Best Butter Churner (Updated 2020)

Packaged goods definitely don’t possess the real essence that a homemade organic product has in it. Similarly is the case with the butter, you must have the best butter churner in your home if you want pure and rich homemade butter.

The packaged butter that is available in the market doesn’t ensure that they are coming from clean, secure, and 100% organic method.

By churning your own butter at home, you can have a safe and healthy lifestyle at your home especially for your children. With new technologies and advancements in kitchen gadgets, butter churning is no more hassled and messier job. It has become quick, simple, and easy to do at home.

These machines will do your work in minutes and saves you from a lot of inconveniences. You can churn small or large batches of butter simply from whipped cream. This will not only allow you to have a delicious, fresh and pure homemade butter but adds scrumptious flavors to your different dishes.

best butter churner

Top 4 Best butter churner in 2020:

Here we are with the top 4 butter churners that will make your life easy and simple in many ways. We have selected these butter churners depending on their efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. They are strongly built, durable, and reliable.

1. Kilner Small Butter Churner (Best Mini Butter churner)

best butter churner

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This butter churner is known as the overall best mini butter churner whom you can use with your own hands to get the best out of it. This will convert your heavy or whipping cream into fresh white silky butter.

Adults or even your kids will equally like to churn their batches of tasty butter made by their hands. You can have different flavors of butter you want for yourself with this beautiful handy butter churner. This is the easiest and mess-free way of churning butter at home.

Through thus butter churner, you can completely govern the salt factor, fats, and texture. This butter churner also comes with some delicious recipes such as honey butter, parmesan, basil and tomato butter, and butter milk scones, etc.

The glass jar of this butter churner has the capacity to hold about 34oz makes almost half cup butter out of 10.1z whipping cream. You can easily have you own small and clean batches of butter with this little manual butter churner.

Processing time:
This is quite quick and swift butter can deliver you a batch of butter in a short time span of 10 minutes.

It comes with solid and durable metal gears. The paddle to churn butter is made up of silicon. The churning handle is made up of wood to give you a tight grip.

It is quite easy to clean and wash. You can hand wash it only. No to the dishwasher as it is very simple and quick to wash.

  • Made delicious butter
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Quick processing time
  • Comes with different delicious butter recipes
  • The wooden handle of the churner is not very sturdy

2. Aeaker Manual Butter Churner (Runner Up)

best butter churner

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This is the runner up in the list of best butter churners. This modern butter churner allows you to make butter by your hand and create an exquisite taste of butter. This is a well and strongly built butter churner that allows you to do this all.

Making homemade butter using this butter churner is very easy. It is the process in which you put one ingredient and get two out of it. This butter churner helps you get a rich, pure and creamy butter homemade butter.

This product comes with the simplest, innovative, and modern design to deliver creamy butter in less time at your home. It is also very simple and quick to clean as you can wash it by your hand, No need to use the dishwasher.

It comes with a 1-quart jar which allows you to make an optimum amount of butter in your own kitchen. It comes with an ergonomic design for a better and strong grip while making butter.

Processing time:
This machine ensures that you get your homemade butter in not more than 15 is quite a quick processing time to get pure and rich homemade tasty butter.

This beautiful butter churner comes with stainless steel shaft lid and bracket for fast and efficient is designed to have a stainless steel paddle which is to increase the agitation of cream.

Multiple recipes:
It also comes with different recipes that you can use to get different flavors of yummiest butter. You can add different herbs, spices, chilies, or garlic to get your own inventive flavors.

  • It’s quite easy to use
  • Stainless steel paddle is a plus
  • Provides you pure and rich butter
  • Comes with different butter recipes
  • It took bit time to process fine quality butter

3. Buttermeister Butter Churner (Best Electric Churner )

Best butter churner

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This is the best electric butter churner. Though it might not be best in looks, however, it is efficient in its performance. It is the most effective and efficient way of churning butter. It delivers you butter without you putting any effort.

This is one of the most well-built, durable butter churner in your kitchen. This is wholly made of glass and stainless steel. No plastic is used. This is one in an all-butter churner that will ensures that you get the creamiest and rich butter without even cracking in.

This is easiest, handy and, modern butter churn is also useful for those who want to churn a small amount of butter even on daily basis. It is used to provide homemade butter in a quick and competent way.

This churner holds up to 1-gallon can yield up to 4lbs of butter depending on the thickness and fats of cream.

Processing time:
It takes up to 20 to 30 minutes to yield butter from whipping cream. If it takes longer, you can check the instruction that comes along. Though, it takes a bit time but gives you high-quality butter.

Everything is made up of stainless steel and glass. The paddle agitator used to churn butter is made up of stainless steel and makes sure that you get the purest and cleanest butter in no time.

Guiding book:
It comes with an instructions manual that ensures you get the best out of this butter churner machine. They also give you tips about how to get perfect butter in different ways.

  • Electric churner without any man help
  • Efficient and effective
  • Provides you one year guarantee
  • No plastic or aluminum is used
  • Sometimes takes bit longer to churn butter

4. Paderno World Cuisine Fresh Butter Maker

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This is also one of the most widely liked Butter churner. This offers fresh and rich homemade is designed in a way to make a quick delicious homemade butter that adds amazing flavor to different meals.

It allows you to have butter in no time which is very good for the health of your whole family, especially children. It saves you from artificial kinds of butter available in the markets. It offers both efficiency and efficacy.

This butter churner offers durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance. All of its gears are made up of high quality which is efficient in their working.

This amazing butter churner will allows you to churn 17 to 27 ounces of butter once at a time.This ensures that you get the maximum amount of butter in a go for your ease and comfort.

Processing time:
The time it took to churn a whole batch of butter is about 8 to 10 minutes which makes one of the fast and quick butter saves your time and energy also provides you healthy butter within no time.

Easy to use:
It is very easy and simple to use. What you have to do is, simply pour the whipping cream in the jar and rotate the wooden handle. Rotate it until it gets stiffens and butter starts to appear. After completing this, whey can be discarded.

This butter churner allows you to add different spices and herbs to get different flavors of butter. You can make any sweet or savory butter according to your own choice.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty butter churner
  • Strongly built handles
  • This machine made some squeaky annoying sound while churning utter

The Buying Guide for Best Butter Churner :

Before buying a butter churner we want to make sure that you must have a look onto factors which we are going to mention below. This will help you to understand the butter churner and you’ll get able to buy the best butter churner. We will tell you about the manual butter churners and electric butter churners and their differences.

Manual butter churners:

As mentioned, these butter churners are operated by hand to churn batches of butter. They come with wooden handles. You just have to pour whipping creams in jars and rotate the handles. This will give you butter in a matter of minutes. They are relatively inexpensive.

Theses butter churners are designed beautifully. They are durable, efficient, and reliable. All the gears in the best butter churner are made of stainless steel and. Handles are made of wood. The jar which comes along mostly made of, you must handle with care.

Processing time:

These butter churners will provide you batches of butter in 20 to 30 minutes on average. Time differs according to different butter churners. You may have on a look at how much time that will provide that you have chosen to buy.


Capacity also differs in butter churners. You can find the butter churner that suits your requirement. If you want small batches of butter, you can for small. If you want big batches, you can for large capacity jars.

Electric butter churners:

These butter churners are motorized. They come with a high quality electric motor. You just have to pour the cream in the jar and turn on the machine. You will get the butter in no time without putting any effort of rotating the handle.

These electric butter churners are very expensive. They will cost you a lot of your bucks. Their churning paddles are also made up of stainless steel. They are equally, durable efficient, and reliable.

Processing time:

They will provide you batches of butter in span of 10 to 15 minutes. The time differs according to every butter churner. Mostly, these butter churners have the same average. However, you must look on the average time that the butter churner will provide you a batch of butter.


These butter churners also come with different capacity jars. Most of the options if you want larger capacity or smaller capacity butter churners. For example, you can get 1-gallon option or 2-gallon option in a butter churner whichever you want to buy that suits your requirements.

We have mentioned both electric and manual butter churners as we want to satisfy each income group. So, that everybody gets its own best share out of this article.


These above mention butter churners are the best in the market. If you really want a fresh and pure homemade butter, then these machines will definitely make your job easy and simple.

It will give you the pure old-world joy of butter through a totally mess-free and simple butter churning procedure. These butter churners are definitely worthy of your investment if you are enthusiastic to have a homemade butter.

If handle with care, they will definitely last longer than you expected.

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