10 Best Blue cheese for Salad In 2020

Weather you are a food lover or not, whenever you imagine any delicious salad toppings,aromatic pasta dishes or any of your evening snack one thing is common in all these mouth-watering meals and that is cheese. The texture of cheese is so creamy, appetizing and so luscious that you love it in first sight and then best quality of blue cheese for salad will become your first priority.

Although there are many blue cheese cheese mongars in the market, but in this article we present the review of some best companies that prepare world’s top quality Blue Cheese. So, lets start our review.

10 Best Blue cheese for Salad

1- ​​igourmet Maytag Blue

Maytag dairy is located in rolling hills of lowa, which produces superior quality of Blue cheese from many years. It is the best selling American cheese, modeled after European blue cheese.

Best Blue cheese for Salad

It is prepared from unpasteurized milk. Even today despite of all modern technologies, maytag cheese makers made it with their hands with few exceptions. It is so scrumptious in
flavor, moist yet crispy texture and lemony finish make Maytag one of the world’s great blue cheese for salad.

Sum Up:

Maytag Blue cheese is so appealing in taste that whenever you eat it, you enjoyed. It serves as a main ingredient for some of your snacks, Cheese platters, salads and many succulent recipes.

  • Use unpasteurized milk
  • Cut and wrap by hands
  • Soft and delicate flavor
  • US made
  • Shipped cold
  • charge extra cost for cold and speedy shipping
  • May be too crispy for some people.

2. igourmet Blue Stilton DOP

Te award winning Tuxford and Tebbutt Stiliton is only available in three countries. It is externally unchanged in appearance since its construction in the eighteenth century. This is protected designation of origin(DOP) stiliton is shipped and expedited in ice.

Best Blue cheese for Salad

The company is best know for its classy blue veining with rich delightful flavor and highly seasoned finish. This rarely found cheese is made from pasteurized milk and then turned and graded by hand from generations to generations.

Sum up:

The above mentioned Blue Stiliton is also called the king of cheeses made only in traditional cylindrical shape be unpressed and allowed to make its own crust and coat. It Gives so enchanting and delightful flavor in salads that you can’t avoid such leading blue cheese Salad.

  • Fabricated from cow’s pasteurized milk
  • Manufactured in England
  • Shipped Deep frosted
  • Rarely found, only in three countries
  • May be complex yet tangy flavor

3. ​igourmet Saint Agur

Moulded  in the village of Monts du Velay in the Auvergne region of France. The saint auger blue cheese is also prepared from pasteurized milk and can be used for two months. It is zesty,creamy blue and spicy in flavor.

 Blue cheese for Salad

Can be use as a spread for bread, pear or apple slices. Moreover it looks delightful with blue cheese salads because it is neither too much salty nor too much strong as compared to other traditional blue cheeses.

Sum up:

It is classic for those who prefer blue cheese in sauces and top chops.

  • Tangy Blue flavor
  • Cold shipped
  • Used till 60 days
  • Pasteurized blue cheese
  • French made
  • Its salty flavor may not be good for all
  • High cost for shipping

4. ​​Organic Blue Cheese Crumbles

Wanna made your salads and snacks  more creamy and fit for a king? Its not a big hell now! You can make it possible with organic blue cheese crumbles. It’s one of the best ever American blue cheese especially designed from pasteurized milk.

Many American cheese lovers and nobles prefer this enchanting blue cheese for salad, pleasant pasta dishes or mouth watering burgers. So, you can feel your self a crowned head while serving this cheese in your scrumptious dishes because its resealable container keep it fresh and pleasant for a long time.

Sum up:

The above mentioned organic blue cheese is so enjoyable in your dishes that you feel yourself a master in cooking. But when it is indulge in any of your salad it make your dish luscious and appetizing. Also shipped cold to maintain its freshness.

  • Its foundation laid from Pasteurized milk.
  • It is organic
  • US made
  • Enclosed in resealable container
  • It’s crumbles are more suitable for finishing of your dish rather than snaking.
  • May not melt in your dishes.
  • Extra amount charged for shipping.

5. ​​Blue, Saga Cheese

Saga blue cheese is manufactured in Denmark from Danish pasteurized cow milk and it is combination of blue cheese and brie. It is a velvety, blue veined cheese with a white mold zest.It also lasts for 60 days. The soft enough blue cheese for salads, whipped pastas, smooth yet luscious meat dishes and etc. it has squashy, rich buttery yet aromatic flavor for gourmet tastes.

Sum up:

The above mentioned cheese is closely related to brie with an edible white mold epicarp.

  • Pasteurized blue brie
  • White, creamy mold crust
  • Squashy, rich buttery yet aromatic flavor
  • Flavor may be different from typical brie
  • Though it shipped cold, but occasionally buyer got ice melted pack.

6. ​​Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing

The 60 packs of single served 1.5 oz kraft blue cheese dressing is one of the best blue cheese for salad which has no need to be refrigerated. This dressing has a equitable and unique flavor with silky texture. It’s package does not contain expiry date yet buyer itself decode the expiry date from manufacturing code.

Sum up:

Perfect blue cheese for salad made from added ingredients with essential ones. You can easily keep it in airy place.

  • Single served dressings.
  • Distinctive in flavor and texture.
  • Can be easily fit in shelf
  • Buyer itself decode expiry date from manufacturing codes.
  • May be lack of blue cheese flavor or it is on its salty side

7. ​igourmet Royal Blue Stiliton DOP

Stiliton royal blue cheese made from England’s imported pasteurized milk manufactured in long clawson dairy. Has typical stiliton profile and delightful blue veins. Shipped cold and only prepared in three counties.

Sum up:

All stiliton pod products were cut and wrap by hand and this their speciality.

  • Excellent taste quality
  • Shipped cold
  • Premium cost for cold shipping
  • Only available in three counties of England.

8. ​​Roth Cheese Buttermilk Blue Cheese

This pleasantly wrapped blue cheese manufactured from raw milk for velvety taste and texture. Piquent yet juicy, audacious yet controlled. Ideal blue cheese for salads, cooking, crumbling or eating out of hand. Package age lasts for 2 months.

Sum up:

Creamier blue cheese that is perfect for vegetarians.

  • Savory flavor with creamy finish
  • May be more creamy than traditional blue cheeses.
  • Some buyers may found it more light.

9. ​Danish Blue Cheese by Pasta Cheese

Danish cheese is a semi soft, blue molded cow’s milk cheese with a slight zesty flavor. The blue veins were more milder and creamier than traditional cheeses. Ideal blue cheese for salads, dressing, dips and desserts.

Sum up:

Fashionatead from pasteurized cow’s milk for smooth curd. More soft and crispy yet easy to slice with breads and apple pies.

  • Enjoyable flavor
  • Flavor may not be comparable with traditional blue cheeses.
  • May be more soft and creamier for some buyers.

10. ​Roquefort AOP Societe Bee

Generated from roquefort’s fine, milky white body veined with emerald green and its balanced flavor this cheese has been well known from generations. Prepared from whole raw sheep’s milk. Packed in special cellars which are designed in seventeenth century to maintain the humidity and saturation points.

Sum up:

As a stronger blue cheese, this is best blue cheese for salad and other dishes but should be
used in small amount.

  • Strong and relish
  • May be more strong so should be used rarely.
  • Can be overpowered.

Buyer’s Guide:

Although we provided a complete list of world’s best selling blue cheeses for salads yet you feel any difficulty to decide what to buy and what to not?

No problem! because we gathered few points here to provide comfort to you while selecting best cheese and impress your guests with your good taste.

You just do little effort to study this buyer guide before selecting best blue cheese for salad, enjoyable pastas, tendering meat dishes or for delicate desserts and you will surely appreciated by your worthy guests, friends or family members.

Following are some guidelines to purchase best blue cheese:

Follow Site-Based Recommendations

When you search for best blue cheese for salad or for any of your dish online, the internet will show you variety of products to choose from. With this, you can also discover and explore different blue cheeses which you haven’t tried yet. The choices can be overwhelming but online shopping platforms nowadays, like Amazon, have a recommendation package that shows what other consumers like you have purchased. This proves really helpful when you’ve selected a few kinds of blue cheeses, the website will show you other kinds that you might want to check out as well.

Purchase in Bulk

You can save more money when you purchase in bulk because blue cheese providers might give you wholesale prices. You can also save on shipping when you purchase in bulk. Blue Cheese can be stored for a long time that’s why there’s no problem in purchasing many and also some blue cheeses can be kept in shelves without refrigerators.

Choose Refrigerated Shipping Options

Since you’re dealing with a dairy product, it’s better to choose the shipping option where it will be refrigerated. Most of the online cheese sellers pack their blue cheese shipments using insulated containers full of ice packs. In Amazon, it is in the item’s description if the blue cheese will be shipped in a cooler. This is a better option for soft blue cheeses especially during the hot season. It will prevent the blue cheese from being damaged. Though the price of this option can be a bit higher, it is a better choice compared to rush shipping. To keep it at arm’s length mostly online cheese mongers dispatch it in no more than 48 hours. That’s why when you purchase blue cheese online, make sure you’re at home within that time frame to receive your order. It’s sure that you don’t want your cheese to be left on your porch or doorstep for a long time.


It depends on your choice, raw milk cheese is very much equivalent to some dairy product in its matchless structure. Perhaps unsurprisingly, neither of these viewpoints get it quite right. The first thing worth nothing is that raw milk cheese, or unpasteurized cheese, must be aged a minimum of sixty days before it is lawfully sold within the U.S.So, presence of harmful bacteria in it should not be a big issue because when you use it in your food those bacteria may be die because of too much heat.There are some people that enforce only having raw milk because they feel that the pasteurized just doesn’t live up to the full potential, but pasteurized is just adorable. You should extend consider to raw milk instead of pasteurized,but don’t ever depend on it too much.


Milk type is one of the most commonly used methods of choosing a blue cheese. Cows’ milk blue cheeses are the most abundant, but are now accompanied by a plethora of fine goat, sheep and buffalo cheeses which are made in any style. Every milk has its own strong characteristics in terms of flavor profile and fat content which when put together, can create an exciting and diverse cheeseboard.


For some, a great blue cheese is measured by what it can bring to a meal. If cooking is your primary objective when order for cheese, look for something that will melt easily. “Swiss and American Alpines are great for cheese because they have that really nice elasticity. If the final destination of your blue cheese cheese is on top of a juicy burger, consider opting for a nice and crispy blue cheese.


Improper storing cheese is one of the most common mistakes customers make. You may wrap your cheese in plastic bag , but this will only lock in moisture and promote the growth of bad mold. Instead, wrap your cheese in wax paper. It protect your blue cheese energetic, dynamic and perky. Keep in mind, it’s a living thing. You can store your blue cheese in the lowest place of refrigerator to keep it fresh and dehydrated.

In essence:

To make a long story short, the article is done and in this article we clearly mentioned all the features of world’s best blue cheese for salad. Though blue cheeses vary in their manufacturing, strength, flavor or taste and texture but we tried to enlist all advantages and disadvantages while buying best quality blue cheese.

Blue cheese although a good source of protein but it is enriched with sodium and saturated fats. So, you should be careful while consuming maximum amount it.

So, if you are here now and unable to find a suitable cheese for your servings then here are some words of wisdom for you which may provide help to you while selecting best blue cheese for salad, pallets, platters and aromatic pastas.

Last but not the least, we feel immense pleasure to suggesting you, ​​Organic Blue Cheese Crumbles by Organic Valley and Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing, the blue cheeses which we like most. Both of recommended cheeses are highly affordable, best blue cheese for salad and very delightful in your dishes.

In the end, we wish you good luck! May you get the best blue cheese for salad, platters and all for you desserts according to your taste and your’s guest choice.

Queries and question will be appreciated and accepted. So, feel free to like, comment and

Good Luck!
Thank you!

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