The 10 Best Air Fryer for One Person In 2022

As we all need food at ease with less effort, full nutrients, and also delicious. So are you wishing for an appliance that works super actively to provide you the best food? Best Air fryer for one person is versatile in working, it cooks, bakes, and roast things in an equivalent proportion.

Once you operate it then no need to worry about anything because it’s automatic and cooks perfect food for you and your loved ones. It is designed in a way that you don’t need to use too much oil for cooking purposes. It’s air technology reduces the need for oil therefore it lessens 70-80% of fats in your meals and snacks.

It is obvious that we all possess different minds therefore distinct thinking then it is also evident that we own individual choices. Although you don’t need to be worry anymore to make your best selection, because we made it easy-peasy by giving you a wide range of choices.

Best Air Fryer for One Person

The 10 Best Air Fryer for single Person Reviews 2022:

There are Top 10 best air fryer waiting for your review now it’s your turn to check them out and make a final judgment. Let’s have a quick look at them.

1. Dash Compact Air Fryer-(Overall Best)

Best air fryer for one person

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Are you looking for luscious, quick, and healthy food? Then you are at the exact place. This best air fryer for one person is made up while exactly keeping your desires and requirements of eating healthful but still delightful food.

Although this appliance is safe to use and easy to store. This performs quality of functions like roasting, baking, cooking in its attractive size. And cooks in less time.

Healthier Fried Food
The operation of this product is designed in a way that it doesn’t need plenty of oil to fry things. It works with the help of air supply to make your things crisp and crunchy. Therefore this product is suitable for both food lovers and for those who are weight conscious. It does not destroy good nutrients added in food and provides a fit diet. Although it’s Air crisp technology lessens additional fat by 70-80% and you can also relish your homemade healthy foodstuff in restaurant style.

It’s very safe to use. Anyone can use it even a child too to make quick snacks. Its footprint is appropriate for a single person, for it does not take much place. This is suitable for all ages and all places rather than Home, Office, hostel and even traveling, etc.

Easy to assembling and use
Its assembling is so speedy and calm. You don’t need to read the long descriptions to assemble it. It is planned in such a manner that it just takes a few seconds or minutes in assembling. It is planned while considering the modern technique of touch system therefore it makes you fall in love with cooking.

Noise Free
It creates nope kind of sound so it does not disturb your family and precious guests or even your it is pollution-free too.

Quick and easy cleaning
This air fryer works magically and prepares delicious dishes within some minutes due to its newest techniques. After cooking the most difficult task comes which is washing and cleaning of products like this. Because nobody wishes to exhaust himself/herself in the long term process of cleaning. Therefore we are presenting you with a product which gets clean hastily.

This is stylish and compact in size. This gets easily fits into your kitchen and office etc. Hence it increase beauty of your cooking station with its sleek design.

  • Provides a recipe book
  • Great range of colors
  • Does not exploit the nutrients of the food.
  • Light in weight and easy to handle.
  • Lavish capacity.
  • Adjustable temperature control and 30 minutes auto-shutoff timer.
  • Only a few customers said it has plastic smell but will be lessened with time

2. Chef man Turbo Fry 2 Quart Air Fryer-(Runner Up)

best air fryer for one person

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Is it possible to eat your favorite food without feeling guilty? Don’t worry now it’s possible due to this versatile air fryer. It will cook food of your choice in its well-planned model with less oil without compromising on taste. This also possesses separate parts like basket and tray to fry things therefore they are removable and easy to be clean hastily. The quality of manual control makes it distinct from other products.

Compact in size:
It is light in weight and compact in shape. So very easy to carry while traveling or to set in small kitchens or apartments suitable for one person. Its shape and color are enchanting.

This product is not only beneficial in other things but also captivating in its design. This is unique and stylish and its black color complements its splendor.

Stress-free cleaning:
This appliance can be disassembled quickly so it makes washing and cleaning at ease. After eating yummy food you don’t need to do great efforts to clean it. So it saves your time both in cooking as well in cleaning.

Nutritious Cooking:
As this gadget is assembled in such a way that it consists of a non-sticky basket and easy to detach so it needs oil in very low quantity. Hence it reduces the necessity of oil up to 98% and provides you oil-free and nutritious food. The nutrients of food can’t be demolished due to its air frying technique and unique model.

Multiple functions:
It performs multiple functions it not only fry foodstuff but also bakes them can make yummy desserts too. It can also warm the frozen food so that it finishes the need for an oven.

Fit for one person:
If you are single then no product is best for you than this. This fulfills your all requirement regarding healthy plus mouthwatering meals. Its compact size makes you comfortable and you can carry it and place it anywhere.

  • 1 year warranty.
  • It consumes 98% less oil than old-styled fryers.
  • Works on auto-shutoff function.
  • Works with no Noise.
  • Exterior cool touch BPA basket.
  • It is only available in black color

 3. Amagarm Compact  Air Fryer -(Best Mini Air Fryer)

best air fryer

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Are you one of a person who likes outer coverage of their meals crisp while inner material indeed juicy? Then I guess you are looking for perfect gadgets because Amagarm serves you evenly cooked food while keeping all your necessities in its programming.

Advanced touch screen:
The screen is sketched in such a way that you don’t need to concern many points on the description. It has pictures along with precise detail on top of the screen so you need not be worry regarding its use. It can be used by all ages, by your children too.

Evenly cooking technology:
It prepares meals evenly so food quality remains pure with full nutrients. But it does not mean that cooked food in it is nutritious then tasteless. No, never because it cooks delicious food with full nutrients due to highly effective air frying skills.

Forever guaranteed:
This product is the best fit for those who have tried plenty of products and now just in search of the perfect product to utilize for the rest of life. To make you feel relieved from all these worries this appliance is offering a lifelong guarantee. What else one can demand!

Better than manual frying:
It is better in many ways from traditional methods of frying. Its requirement of oil is almost 80% less than in manual frying. Therefore it minimizes plenty of oil. However, sometimes it does even require any amount of oil to enjoy your enchanting foodstuff.

Expedient cleanups:
It gets separated into suitable parts so it can be clean up faster and restored for next time use. Food does not stick with it therefor it gets clean hastily and doesn’t destroy the shape and flavor of food.

Unique style:
This appliance is unique in style and available in attractive black color. This product will compliment your cooking station.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with cookbook
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Capacity is for 1-2 persons
  • Healthy frying of all meals
  • Temperature control not available

4. BELLA 2.6 Quart  Air Fryer

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Are you one of those who always forget food on the stove and it gets burn? Just leave all your concerns because this air fryer has both functions of timer and temperature. So it is easy to adjust your recipes according to the set pattern for various dishes without burning them.

It is also safe to use due to its feature of cool touch part. So you can serve your dish out quickly and effortlessly.

Don’t you think so that when it comes to tasty food you can’t say it healthy at all? Due to its cooking process. Hence here the case is contrary this product provides you equally fat-free food plus delightful.

Fast operation:
This works wonderfully and converts your efforts and time into a comfortable and time-saving mode. Therefore you fall in love with its working in a calm environment.

Auto temperature:
This machine is created in a way that it does not allow your food to be burn. Although due to this feature it serves you accurate food, not burnt neither undone foodstuff.

Handy invention:
This is a friendly product it gets fix everywhere and can be carried anywhere. This is lightweight therefore easy to use and perfect for a single person.

The versatility of this product can be judge through its multiple skills to cook all your frozen and fresh food. It can be assembled and disassemble quickly, can be cleaned effortlessly and environment friendly.

Easy to clean:
This product will not let you face trouble in cleaning it. Because of its convenient shape and easily removable parts.

  • Perfect for 1 person
  • Capacity range is about 2.2 lbs of foodstuff
  • Compact in size
  • Convenient cleanups
  • Cooks healthy food
  • Some may face the problem of the shaky basket but that is a technical issue you can contact with seller

5. Chefman Mini Air Fryer

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This is a multi-functional product. This is easy to practice and get excellent results. This is designed beautifully to spread an equal amount of temperature to the food. This is easy to clean and store in smaller places.

Now no need to further trawl the internet anymore for excellent frying and cooking purposes. Is not it the best fit for you?

This is a unique appliance of chef man due to its unique design. It possesses a rotating device to operate a variety of frying and cooking methods. Therefore it is comparatively easy to use.

Easy cooking:
This gadget makes your cooking fun for you. Because of its newest features frying, cooking, and baking in it is very comfortable.

Convenient to handle:
This is a well-organized product easy to carry anywhere. The compact shape and convenient footprint make it easy to be stored anywhere after use.

This device performs versatile functions. It can cook a number of things at once. It can be replaced by microwave, cooker, pan, etc.

Even heat distribution on:
This product is invented by keeping important concerns of the public that how to give them an evenly cooked meal. Hence this makes food juicy from inside while crunchy from outside.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Temperature range from 180-390 degrees
  • Easily adjustable
  • Best for a single person
  • Nonstick basket
  • Some say its basket was missing but that is a technical mistake. You can contact with call center

6. Go WISE USA 2.75-Quart Digital Air Fryer

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If you are a person who can’t wait to get flavorsome food then this is the best fit for your cravings. It works so rapidly to provide you with the best quality things to satisfy your appetite.

Therefore this product does not let you wait for long hours to eat the food of your choice. Would not you like to check its features?

This is an enchanting appliance therefore it must be in your apartments or kitchen etc. It makes your cooking station more beautiful due to its unique style and compact size.

Easy adjustment:
Just like a lot of gadgets it does not require a long term study to fix its part. It is designed in a simple but compact way so it does not require too much effort.

Even cooking:
The air frying technique evenly spreads heat on all corners of foodstuff. Henceforth the food appears to be a restaurant-style dish with less oil, more taste.

Quick processing:
When it gets plugged into electricity and timer stetted then no need to check it again and again because it will itself indicate when food will be completely done. So, the timer will automatically shut off it’s processing when accomplished.

Large capacity:
It makes and serves food for 1-2 persons. So you can enjoy cooking on this gadget with your loved ones.

  • Provides recipe book
  • Does not burn food due to Auto shutoff system
  • Multiple functions
  • Nonsticky and safe to handle
  • Some say it contains plastic smell but that will vanish after washing it with warm water

7. Hamilton Beach 2.6 Quart Digital Air Fryer

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This appliance comes with the most advanced features of digital use. It can exchange itself with your all manual plus electric gadgets which are to be used for purpose of baking, cooking, and frying fresh and frozen meals.

So in this way you don’t need anymore any microwave, stove or toaster.

Digital touchpad:
Nowadays all things are taking shape of digital gadgets due to progression in science. So at this peak time, this appliance will not let you feel guilt at any time of depriving of the latest technology.

Easy storage:
This can be easily stored in the cabinets of the kitchen or office. You can also carry it along with you while traveling. So in this way you can always get fresh and healthy food.

Dishwasher safe:
Will you be able to do anything just after having a delicious meal? Now no need to worry, for the detachable basket and pan can easily be washed through the dishwasher.

Variety of foods:
I am sure you don’t want to be bored by trying similar food! No more boredom when you have Hamilton beach it can cook versatile dishes in just a few minutes. Hence you can fully enjoy your snacks.

This feature makes your foodstuff 2 times healthier. The air frying is technique is damn sure in this gadget but nonstick quality completely finish the need of oil. However your food does not stick to it and seasoning remains with the food.

  • Pre-programmed setting
  • Digital system
  • Convenient cleanups
  • Nutritious foodstuff
  • The capacity of basket is 2.5 L
  • A few person claimed that its drip pan’s coating flake off after some time of use

8.Maxi-Matic Compact Personal  Electric  Air Fryer

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Are you searching for an appliance that can enhance the importance of your meals and will provide you food full of nutrients? Then definitely this is one of the best fit for you. It has great capacity and works faster. It provides you all types of snacks and meals in very less time.

The stickiness of the basket increases its functioning because the food will not stick to it. And it will sustain its shape and taste. Let’s have a look at its features!

Analog Control:
The modern analog feature not only enhances its beauty but also comfortable to use. Hence people of all ages can use it.

Delicious and nutritious food:
Everybody demands tasteful and healthy food. Is not it? But the problem is how to get something which can arrange for both purposes! However, this device performs both functions very well.

Big basket:
This gadget has a very big basket so you can cook plenty of food at once. This cooks food evenly so it does not get overcook or half-done.

Dishwasher safe:
Of course, while choosing your perfect gadget you are concerned about all features. And one of the most important feature is dishwashing. If you can get 3 in 1, taste, health, and easy washing then what else to be needed?

Versatile air fryer:
Versatility always attracts us. So let’s get into the multi-functions of this Appliance. This invention does not only fry but also roast and bakes food.

Fry without guilt:
When it comes to the frying of food what comes first in mind? Surely a bucket of oil. Because wherever is fried food there is oil. But this product lessens the need of oil almost you can cherish your fried food.

  • 1 year guarantee
  • 1000walt/120v air fryer
  • ETL approved
  • 2.1-quart capacity
  • Removable frying rack for cleanup
  • 30 minute timer
  • Sometimes resistance in timer knob

9.Elite Platinum Compact  Electric Hot Air Fryer

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Are you looking for you a cooking partner who matches you perfectly? Then this product is your convenient match. This performs a versatile function of cooking in a variety of methods. This gadget has a 2.3-quart capacity but still elegant in design and shape. This will surely convert your cooking process into fun.

Perfect capacity:
The cooking space is about 1-2 persons. Therefore you can cook plenty of things at once and enjoy multiple flavors.

Safe food:
This appliance is safety proof. Just like manual cooking gadgets, it will not give you a tough time to prepare your meals on time. The operation is very simple and comes with a few instructions.

Even frying:
It spreads heat evenly to the inner and outer side of foodstuff. Therefore your foodstuff does not burn and makes it crisp from the outer layer and soft from the inner layer.

As if we see the present scenario then everywhere is noise pollution. Almost a bigger number of gadgets possess more or less sound. But don’t you worry this product will never disturb your nerves due to noise-free features.

Multiple purpose frying:
Frying is all about to get indulge into a complex process. Hence this product made your lives easier because it works efficiently and smoothly. And fries kinds of meat and veggies so well.

Stainless basket:
This gadget consists of a unique feature due to its stainless basket. As we mostly prefer old ways of cleaning and washing so it fits accurately with cleaning in traditional style.

  • Temperature adjustable from 180- 400 F
  • 2.3 Quart capacity
  • Non-stick
  • Prepare food up to 1.6 lbs
  • Oil free
  • Stainless basket is sometimes hard to wash

10. BELLA 1.6 Quart Air Convection Fryer

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This is one of the good product due to its enchanting shape and dual control system of temperature and time. This appliance is dishwasher safe and cooks all meals perfectly according to set temperature.

Easy control:
This gadget is super easy to use. The instructions are quick to understand and practice them.

Safety guaranteed:
The most important thing which clicks your mind is safety. Is it a safe appliance to work? Can it give good results while having complete safety? So yes this is a safe product and cooks fast than other manual things.

This is adjustable and fits at any smaller place. So in this way, it saves space at your cooking station. After usage can be stored in your cabinets safely.

Intensified non-stick:
Due to having the quality of the non-stick surface, your food remains safe. And it’s seasoning and flavors don’t stick to the basket at all.

Of course, you don’t desire an odorful kitchen. However, this appliance does not use an excessive quantity of oil therefore odor-free. Secondly, its material does not create any bad smell which can trouble you.

The shape and size of this machinery is exactly according to your necessities. It gets arrange at any smaller place. You can use it at your office, home or hostel even.

  • 1230 watt heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient capacity
  • Time saver
  • Durable and versatile
  • Once set the timer don’t open mid-way it may affect taste of food

The Buying Guide For one person Air Fryer:

When you are searching for a perfect air fryer must keep in mind the following features to help you out.


The price is something that depends upon a single person. So this is purely a personal choice. Whatever price suits you best choose that one Gadget.

Healthy and delicious food:

Why need of air fryer? If you want to eat healthy and tasteful food then you should buy an air fryer. The air fryer gives you food full of nutrients and with great flavor. You should choose that appliance which gives you a number of health plus taste benefits.

Dishwasher safe:

The most difficult work faced by you must be cleaning these appliances. Is not it? If this is the case then you should perfect that design and model of air fryer which is smooth in the cleaning process and also takes less time to wash completely.

Suitable size:

The size is one thing which depends upon your requirement. This depends on how much capacity you desire to cook food and for how many people. Therefore you should select the size according to your need.

Easy instructions:

In this scientific scenario appliances comes with long descriptions therefore it may be problematic for you sometimes to practice the appliance. Therefore you should prefer those appliances which are easy to use without getting into complex technicalities.


Consequently, you are well introduced with all the above-mentioned products and their features. These all are chosen with great research and keeping in mind their benefits for you.

In this present era, almost all people are concerned regarding their health conditions therefore these best air fryer for one person is quite suitable for all kinds of a person whether they are patients or avoid being patient.

These air fryers lessen the need of oil almost from 80% to 98%. Although best suits you and your loved one health. This appliance also vanishes the need of the manual product and old-styled appliances like Microwave, deep fryer, cooker, etc.

Almost all these gadgets are easy to clean and store in small cabinets after usage. So choose your best fit product for yourself and enjoy healthy and luscious eating with guaranteed results for a longer time.

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