7 Best 12 Volt Coffee Maker In 2022

What do you need to start a refreshing morning? Of course, it’s a cup of coffee, to the most of people. Well, we are going to introduce the top and best 12 volt coffee makers which will help you a lot to begin your day with full energy.

Coffee is what, everyone needs either to start a day or drive away their tiredness. But what to do when on road trips, camping , or adventuring the official meeting tours, the answer is simple, buy a 12v coffee maker as its smaller in size but effective in functioning. These coffee makers are perfect for office use also.

Here the question arises, WHY to purchase a 12 volt coffee maker?

While on journey, you need some machinery which is small or compact sized, convenient and performs well. These coffee makers are perfect for such tours because they are compact in size and needs very low voltage to make coffee, 12 voltage is really not a big deal.

Top 10 best 12 volt coffee maker Reviews 2022:

:Apart from the traditional coffee makers, these 12 volt coffee makers serves you in the best possible way. Its size, machinery weight, voltage and capacity makes it perfect to carry them along with your road trips. We have highlighted the 7 best 12 volt coffee makers which are on the top because of their sale ratio.

When you select your desired and suitable one please check the buyer guide and description of that coffee maker. We decided to provide each and every detail regarding to these coffee makers for your ease. Enjoy your trips with your favorite flavored coffees.

1. Dometic MC052, 12 Volt  Coffee Maker ( Overall Best )

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If you are going to select this beautiful Dometic MC052 coffee maker, then you worth your money for sure. It’s really cool either in terms of appearance or performance. Dometic coffee maker gives you the most adorable experience while on trips or camping.

Its features are full of use and remarkable, has capacity to make 5 cups at a time. It will brew your drink within few moments by maintaining the original taste.

Its features includes a lot of things, like very low voltage, easy to maintain, easy to carry, proper kit with all necessary components and many more. Let’s have a look on its features either they suits your needs or not.

Large capacity
As we have discussed above it has capacity to make Five cups of coffee at a time, which is really a large capacity for such a small sized coffee maker. These coffee makers are specifically designed for mobile use and it’s really effective.

Dometic coffee makers works with Swing filter which makes the functioning easy and quick.They create amazing light foam which makes your coffee more tasty. It can make coffee and keep them warm, too.

They are secure devices and specifically made for travelling to protect the glass pot, so that it may not crack during journeys. They have warming plate with thermostat to keep the warm temperature inside. Its rotating filter is clearly seen through outside.

Fixing kit
Dometic 12 volt coffee maker comes with fixing kit to support the device and the pot inside.

Voltage of 12 volts
It needs only 12 volts for functioning. This less voltage is one of its quality that makes it perfect to carry them with your trips.

  • Works with swing filter for quick process
  • Secure device to carry them along in cars etc.
  • Comes with proper kit and are fixed for convenience
  • Works by using 12 volts
  • Has capacity to make 5 cups of coffee
  • Some pieces didn’t heat up water after 2 to 3 weeks of use, call helpline if face such problem.

2. Makita 12 V Coffee Maker ( Runner Up)

best 12 volt coffee maker

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The Makita new coffee maker is really awesome as compared to previous one. The company has improved a lot many features of their coffee makers and now this Makita coffee maker has become one of the top selling 12 volt coffee makers.

Makita coffee maker is really brilliant when it comes in working. It’s lightweight and compact in size which is suitable to carry along on road trips easily. It can brew up to 3 cups of coffee at a time and works with no noise.

This coffee maker is specifically made for your convenience, it has no filter issues, no cleaning issues, and no carrying issues.

Makita has a large capacity to brew coffee upto 3 cups at a time. One cup, size of 5 ounce approximately. It brews your coffee less than in 5 minutes.

No paper filter
You don’t have to carry filter papers along with you, or filter cups. This amazing coffee maker has a permanent drip filter which filters your coffee without any mess. And this filter is also easy to clean.

Type of coffee uses
It is compatible to single-serve packs or ground Coffee for making coffee. If you use any of these, it will give you great results.

Compact Design
Makita has introduced this compact designed 12 V coffee maker for your convenience. It’s small in size but works great, easy to carry and handle while on long journeys or for office use.

  • Can make upto 3 cups at a time
  • Compact in size but great in working
  • ] Light weight and 18 volt compatible
  • ]Permanent drip filter
  • Compatible with ground coffee
  • Battery is not included

3. CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker (Best for Traveling)

best 12 volt coffee maker

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If you’re searching for a single serve coffee maker and you may carry them along, then you approached it right. This CONQUECO device is considered to be the best single-serve coffee maker, which gives you easy coffee making less than 5 minutes.

One of the most important features is its sleek and stylish design, making it so unique and compact in size. You can easily carry them for the office use and on journeys ( for Boats), too.

Reason to choose them is, they are powered by 12 V lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable. You may either charge it at your home easily or if you are on a trip then you may charge it in your cars and on Boats with a charger (included) for all purpose.

Electric brewing coffee
This electric brewing coffee maker works very well and it has an amazing system. When you are going to use hot water, after 5 seconds, you can have your awesome coffee. When you are using cold water then you have to press the button for 2 seconds to start heating.

Coffee maker for travels
You can enjoy your espresso wherever you want. It is compact in size, you can carry them in your backpacks also. It requires less space in backpack as it comes in shape of ordinary bottle, slim and smart but huge and great functioning. It is best for single serving by using its cup as a coffee cup. Perfect partner of your camping.

Charger and Battery
These stylish single serving coffee makers comes with a car charger of 12 volts and a home charger (12V 2 A). Maintaining your convenience outside and inside home, both.

Easy Cleaning
No more cleaning mess. Yes, this is purely automatic either its making coffee or cleaning purpose. Just run the machine and put off the capsule, for 5 seconds it will be cleaned automatically. The only thing which is washable by hands is the cup.

Single serving
CONQUECO coffee makers are perfect for single servings. They can make one cup, of brewed coffee or espresso, at a time. So enjoy your rides and office work with your favorite coffee.

  • Automatic cleaning
  • Best for single serving coffee
  • Works with 12 volts
  • Comes with chargers and compact sized coffee maker
  • Easy processing
  • Lightweight for easy to carry
  • A bit expensive for single serving

4. Revelux  Portable  Coffee Maker

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This black beautiful looking Portable coffee maker is from Revelux. Revelux is serving with the best quality products since many years. Its portable coffee makers are specifically designed for travelling purposes, as you have less space and facilities to make coffee while moving.

Revelux really works fast and gives you awesome espresso within few minutes. It has an automatic procedure for making coffee and for cleaning purposes also. Comes with a lot of useful features, listed below.

Compatibility and Design
These portable coffee makers are compatible with both, hot and cold water. Its small size makes easy carrying within your backpacks. Its slim shape clearly states that it can make small volume of coffee or espresso, so they are perfect for single serving purposes. They are highly compatible with Nespresso capsules.

15 bars pressure
Revelux coffee makers are constructed with 15 bars of high pressure pump, to give heat to water and create rich blended foam for a coffee or espresso.

Automatic featuring
They are specifically designed in such a way that are easy to use and fully automatic. It just works on single press of button and gives you rich foamy coffee, even on your trips, just like home.

Highly compatible for travelling purposes because they are very easy to carry, easy to clean and quickly made coffee. They works with 12 volts of low voltage and easy to charge.

  • Works with hot and cold water
  • Feather weight for easy carrying
  • Fully automatic functioning, coffee making and cleaning
  • Rechargeable
  • Built in 15 bars high pressure
  • Little bit slow and heats up water in minimum 8 minutes

5. AICOK Portable Coffee Machine with Heating Function

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We highly recommend this AICOK coffee maker if you want to make your coffees during trips or camping. This is really an amazing 12 V coffee maker which allows you to enjoy a great espresso cup. Its lightweight is the treat by the way, easy to carry and make coffee on long walks and hikes.

It only weighs 1.3 pounds which is not a big deal or burden to carry along. Just evaluate how it functions and what are its features then it will be so friendly to you. It works only at the push of a button, no manual hard work required.

AICOK coffee makers are easy in cleaning because it is done through the automatic procedure. It uses only original Nespresso capsules. Comes with a pump of 15 bars of high pressure, to give an amazing brew within minutes.

Heating Function
Well, you have never seen a coffee maker that can heat without plugging in. yes, it works so and it is reliable and versatile at the same moment. It automatically heats up for amazing results.

Compatible for traveling purposes
AICOK coffee makers are specifically made for travelling uses. It can be easily fitted in car cup holders or in backpacks, if you want to store there. Comes with indoor and out chargers for more convenient trips.

Easy to Clean
When we are in office or on road trips we don’t have time and facility to wash such type of machinery, so AICOK gives you opportunity to lay down your worries related to cleaning purposes. It can clean the inside of machine automatically by just pushing a button. You have to wash the cup manually, only.

These coffee makers comes with 2-year warranty, and offers you the customer service if you face any problem within the 2 years of use.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Automatic cleaning option
  • Comes with chargers
  • Heats automatically without plugging in
  • 2 year warranty
  • Charging may take some time due to technical issue
  • Doesn’t suits some people needs, less volume

6. Upgraded Portable Electric Espresso Maker

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Upgraded portable espresso and coffee makers are just, what, everyone needs on their road trips. They are actually 2 in 1, capsule and ground espresso options. It has a large capacity to store water and make coffee.

An amazing traveling device which is easy to use, easy to handle and carry, it’s literally lightweight and better than many of the expensive coffee makers. Look at its features.

Brewing time
Upgraded espresso maker takes only 30 seconds to make an amazing brew coffee, which is really a less time than other traditional coffee makers. It is constructed of highly non-toxic material to keep your health safe.

Automatic Designed
Its automatic feature is just adorable. You may clean the machine automatically, you may make a cup of brewed coffee without manual hard work and its usb cable easily charge it, so that we can take them on our trips and can use them for a long time.

Simple cleaning
This coffee maker is easy to clean, no more worries regarding to cleaning issues. It’s easy because of its stainless material which is conveniently washable without any difficulty.

Easy carrying
Lightweight upgraded coffee maker has made our trips memorable. Its 1.45 lbs weight has made it easy to carry and handle, you can place them in your backpack without holding a separate bag for it.

Convenient to use
Now you can make your coffee in just 3 steps. It’s really easy and amazing experience. Place the required quantity of coffee into the filter basket then turn the body upside down with the head outlet. Pour hot water in tank and then press the button. Wait for a couple of minutes and enjoy your coffee.

  • Carries 1.45 lbs weight making it lightweight coffee maker
  • Easy working
  • Cleanings are no more mess now
  • Less brewing time
  • Automatic functioning
  • Its water tank can get hot sometimes, handle with care

7. AICOK Portable Coffee Maker for K-Cup Capsule

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Another product from AICOK. They take care of their customers very well, they know the needs and requirements of traveling, by keeping in mind the less facilities while on trips, they have constructed another coffee maker, so you may choose of your own choice.

Select the one which meets your needs, its plus point is, its low cost. I think it’s really affordable for a single serving coffee making.

Automatic Portable Coffee Maker
This AICOK portable coffee makers are automatic in functioning because they are constructed by keeping in view the traveling issues.

2 way charging
Well, they comes with two built in chargers, for wall and cars, both. Also comes with rechargeable lithium battery, for long lasting charging.

No big and extra bags for coffee makers, you can easily place them in your backpack. They are constructed with compact design and extremely lightweight for easy carrying.

Quality Assurance
This pretty and simple looking coffee maker is made up of 304 Stainless Steel, for water tank, which gives your health safety as well as durability for 2 whole years.

  • Gives you guarantee of quality and durability
  • Specifically designed for traveling
  • Meets your requirements
  • Affordable price
  • Some pieces fail to heat the water or in maintaining the temperature

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING A Best 12 Volt  Coffee Maker:

Before purchasing anything must take a brief look of buyer guide, it will help you to choose the right and your desired one product.


Okay! Voltage is really important. As these above coffee makers are for outdoor use, so voltage really matters. You need the one which has a low voltage so you can easily take them along and it should have rechargeable battery, so that you can easily charge such machinery in your cars etc.


Must check the capacity of whatever coffee maker you are going to buy, because some has a large capacity and some are only single serving coffee makers. As Dometic coffee makers can make 5 cups at a time and Revelux electric coffee makers are single serving.

If you are alone on your trip then single serving is best for you, otherwise you must go for Dometic or Makita and they also perform well.


Cleaning is very basic issue when we are on trips. So there are some coffee makers which has automatic system of cleaning the machinery, no manual hard work is included except to wash the cup. The inner can be easily washed by pushing a button.

Compact size

Its size is all what you need. On trips or hiking or camping, you need some lightweight and smaller things to carry. So must glance for a compact sized coffee makers. Almost all coffee makers perform well but size is what makes a difference.

Easy to use

Do not go for difficult processing coffee makers, must buy the one which works on single push of button. When you are on a trip, you have so many things to do, so keep it simple.

Brewing time

You should check the brewing time of the coffee maker, which you are going to select. It should be less than 10 or 12 minutes, as we can’t wait a whole day for a coffee only.

Filtration technique

Trips means you have to handle everything within less facilities, so try to buy a coffee maker which has automatic system of filtration.


The main thing, it should be between from $50-$100, not more than that, as for a single serving coffee maker it is fair amount. It should be affordable though.


Your trips, either official or picnic tours, gives you many experiences and you may face many difficulties, too. So, coffee is all we need. We want coffee when we are tired or to enjoy the mornings, but you can’t carry your kitchen’s coffee makers along with you. So, there have been invented some coffee makers which are especially made for travels. With a bundle of useful features and low voltage working, they are perfect to carry them along.

For your convenience, these coffee makers are easy to carry and gives you amazingly hot coffee within couple of minutes. They have automatic system of cleaning the machinery and making coffee by just pushing a button. Some are single serving and some for multiple purposes, all works very well.

So must try any of the above coffee makers to make your rides memorable and let us know your experience. THANK YOU!

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