5 Best Single cup Coffee maker with grinder

Though pre-ground coffee seems more convenient and simpler, but definitely you won’t get the deliciousness and aroma of freshly ground coffee.

If you possess the best single cup coffee maker with grinder, then you are simply one step ahead of all the individuals that still use instant or pre-ground coffee and waste their lots of bucks.

Everybody knows that the coffee which is grounded and brewed by you has a taste of its own.However, it’s a big hassle and cost you a lot of your time. Still, if we will tell that you can get that taste in your single cup of morning coffee within no time. How is it even possible?

In this modern world, with modern technologies everything is possible. A good coffee maker with grinder provides your taste buds with the subtle coffee flavors of various varieties. It delivers the actual taste of coffee with each cup that also in no time and no mess.

These modern, sleek and stylish coffee makers with grinders save your time money and value. It keeps you away from morning hassles with their advanced features.it also takes less space and creates no mess in your tidy kitchen.

Best Single cup Coffee maker with grinder

Top 5 the best single cup coffee maker with grinder:

We have gathered information keeping in mind the single-cup coffee maker with grinder functionality. We put our focus to get you a best quality coffee maker that is optimized to minimize the waste of ground and brewed coffee and provides you original taste of coffee within few seconds.
Here we go:

1. Breville  Grind Control Coffee Maker-(best single cup coffee maker)

best single cup coffee maker with grinder

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This coffee maker is by far the best single cup coffee maker because it offers features and functions that many single cup coffee makers don’t possess.

Though its bit expensive, but by knowing this coffee grinder you’ll definitely understand its worth. If you wanted to brew a single cup or 12 cup of coffee, it allows you to do all. Aside from quantity, this coffee maker also delivers quality. It allows you to have control on the quality of coffee you want.

If you are particular about your coffee or you want a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, then you should definitely grab your hands on this one. Now, let’s have a look on its features:

Stainless steel burr grinder:
One of the features that differentiate it from other coffee grinder is its stainless steel grinders. This grinder is adjustable and allows you to get varying grind consistency that mostly depends upon coffee beans you are using. Coffee beans are different as they have different origins, age and quality.

There is a setting in the machine that covers almost all coffees you purchase but sometimes circumstances do change.

8 grind settings:
This grinder comes with 8 different settings for beans grind size. It also ensures that you get a cup of coffee according to your taste .Customize your brew to get the coffee of your taste. Finer grinds for stronger brews and bristlier grinds for lighter cup of coffee.

Thermal Carafe:
It comes with a thermal carafe which also helps you to keep your coffee warm for longer times.It also helps you to keep the coffee of same taste even after some time.

Steep and Release technology:
This steep and release system technology makes sure that the hot water engross more of your coffee beans’ savor before soaking into the carafe.

LCD Screen:

This coffee maker has an incredible wide and clear LCD screen which ensures that you remain aware about what’s happening in the machine.It gives you real feedback on quantity of water, grinding size, its time, brewing time and strength selection choices.

Programmable Auto Start:
This allows you to program it so the coffee maker automatically starts grinding and at your set time it will start brewing coffee.

Pre brew temperature control:
This is also an important feature in making high quality, full of flavors coffee.It allows you to have a control on water temperature.It ensures you to get the ideal water temperature even from
cold start.

  • Stainless steel burr grinder
  • Nice, sleek and modern outlook
  • Gives you 8 different grind settings
  • LCD screen shows you wide and clear options
  • Adjustable cup tray
  • Programmer control for when to start brewing
  • Pre-brew temperature control for water temperature
  • Simple to clean, wash and reassemble
  • Bit expensive

2. Hamilton Beach  Single Serve Coffee Maker-(best for value)

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The standout feature of this coffee maker that makes it better than other coffee makers is an automatic rinse feature. It is also one of the widely liked coffee maker because of its functionality, pricing and looks. It also gives you the option of brewing a 16 pounce of a cup or 8 ounces of two cups for your partner or a friend.

This coffee maker brew hotter, quicker and better savoring coffee in comparison to many other coffee maker machines.it is one of the simple, sleek and stylish kitchen ware. You will be happy to have this machine in your kitchen as it is best for value.

With simple and clear operating system, it saves your time and provides you tasteful coffee in no time. This coffee machine is designed to make your life easier, simpler and stress free. This single serve coffee maker offer affordability and no mess coffee to their users.

Various Coffee grind:
This coffee maker has mesh scoop filter which allows you to have a choice about any flavor of any brand you can take and allows you to grind at any strength you want. It’s all about customization.

Boldness Levels:
It comes with two different settings. First, use the regular setting for more basic, fast and automatic drip tasteful coffee. For upgraded one, choose BOLD to get finer grind and stronger flavors .Keep in mind that the finer the grind, more it takes to brew.

Automatic Shut-off:
It has very simpler and easy operating system. With just touch of single button, you can grind your coffee, brew your coffee and after this it automatically shuts off. It allows you to be a versatile while making coffee you can other chores as it automatically shuts off while it’s done.

Double sprout:
It wouldn’t get you stuck at single option. It allows you to brew single or two cup of coffee at a time. This will also allow you to adjust cups of your choice.

Automatic Rinse:
You don’t have to be worry about clogging and cleaning of the machine after every brew. This machine automatically rinse off the filter after every brew to make sure that your machine remains clean and clear.it will also saves your time.

  • Easy operating system
  • Easy to clean and rinse
  • Automatic rinse system
  • Dual sprout for 2 cup of coffee
  • Automatic shuts off system
  • Coffee may splatter if your coffee mug isn’t tall bit

3. Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind Coffeemaker-(Runner Up)

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This coffee maker has tons of great features and functions that add this coffee maker as runner up in this list of best coffee makers for single serving. This coffee maker allows you to make a cup or up to 12 cups of coffee to give you ease and convenience.

It also comes with a spate grinder which allows you to get a coffee of your choice how strong coffees you want and how fine ground you want. It has multiple choices that let you choose between various strengths of coffee.

This machine looks very sleek and elegant add stylish equipment in your kitchenware. The plastic used in making of this coffee maker is BPA free.it also provides you ease and convenience as it quite easy to wash and clean.

Built in grinder:
It comes with a built in grinder which is highly adjustable. This grinder provides you with the options to choose the strength of the coffee and also control the grind quality. You can control how fine coffee ground you want.

Bean Hopper:
It has a bean hopper of 8 ounces capacity which can store coffee beans into it.Its air tight,moisture resistant closure system makes sure that coffee beans remain fresh and dry until the time you want to grind.

Automatic Timer:
It comes with wide LCD screen which shows you all options you have selected for grinding and brewing coffee. You can select the timer when to grind the coffee and when to brew the coffee.it automatically shuts off when the coffee is being done.

It possess a gold tone coffee filter and charcoal water filter that will help to diminish the injurious bacteria and minerals that may have negative impact on the taste and quality of the coffee. You must replace the charcoal filter after every 3 to 6 months.

  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Burr grinder
  • Makes up to 12 cups of coffee
  • High capacity bean hopper
  • Allows selecting grind size and strength
  • Automatic timer for convenience
  • bit difficult to clean
  • Carafe is bit fragile

4.  SOLOGRIND 2-in-1 Automatic Single Serve Coffee Grinder

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Solofill coffee maker is a sleek, compact and easy to operate coffee maker. It would be perfect for you if place at your apartment kitchen is already confined as it will take minimum space. It is black in color and looks very premium in design.

This provides you quality at a very reasonable pricing. It offers you a full bodied, flavored cup of in few seconds. This will offer ease and convenience in your life and saves you from lot of hassle and rush in the mornings.

It comes with single pod holder which grinds coffee up to one pod but it also has a container which allows it to grind coffee up to 11 pods. Thus, it saves lot of pennies by different quantities to grind at different time requirements.

2 in 1 grinder:
This coffee maker comes with 2 in 1 built in grinder which is interchangeable allows you to grind coffee of single serving or a full coffee container. It meets your demands according to your different situations.

Grind and drop:
It comes with automatic grind and drop technology that ensures that a specific or needed amount of ground coffee drops into the filter cup of single serving. It ensures that you get the precise, tastier and right amount of blended coffee.

Low Rpm:
The low Rpm grinder ensures that no unnecessary heat builds up in the machine while the coffee is being grounded. It saves your energy and protects your machine from unnecessarily heating up.

Electronic Time:
It also comes with automatic shut off system that ensures when the coffee is being done, the machine automatically shuts off. It allows you to do anything instead of being standing right informant of the coffee maker and waiting for it to complete its cycles.

Grind Size Selection:
This also allows you to select the grind size of your choice and get the consistency accordingly .It offers you customization at every step to get a coffee of your choice.

  • Easy to operate
  • Reasonably priced
  • Customized grind size
  • Automatic shut off system
  • Very convenient grind and drop technology
  • Cleaning up is bit tricky

5. Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Travel Mug

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Mr.coffee with built in grinder is also very popular among households as it provides tastier coffee in within no time. It takes the single serving brewing coffee to bolder and more satisfying levels.

You’ll definitely get an extra ordinary taste of a coffee as it finely grinds the coffee and brew it.You’ll definitely feel the difference if you use a pre grounded coffee as it lost its freshness and savor with time.

It excels in its beautiful and amazing design. This coffee maker is designed so beautifully and takes less space in your kitchen. It has a smooth and strong stainless steel surface with sides in black plastic which is BPA free.

2-ways to brew:
It allows you 2 way brew options. You can brew your coffee with already ground coffee i.e. pre ground. You can place your grinded coffee in the filter and can have delicious brew in seconds. Secondly, you can also place full beans in the grinder and will get ground coffee after a click.

Permanent filter:
This machine has large size filter which is permanently installed along with built-in grinder. This is to ensure that you get an optimal premium performance. The filter helps you to provide the finer ground coffee beans.

Adjustable cup holder:
The cup holder in this coffee maker can be easily adjusted to any position to accommodate any size of cup. Other than that, it also comes with a travel cup which allows you take hot coffee even to your work securely and safely.

This coffee maker with single piece filter along with grinder is very easy to clean and wash. It is also dishwasher safe thus making your life more easy and convenient.

  • It comes with 2-way brewing option
  • Comes with a travel cup
  • It has a Permanent filter
  • It’s easy to clean plus dishwasher safe
  • You can get up 16oz of brew
  • It creates a bit mess to clean

How to Choose Best Single cup Coffee maker with grinder

Choosing a single cup coffee maker is tough and choosing it with grinder is even tougher.Choosing this 2 in 1 coffee maker means you are going to spend more. Thus, you just can’t just choose it on the basis of looks without any functionality research.

Here, we are going tell you the important features that you must look for while buying a best single cup coffee maker with grinder even if you have to buy from above mentioned products.As, we can assure you we have selected the best products for you that will benefit you in your long run.

Type of Grinder:

There are mainly two option for grinding mechanism i.e. burr grinder and blade grinder. In this section we will tell you a bit about both of them.

Blade grinder:

The blade grinder is generally less expensive and saves your few pennies. On the other hand, by this you will compromise on quality. Through this grinder, you will not get the grind consistency and the heat that may generate through friction may slightly affect the taste of coffee.

In this grinder you will not get consistency and thus get each type of particle from small grounds to a bit little chunks.

Burr Grinder:

It is more expensive but it’s more effective and efficient. The burr grinder works a bit slowly but you definitely get uniformity in your ground coffee beans. You can also get different strength and fineness of the coffee beans according to your settings.

You can easily adjust the burr grinder according to your liking and customize it. Thus, i would recommend you choose the burr grinder coffee maker.


Water that is properly filtered adds a big difference to the taste and deliciousness of coffee. Some machines come with replaceable filters and some come with reusable filters.

Think about replaceable filters, you won’t feel good about its repetitively changing process and also costs a lot of money. Some machines also come with automatic rinse filter option.

Whatever option you may like, but must keep in mind to use high quality water and go for the machine that offers good filtration options as it will affect the taste of your coffee. It’s like you have done half of your work in getting a good quality cup of coffee.

Timer and functionality:

Before buying a coffee machine with grinder, must check the functionality they offer. These modern machines often come with a LCD display that shows you what you have chosen and at what time your coffee will be ready.

As, some machines comes with automatic shut off option to offer convenience. You can also set the timer when to grind, when to brew and machine will automatically shuts off when your coffee is done.

This will make your life easy and simpler and allows you to do other house chores while your coffee is being done.

Cleaning and maintenance:

One of the biggest reasons that most of the people don’t use coffee maker machines or their machines rests in their cupboards is that they find them difficult to clean. Or they think that they get great mess in return comparison to their benefit.

You must check up before buying the machines or read reviews about their cleaning and maintenance. We have reviewed the cleaning and maintenance procedures of almost all the above mentioned products as we know how mush tiring and exhausting a difficult cleaning procedure could be.


We have found the best single cup coffee maker with grinder that caters your all needs for best coffee.

We have put our best effort to bring you the most versatile, benefiting and functional coffee makers. We have tried to give you the top-notch coffee makers in their field with different range of prices.

Higher the price you’ll pay, the more benefits and functions you will get in return.it is an effort that everybody get its bit of share from here. Thus, we have catered every price range from lower to higher. The coffee maker with grinder will make your life easier and fills it with the original taste and aroma of delicious coffee.

Hopefully, you have selected your best one from the above mentioned products. All the best!

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