10 Best Food Steamer BPA Free In 2022

We all are concerned about our health and why not, to live a healthy life is a great blessing. That’s why we prefer healthy food and those products which ensure health safety. Here we have reviewed the top-most and best food steamer BPA free, which gives surety of your health along with brilliant performance.

What does BPA free mean?
BPA is a chemical that is used to make plastics and resins. It stands for bisphenol. It can be dangerous for your health as it can slowly seep into the food containers. That’s why manufacturers are concerned about protecting your health by making BPA free products.

Bpa free plastics are used in bottles or plastic containers like water bottles etc. Its side effects are kept in mind while producing any product, especially those in which we have to store food or kitchen gadgets like, steamers, food processors, etc.


Best Overall


  • 5L dishwasher safe glass pot
  • LCD control panel
  • Powerful steam system


  • Great capacity
  • Water level indicator
  • Dishwasher safe baskets
Great Value

Hamilton Beach 37530A

  • Digital touch pad
  • Warm function
  • Large Capacity


Top 10 Bpa Free Food Steamer Reviews 2022

Selecting bpa free kitchen gadgets are really very important if you want to maintain your health. Well, apart from this, steamers are something you must have in your kitchens. It’s a plus point and bombardment of health, steamer plus bpa free plastic.

Steamers are used to avoid oil and butter in your cooking, steam the veggies or meat and enjoy delicious steamed dinner, full of health. The below top food steamers are made up of bpa free plastic and gives you many other facilities. Let’s have a look.

1. Cuisinart – Best food steamer

best food steamer bpa free

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Cuisinart is serving with the best quality and functioning for many years. We can easily trust Cuisinart products and it won’t disappoint you. These bpa free steamers are best either it’s functioning or quality. It uses bpa free glass for better health security.

Probably you must be looking for food steamers which can be helpful to you then this Cuisinart’s beautiful and powerful food steamer perfectly suits everyone’s needs. Its powerful steam system and other features will let you fall in love with them.

The other thing is, there’s no need to wait for a long time, it will steam your large portioned ingredients within 60 minutes or less, it depends.

Powerful steam system and bpa free
This amazing food steamer from Cuisinart has a brilliant steam system and comes with a glass lid and stainless steel rim for better adjustment. Another important thing which separates it from others is its bpa free quality. Cuisinart takes care of you.

You can easily set the timing or may choose its pre-programmed settings for various meals. Otherwise, it will give you delicious steamed food within less possible time.

Pre-programed food settings
It is integrated with 5 pre-programmed food settings for your convenience, so that you may select the food setting according to your dinner types like whether you are going to make seafood, poultry, grains, or vegetables. Or you may handle it manually.

Lcd Control panel 
Cuisinart bpa free steamers give you a 60-minute countdown timer along with an LCD control panel, which makes the time visible. These food steamers are integrated with an audible alert and a start & stop, pause and reheat buttons, for convenience.

Water tank
Its 1L water tank is removable and easy to put back. It comes with a stainless steel steaming tray flips in order to hold various categories of food.

Dishwasher safe
Its bowl or cooking pot is purely dishwasher safe, you can easily wash them in dishwashers without cleaning mess. Well, it gives you a 3-year warranty also.

Well, it has a large capacity to cook food, you may use it for the whole family dinner. It prepares dinner for almost 4 to 5 people at a time.

  • Bpa free food steamer
  • Easy and quick steaming system
  • Comes with 5 pre-arranged different food settings
  • No cleaning mess! Purely dishwasher safe pot
  • Stainless steel rim with a glass cooking pot
  • Easy to read LCD control panel
  • Cooks whole family dinner
  • As it is made of glass, it may crack so handle with care

2. Rosewill – Best electric food steamer

best food steamer bpa free

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Do you still in search of a best bpa food steamer with a large capacity? You comes at the right place. Rosewill bpa free food steamers comes with three baskets for steaming huge amount of ingredients within one round. It’s purely bpa free and has amazing features.

Bpa constructed containers may damage your health slowly. This chemical steep into the food and has a negative impact on high blood pressure, on the brain and can effect a child’s behavior. Why go for so much risk, it’s better to choose bpa free gadgets instead of other cheap quality ones.

3 baskets for more capacity
Adorable bpa food steamer as it comes with 3-tier adjustable baskets or pots for separate ingredients. If you don’t want to make a mess, then adjust these 3 baskets which will serve you by steaming the good amount of ingredients, separately.

Of course, these transparent baskets are purely BPA free. So make healthy dinners with Rosewill food steamers.

Turbo ring design
Integrated turbo steam ring designs powerfully supplies heat evenly and starts with 800 W. It starts steaming in less than 50 seconds.

Auto timer
It comes with auto timer system which automatically turned off when the water is no more. It gives you the option of a 60-minute timer, which is perfect for optimal steaming.

Water level indicator
Rosewill food steamers comes with see through water inlets, so that you can easily pour the right amount of water. Its water level indicator provokes you with easy visibility of the amount of water. Enjoy oil free delicious meals by using bpa free food steamers.

Dishwasher safe
Gives you cleaning easiness with dishwasher safe featuring. These baskets, including a rice bowl, are purely dishwasher safe.

  • Great capacity of steaming food
  • 3 see-through and adjustable baskets
  • Comes with water level indicator
  • Dishwasher safe featuring
  • Auto-off characteristic for no burning
  • Even cooking
  • Took little longer to steam tough ingredients, you have to steam them for more minutes

3. Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer

best food steamer bpa free

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Make your healthy and steamed dinner with full nutrition, for the whole family with Hamilton beach food steamer. Sometimes, much of the nutrition is lost if you overcook your food and a large quantity of oils is also not good for health, so it’s better to steam your food.

Hamilton Beach digital food steamer and bpa free makes your meals super delicious and full of health. Don’t need to wait too long for one round to be cooked, just place the two adjusting bowls, adjust them, and put your whole ingredients, that’s it.

It will cook within less than 60 minutes which is a standard time for steaming the vegetables, fish, or any other meat.

Large Capacity
It serves you with a very great capacity to steam your large amount of foods, you can use one bowl or adjust two for more quantity. Just remove the divider which is placed between the bowls to steam large foods like broccoli etc.

BPA free
Hamilton foods steamer gives you pure BPA free steamer for better results. The bowls are 100% bpa free, when they were tested, so you can trust Hamilton.

Different bowls
It comes with a bundle of different category bowls, like simple steamer bowl to steam fish, meat, shrimps, oysters, and many more. Another bowl for steaming rice which perfectly cooks white rice and brown also. The top bowl is usually used for eggs, whatever texture you want, you can achieve.

Digital touchpad
Hamilton’s digital touchpad makes it more stylish, its settings are such that you can easily view the countdown from a distance.

Warm function
Well, these Hamilton beach bpa free steamers comes with Warm function which gives even steaming and alerts you with a beep sound when the food is cooked. Its warm settings works for an hour then it automatically turns off.

Versatile and Dishwasher safe
It’s Bpa free quality and other amazing features makes it versatile and durable. As well as it’s bowls are dishwasher safe, too.

  • Bpa free food steamer
  • Good quality bowls for large capacity
  • Ensures versatility
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a warm feature
  • Easy view with digital touch pad
  • Some of the pieces molds after sometimes of use, but not all

4. Secura

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SECURA Stainless Steel electric food steamers are specifically designed for those who are conscious about their health. It steams the toughest and large vegetables as well as large portions of meat, so nicely that melts in your mouth.

With its powerful 1200 W steam system, it delivers even heating from top-down and evenly cooks healthier food. It has enough space to cook family dinners and large portions of fish, salmon, chicken, etc.

Quick processing
SECURA seems to be the most convenient and best food steamer bpa free, which is so easy to use, functions well, and quickly. It’s 1200 watt food steamer starts heating in less than 20 seconds, provides fast and even steam for even cooking.

Versatile food steamer
Its versatility is something which should be considered as a plus point while purchasing it. It has a delay system also to which you can cook for 10 hours, optimal steaming time of 60 minutes, and keep warm about 176℉.

It comes with 2-tier stackable pots for steaming large quantities of food. It also includes a non-slippery handle with a lid with the knob.

Health guarantee
SECURA bpa free steamers gives surety of your health, they have constructed the steaming pots with non-bpa material so that it would not damage your health anymore. Cooks really tasty food by maintaining the real taste of vegetables and meats.

Comes with the 2 steaming pots which are purely dishwasher safe and gives you 2 years of warranty for your convenience.

  • Fast functioning with 1200 W
  • Durable and versatile
  • 2 tier pots which are 100% bpa free
  • Generates heat within 15 seconds
  • 2 year warranty
  • Steel pots are bpa free but not constructed with good quality steel

5. Baby Bullet BSR-0801N

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Well, Baby bullet food steamers helps you to make natural and full nutrition food for your baby, which is not an easy task. Baby health is very important and very difficult to take care at the same time, we have to take notice of each and everything.

This bpa free baby bullet food steamers are best for your child’s health and doesn’t take too long, as your baby can’t wait for an hour or above to eat his meal. This food steamer steams and defrost foods within half an hour, works really fast.

Variety of uses
It has a large capacity not only in the pot but also from the lid side, the lid also allows you to steam a variety of foods and large quantities within very less time. Its bullet shape of the lid can store large-sized foods, too.

Pre-programmed settings
These baby bullet has pre-adjusted 5 easy settings for easy and quick processing. It has an indicator which informs you when the food is completely ready.

Multiple trays
Baby bullet food steamer comes with various trays for multiplicity, it includes a cooking tray, defrosting tray, an egg tray, and one sterilizing tray.

Measuring cup
Health as well as right portioned perfectly cooked food is very important for a baby especially. This bpa-free food steamer allows you to measure the right portion or amount of ingredients through the measuring cup.

Easy cleanup
It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It’s necessary to use perfectly cleaned utensils for your baby food, so, you can do this with the help of baby bullet food steamers.

  • Large capacity bowl
  • Bullet shape lid for more capacity
  • 5 easy settings for easy steaming
  • Variety of trays for different uses
  • Comes with a measuring cup
  • Easy cleanups
  • Smaller in size as compared to other food steamers

6. Nesco ST-25F

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The Nesco bpa free food steamers are just amazing, they are really attractive and stylish. When it comes in steaming, it evenly distributes heat and cooks food without overcooking. It can steam all types of foods, either its beans, grains, or any meat.

It has a bundle of features which are really useful like, these food steamers are break-resistant. Nesco food steamer maintains the nutrition in foods and brings natural flavors with all its delicacy. Don’t worry about overcooking because its auto shut-off will provoke you when the water is completely dried.

Really great quality and quantity. It has a capacity of 5 Quart which means you can easily prepare your dinner without any delays.

These food steamer bowls are made up of good quality material which are break-resistant and you can also wash them in the dishwasher, they are safe to clean. You won’t face any crack issue with this pretty food steamer.

Attractive food steamers
Nesco stainless steel base made them durable and they are also attractive in design. You may place your own stainless steel bowl if need to cook some puddings like stuff. It’s sleek and stylish design makes it compatible to your modern kitchens.

Auto-off system
You don’t have to worry about over-steaming because they are constructed with built-in auto shut off feature so that it will automatically turned off when the water tank is empty and the food is cooked.

Easy to use
These bpa food steamers are simple, easy to use, quick and simply dishwasher safe. What can you get more than this?

  • 5 quart capacity
  • 2 bowls which are completely break resistant
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Automatically turn off when water tank is empty
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Can wash them in dishwasher
  • No timer indication for those who are not good at cooking

7. Elite Platinum

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Cook delicious and healthy food with Elite platinum food steamers which gives you, health guarantee along with convenience. If you hadn’t purchase any bpa free food steamer then you must try this Elite electric food steamer for better results.

It stores a fairly nice amount of food with 3 large sized bowls. It gives you an auto-off feature for immediate switch off the steamer when the water bowl is empty so that you can have good nutritious food, at home.

3 layered bowls
Elite platinum electric food steamer comes with 3 different sized layered bowls in which, two of them are 3.5-quart bowls and one of 1.5-quart bowl. Its total capacity is concluded as 8.5 quarts which is a fair volume.

Safe auto-off
It gives you safe steaming with 60 minutes timer, when the water container is empty it will let you know and, also, when the food is steamed completely within an hour it will automatically turn off.

Easy storage
Its webbed storage design easily fits the bowls on one another and also in your cabinets. You can place them in kitchen drawers to avoid cracks and dirt.

Multiple trays
This elegant bpa free food steamer comes with different trays for multiple functions and it includes 6 eggs rests, for easy boiling.

BPA free
These food steamers from Elite are totally bpa free steamers, it secures your health for sure. They are easy to clean and store and are convenient to wash them out in dishwashers.

  • Comes with three bowls of different capacities
  • Easy to wash and handle
  • Can conveniently store them in kitchen cabinets without space issues
  • Variety of trays for various purposes
  • 6 egg rests for easy boiling
  • Bpa free food steamers
  • A few pieces found with manufacturing default, low quality plastic was used

8. Kalorik

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Kalorik manufacturers are producing more and more BPA free gadgets for your convenience and safety. Every time look for those products which are labeled as BPA-free because they are safe to use. The best thing about this food steamers is you can steam your veggies, meat other beans all in one round.

Such a nice capacity, professional working, and attractive in design. That is why they are rated as best food steamer bpa free for securing your health and natural taste of food.

Bpa free ceramic
These Kalorik food steamers are made up of purely BPA free and lead-free ceramic, which is safe enough for steaming the food. If you have any health issues already, then this product is beast to approach.

Space-saving baskets
It’s literally space-saving food steamer for less spacious counters and cabinets. Its base can be easily fitted into the basket and hence easily stored.

These steamers includes a pair of pot holders for safe handling. Its ceramic elegant lid fits perfectly with the bowl and the pot can be used for both, either to cook or serve directly after steaming.

LED display
It has a large LED display with a digital control system. You can easily control steaming or just adjust the time of about 45 minutes.

Even steaming
Kalorik bpa food steamers have stainless steel quality which provides even heating or steam throughout the bowl.

  • Such a large capacity for big dinners
  • Evenly steams food
  • Maintain the natural taste of food and nutrition
  • Large digital led display
  • 2 in 1 bowl
  • No separate portion for steaming eggs, steam them separately or in another round

9. J-Jati-FS203A

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J-Jati has been serving for many years and now they have introduced bpa free products which provides complete health guarantee. They offer a fair-sized food steamer with all the useful features, it will make your steaming tasks very easy. Its fast steaming process will satisfy your requirements.

Bowls with capacity
These steaming products have such a nice capacity to prepare a healthy family dinner. Just don’t worry about your health, because this food steamer is completely bpa free and maintains your nutrition in fresh vegetables, meats, fish, etc.

It comes with 2 types of food steaming bowls, which in total gives you the 5-quart capacity to prepare your steamed food within or less than 60 minutes.

Convenient to handle
You can’t spend your whole day in the kitchen, so just make it simple and straight. These food steamers are designed to serve you with convenience. You don’t have to worry about your unhealthy and overcooked food, let them handle.

Easy adjustment
You can easily adjust the base with bowl and lid, there’s no more mess. All you have to do is adjust them correctly and it will steam on just a push of a button.

Bumper pack
Well, it is fully bombarded with useful features, all necessary equipment, which are needed for steaming any food. Comes with 2-tier bowls, a timer, grain tray, and lid.

Easy cleanups
All of its parts are dishwasher safe. Clean the base with a damp towel.

  • Easy handling food steamer
  • Multiple ingredient options
  • Great capacity within two bowls
  • Comes with a grain tray separately
  • Some pieces stops working after 10 to 12 uses, but not all

10. Fashine

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Well, say goodbye to non-worthy food steamers which overcooked or under-cooked your dinners. Fashine digital food steamers will give you an easy guide on how to fix all your problems regarding food steamers and probably the first one is bpa made products.

This isn’t a big deal because Fashine  Food  Streamer gives you bpa free constructed steamers for home kitchens which are really professional when they comes in working strategies.

These food steamers are specifically constructed with all useful features which will serve you in the best possible way. Its turbo steam rings makes steam within few seconds and provides even heat distribution.

Digital touchpad design
We can easily see the countdown timer and other features through this digital touchpad design.Just add the right amount of ingredients and water, you’ll see after one an hour the steaming is done. Enjoy and stay healthy.

Easy working
These food steamers are so much convenient to use and easy to clean at the same time. Such an amazing product.

Water Level Indicator
It’s not tricky at all, just pull the water drawer and slowly fill the water tank, keep an eye on whether the tank is full or not. The water level indication will easily let you know when to stop filling.

  • Multiple foods steaming at a time
  • It easily adjusts and performs well
  • Comes with digital touch pad
  • Indication marks for water
  • Not steams quickly, takes time

The Buying  Guide For Food Steamer Bpa Free :

Whenever you go for online shopping, must read it’s buyer guide, it will help you to choose a product of your own choice and which meets your requirement’s standards.

BPA Free Ceramic

The first and most important thing which should be kept in mind while purchasing a food steamer is, whether it’s bpa free or not. Must check the label which manufacturing companies have confirmed. You should choose a Bpa free ceramic product because it will take care of your health, for you.


Whatever food steamer you select must check its capacity. Go for the ones who have a large capacity to store a bundle of ingredients, at least it should be able to make dinner for the whole family.

More steaming pots

Some food steamers have one bowl and some comes with 2 to 3 steaming bowls. You better know, more bowls will prove to be more convenient in preparation for dinner parties and you can cook a variety of things just in one round.

LED display

The LED display is all time important in everything. Well, the food steamers with the LED display will provide you easy visibility and let you know when the time is up.

Water level indication

Indication marks on the water bowl makes it easy to fill the tank and it will avoid overflowing Various trays for multiple functions.

Consumes less time

The standard time is different for steaming veggies, eggs, meats, and fish, but you must go for the one which consumes less time in steaming. To save time is all time appreciated.


Well, the obvious thing which should be kept in mind, go for any product but it should be affordable because almost every food steamer has the same functions, try to purchase more quality with less price.


Well, you have seen all of the top food steamers which are constructed with bpa free ceramic. We all seek for bpa free products because they give us the security of our health. Manufacturers are concerned about not using bpa chemicals in kitchen gadgets or food cans.

Food steamers are something all health-conscious customers are going mad for them because they steam the meal without oil, within less time and the plus point is we have some of the steamers which are 100% BPA free.

Such products are hard to find, here above, we have mentioned 10 BPA free food steamers for your convenience, just purchase any of them which suits your requirements and let us know, whether they were helpful or not. Enjoy your healthy dinners and take care of your loved ones.


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