk is the key to storing fresh or frozen breast milk for your baby.

Working or traveling, this insulated storage bag will prevent your breast milk to go bad for at
least 6 hours!
Best Cooler Bag for Frozen Breast Milk



This bag can hold up to 6 large 8 oz. milk bottles including those tall ones!

Secure your breast milk

It will keep your breast milk frozen by adding an ice pack; this cooler bag traps in the cold so that your breast milk doesn’t lose any of the key nutrients your baby needs.


This cooler bag is designed with a secure steel zipper so that your milk is sheltered from rising temperatures outside of this bag.

Adjustable strap

For your convenience, it has a handle and an adjustable strap so that u can carry it on your shoulder. A front pocket is included for ease.

  • Easily fits fit all the pump parts and storage bottles
  • Durable
  • The lining is not waterproof
  • Low-quality zipper

9- Zohzo Breast milk Compact Cooler Bag with Ice Pack and Wet/Dry Bag

This compact breast milk cooler for frozen breast milk is ideal for moms on the go because it fits most standard 5 oz. breast milk bottles and keeps your milk safe and cold. This Package Includes 1 Insulated Cooler Bag, 1 Contoured Reusable Ice Pack and a Wet Dry Bag.


Reusable ice pack

Freeze this ice pack prior to use and then put it in contact with your baby's precious milk to best keep it cool and safe. Freeze, refreeze over and over again.

Special wet/dry bag

This special edition is great for wet bottles; dirty baby bibs/clothes; etc. because the Water- resistant material absorbs all the mess and prevents the rest of the bag from being dirty.

High-quality essentials

The Thermal insulation of this cooler bag keeps milk at a safe temperature for hours and features a useful carrying handle too. This cooler bag comes with quality accessories that will last as long as you are expressing and preserving breast milk and later can be re-used beyond that too.

  • Very tough and durable
  • Well insulated
  • Fits easily in the pump bags
  • Ice pack remains cold easily for 12 hours
  • The bag is pretty small
  • Poor quality zipper

10-J.L. Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Breastmilk Cooler

This Maxi cool cooler bag is good to use with smaller manual breast pumps and so could be used as a Breast Milk Storage bag which is entirely insulated and comprises a reusable ice pack to keep frozen breast milk cold for hours.


Waterproof lining

This insulated tote cooler bag features a water-proof and PVC; lead-free lining which can be cleaned easily to prevent stinks or fungus growth.

Front pocket

A useful front pocket is provided in this cooler bag for a bib and other gears, and the transport handles can be easily attached to your stroller or any bag.


As the name suggests, this cooler can easily fit 4 big baby bottles along with other snacks for kids.

  • A harmless, freeze -solid, reusable 8oz ice pack included
  • Easy cleanup after spills
  • Along with the ice pack it easily holds lots of frozen milk bags.
  • The snap on the handle is really useful
  • The design does not hold in the cold very well.
  • Even as the name suggests, but it cannot hold 4 bottles unless you leave it unzipped.

11- Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

This Sarah Wells Cold Gold cooler bag fits the needs of all pumping moms. This distinctively tall design lets you fit up to 4, 8-oz bottles and that floral design for transporting breast milk with ease and in style.


Protect your Breast milk

This cooler bag has quality insulation and comes with a high-grade custom Sarah Wells ice pack which keeps breast milk cool for up to 8 hours and can keep frozen milk ice-cold for long if an extra ice pack is added.

Ideal functionality

This Cold Gold cooler bag features easy-to-wipe sturdy nylon and adjustable and clip-on handle, extra storage pocket.


Sarah has safety-tested everything for your mama peace-of-mind. Your Cold Gold cooler bag and ice pack for frozen breast milk meet all international safety standards and are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead-free material.

  • Perfectly-sized cooler bag
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Frozen breast milk mostly remains frozen for really long
  • The ice pack exploded in some cases and leaked in others

Buyers guide to purchase the best cooler


Insulation of the breast milk cooler is of prime importance when choosing one. Some models offer tin-foil lining with cotton while others use synthetic polymer fabric for insulation. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, the focus should be on that the lining is leak-proof and heat-sealed for any spillage.


The size of the cooler is another important aspect when buying breast milk cooler. Depending on your requirements (whether you need it for picnics, 9-to-5 job or long travels) the size varies.Usually, the size of the breast milk cooler is associated with size as well as the number of bottles to store breast milk.

Reusable Ice Pack

While buying breast milk cooler bag, provision of an ice pack and that too a reusable one should also be considered. Many sellers offer reusable plastic ice packs that can be frozen in any regular freezer and utilized to cool or keep frozen your breast milk for your baby all day long.


Breast milk cooler bags are available in different sizes and shapes with different accessories but at the end of the day; you should go with the product that is most convenient for you in every facet including cooling maximization according to your requirements.


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