10 Best Food Processor for vegans 2022

For every woman, and especially the vegetarian ones and the working women, chopping all the vegetables is really hard and tricky, as they don’t have enough time. So, why don’t make this task easier and let the food processor do it all, for you? We have gathered top-selling and award-winning best food processors for vegans to help you in kitchens.

Cooking takes time but gathering all the ingredients for cooking a meal is a bit difficult. As for Vegans, it’s too difficult to spend an hour on just cutting and chopping all the vegetables and then proceed it towards cooking, so in this case, food processors are a blessing.

As science has been so advanced in our era, it has made our life convenient by the use of machinery. We can now complete our task full of easiness and in no time. Food processors are used for cutting the vegetables in various shapes and designs.

Why we need a Food Processor For Veggies?

If you want to spend half an hour or more on cutting the vegetables for salad or meals then this is your own choice, but hold on, what would you do when a lot of guests suddenly come and you are supposed to prepare dinner? Exactly, to cut short in time.

You don’t have enough time to peel off and then cut each and every vegetable, so put them all in a Vegan food processor and then see the magic. It will give you chopped vegetables within a few seconds with your desired designs. You really need one.

Top 10 Best Food Processor For Vegetarian :

Trust me, this is going to be amazing. You haven’t heard about all in one food processor or at least not at an affordable price. So, please go through this article in order to find your desired Vegan food processor, which suits your requirements.

We have mentioned each and every detail of the top 10 products in this domain, food processors,  why to choose, or disadvantages, too, if had any. So let’s start the business.

Below here are some award-winning food processors which are considered to be best among all.

1. Breville


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A food processor is a best friend in the kitchen, it seems like having a personal chef who does all the effort for our convenience. Here you need to clear about a blender and food processor. Both works differently, blender gives you a fine blending mixture while the food processor cuts the vegetables and chops them, kneads ingredients, etc.

Why choose Breville Sous Chef?

Well, there is enough good reason to choose this amazing food processor by Breville, it is one of those food processors who won the prize for being a brilliant product. It perfectly chops the vegetables within no time, its features are amazing, and it’s 100% durable. That’s why it is considered to be the Best Overall food processor until now.

Multifunctional discs
This superfood processor comes with 5 multi-function discs for extra fast chopping the foods and vegetables. This won’t take a minute, even. These discs help you to cut your veggies as you want, it gives you multiple options for cutting.

It allows you to choose the thickness of your veggies slices from 0.3 mm up to 8.0 mm. If you want to crush the fruits or veggie, it’s possible or if you want them for salads, etc. then make the settings for thick cutting.

Its S-Blade proceeds the cutting very swiftly, quickly and gives you smooth chopping without waiting a long time.

Wide Chute
Breville food processor comes with an extra-wide 5.5-inch chute which allows you to put large pieces in the bowl without pre-cutting them. Food processors with tiny chute do not make your work that much easier, as it did.

They comes with 2 BPA free processing bowls, one with 16 cups large bowl which has a capacity of 3.8 L and the other one of 2.5 cup small processing bowl, which has a capacity of 600 ml

Auto timer
Its LCD display is just fab. It displays the clear screen and has an auto timer, which adjusts the time of chopping by itself, once you fix the time then it starts count up and count down automatically.

It needs 110 to 120 Volts for proceeding its task. It doesn’t waste so much energy either saves it. That’s another reason why everyone choose this simple and stylish food processor.

It has a heavy-duty induction motor, which works well and really fast. It has the ability to handle tough tasks, too. It performs function very well and durable as well as versatile.

Whether its hard veggies or soft fruits, it will not disappoint you for sure. Well, my suggestion is must try it once and you’ll love it.

  • Comes with 5 multiple discs
  • 3 blades which are super-fast and stainless
  • Quick and chops ingredients as you want
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Auto timer which counts downs
  • 5.5 wide chute for no pre cuttings
  • Quality issue with respect to bowl, but it doesn’t happened to all.

2. Cuisinart 14-Cup


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Cuisinart has always been so kind to its customers. Very few products from this domain gives you free shipping, it seeks for your ease. As customer satisfaction is everything, it gives trustworthy and reliable heavy-duty motor and other features which are also versatile.

Cuisinart food processor meets the modern kitchen standards and needs, it helps you in various ways either you have to make salads or prepare a variety of meals. Its motor is long-lasting along with the bowls and blades etc.

It is compatible for preparing huge dinners like 15 to 18 person serving and of course, works great either you use it on daily basis or just on a few occasions.

Discs and Blade
This brilliant Cuisinart food processor meets the stainless steel standards for more durable working. It comes with stainless steel discs, one of 4mm, and the other for the medium cutting disc.

You may choose to cut slices of your own choice and you’ll get professional results. Its blades are also coated with stainless steel and they are enough sharp to cut all types of veggies, little or hard, in just a second. Its disc stem is detachable for easy cleaning.

This amazing piece from Cuisinart has a large-capacity to cut a bundle of veggies and fruits in one round. It is integrated “on” and “off/pulse” buttons for easy working. Well, it comes with 14-Cup
Lexan bowl, large feed tube, and small and large pushers.

Dishwasher safe
It has some of its parts dishwasher safe, and others are easy to wash by hands. You have to do some manual hard work while cleaning for maintaining its durable nature.

Cuisinart food processor is durable. Well, it’s obvious, as it has a heavy-duty motor, stainless steel blades, and discs, hardcore bowls, it will work for a long time.

Only some of the food processors have a large capacity for huge dinner preparations. Cuisinart is one of those, its 14-cup bowl has the ability to store and cut large amounts of vegetables and fruits in a single round.

Maximum Power
As we have mentioned above its Heavy-duty 720 watt motor is compatible to proceed toughest tasks. It helps in preparing dinners in just no time.

  • Multi-functional, chops, kneads, shred and cuts
  • XL fee chute reduces pre-cuttings
  • Durable and versatile
  • Some parts are dishwasher safe
  • 14-cup working bowl
  • Various discs and fast blade
  • It comes with shredding and slicing blades, which are not adjustable.

3. Braun


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This Braun food processor does everything which it is supposed to do, chopping, crushing, blending, kneading, and many more. Amazing product with impressive functionality and great working.

I am one of those who witnessed its testing and featuring. I’m in love with this Braun food processor which is really efficient and performs every type of task for which it is made. Let’s go through its features.

All in One
This stylish as well as the traditional food processor is used for multiple functions. It can chop, slice, whisk, shredding cabbage, and knead. That’s why it is called to be all in one food processor. Not only this, even you can get a vitamin blast when attached with the juicer attachment.

Dual Control
It has an amazing system of control. Braun’s pre-set speed functioning ensures sudden and quick processing. Adjust the speed you want, it will start working on every speed, just adjust it to a low or high one.

Even Processing
Braun food processor gives you even processing, you won’t face any type of issue regarding uneven blending or so.

Easy to clean
Well, it’s purely dishwasher safe except base and motor. You don’t need to wash it by hands until you want to dos so otherwise, it will be perfectly cleaned in dishwashers.

Power and Voltage
It needs 600 watts to start the motor and 110 V For the USA. It’s quite manageable because it quickly crushes the vegetables, within seconds, so not a big mess of power wastage.

Braun food processor gives you One year warranty for easy maintenance.

  • Performs multiple tasks
  • Has brilliant system of dual control
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gives easy and even processing
  • Manageable power
  • Ridges on inside, which will cause difficulty to remove stuff

4. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC  – Best mini food processor

 Best Food Processors for vegans

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Here’s another treat from Cuisinart, this time with Mini-prep Plus. As Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor has won the prize “Runner Up” and this Mini-prep Plus from Cuisinart has won “Best mini food processor” for being a brilliant food processor.

The Mini-Prep Plus food processor is the best little helper in the kitchens. It’s perfect for small food preparations, from grinding hard frozen cheese to little herbs, it works well.

It’s beautiful from the outside and brilliant from the inside, designed in Italy, the award winner food processor is so easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe removable parts.

Power and parts
This mini helper from Cuisinart works with, 250-watt and comes with a 3-cup plastic work bowl. This 24-ounce work bowl is constructed with a handle for easy stability.

Although it has less capacity because it is made for small portioned tasks, However it works great. It can chop, grind, and make slices just as you want. Its stainless steel blades perfectly grinds within few seconds.

Cuisinart mini-prep plus is very light in weight so that you can handle it easily and it adjusts in less counter space easily. Its durable but lightweight plastic body helps easy stability and it won’t run while working.

Dishwasher safe
It comes with dishwasher safe bowl and lid for easy and quick cleaning without indulging a lot of effort. Clean the motor base with damp sponge or cloth.

Stainless steel blades, hard core plastic and perfectly adjusted lid makes this mini-prep plus durable.

  • Works with 250 watts
  • Light in weight and small size is compatible to small counter tops
  • Chops and grinds small portions but perfectly
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • You need to adjust the blades before start chopping, bit unpleasant

5. Hamilton Beach


 Best Food Processors for vegans

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Do you need to pre-cut your veggies and fruits? Then you have to check this Hamilton Beach food processor, which has a super-wide chute. This will prove to be your best partner in the kitchen and let it serve you with various functions.

Its extra-wide chute allows you to put whole tomato or onion without pre-cutting them. It’s an amazing food processor and almost every customer is satisfied with its extra brilliant performance.

Bowl scraper attachment
This super stylish Hamilton food processor has special attachment scrapes which forces to food to remain closer to the blades. This process gives even chopping and overall even results. Another thing is, it reduces the use of a spatula to bring the food closer to blades.

It comes with the 10 cups large bowl which can handle large volumes of ingredients, it chops all of the ingredients in just one round.

Large feed chute
Tiny or narrow chutes are just unpleasant. But this food processor gives you extra-wide feed chute for putting the whole of the ingredient without pre-cutting them, like putting the whole cube of cheese, butter or tomatoes, etc.

Every machine must come with a guarantee of versatility and durability. That’s what Hamilton offers you, its super functioning and stainless blades, reversible discs made it versatile and durable. It will work for a long period of time.

2 speed plus pulses
It is designed with 2-speed pulses to control the whole process. It gives you control for various recipes withers to chop at low speed or you want to blend on the highest speed.

Dishwasher safe
It comes with dishwasher safe parts to reduce your some of the effort.

  • Constructed with 2 speed pulses for control
  • Compatible with large volumes of ingredients
  • Comes with scraper attachment
  • Ensures versatility
  • Great product in reasonable price
  • In some pieces, the lid may get stuck due to some manufacturing default

6. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup

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It’s hard to find a perfect food processor at an affordable price. But, we give you this opportunity, must avail it by purchasing Hamilton Beach food processor for your large countertops.

It’s affordable as well as has all the necessary features which a food processor must-have. Apart from this, it is truly durable, Hamilton really takes care of their customers. It has a lot many features which includes sharp blades, multiple functions, time-saving and money-saving, etc.

Power and motor
Here’s another stylish product from Hamilton, this modern food processor comes with all in one quality. Its powerful 450 Watt motor gives safe and quick processing. It has 2 Speed plus Pulse control to save your precious time and completes the task within just seconds.

Easy to Use
This product is very easy to handle and use also. It is designed in such a way that its blade works fast and you can easily replace them and adjust them whichever function you want, either slicing or chopping or shredding, anything.

It has 12 cup capacity which is really a huge amount, wait, it means now we can arrange dinner for big dinner parties within very little time. That’s super cool because veggies take too long for cutting only.

Stainless Steel Blades
Hamilton S Blade is coated with stainless steel for more durability and safe cleanings and its reversible discs are easy to adjust and quick when comes in functioning.

Large Feed Chute
Extra-large feed chute fits the large pieces easily without pre-cutting them, just push a button and adjust what you want, you won’t regret for sure.

  • Big feed chute
  • Reversible discs for even cutting
  • Fast and stainless steel blades
  • Bowl can store large volumes
  • Can’t stay for long period of time

7. Hamilton Beach Mini


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We really don’t want to waste our time and money by selecting inappropriate products for our kitchen. So, Hamilton is helping a lot to choose either a mini food processor or large ones because they serve in the best possible way.

This Mini 3-cup food processor is best for chopping and mixing fewer volume ingredients. The mini food processor has less capacity only not quality.

Easy to handle
Every product from Hamilton has easy adjustment quality. This also has no twisting or locking issues, all you have to do is just place the bowl on the motor and then adjust the lid, that’s all.

Chops in one step
Simply press the patented lid for easy and quick chopping, now the chopping is just one step away.

Excellent performance
Its stainless steel blades and the powerful motor has brilliant performance as the blades are so powerful that it can handle the tough ingredients too, like coffee beans, etc.

Amazing for dressings
It comes with a built-In Oil dispenser. This mini food processor is the only one so far which allows you to add liquid ingredients to the bowl, also. It’s just perfect for homemade dressings.

Easy cleaning
Its blade, bowl and lid are purely dishwasher safe, just put them in dishwasher and relax.

  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless blades for quick action
  • Built-in oil input
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Functions in just one step
  • Handle the blades carefully, they’re extremely sharp

8. KitchenAid KFP1133CU

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As its name suggests, it literally helps you whenever you intended to cut the ingredients before cooking. This is considered to be the best food processor for vegans as it helped them out in chopping all of the vegetables.

Only the food processor which doesn’t let you change the disc and blade before every use. It has an amazing feature of the external lever which allows you to choose the thickness of your own choice.

This kitchen-aid food processor is easy to adjust its features and its Exact Slice adjustable system is for optimized speeds. It has an amazing system of an external lever which gives you an option for thick and thin slices.

Large feed chute
The 3-in-1 Wide Mouth Feed Tube lets you accommodate large items—like tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes with very little prep beforehand. Base Material – Polycarbonate.

Seal features
The KitchenAid food processor is specifically designed with a locking integrated system and leak-
resistant ring. This helps you to fill the bowl and start grinding without any mess.

2-speed pulses
This food processor has 2 options for speed, High and Low & a Pulse. Have your finely ground mixture by just pushing a button.

Brilliant functioning food processor has a lot many features including, 11-Cup Bowl, 3-Cup Work Bowl, Slicing disc, reversible Shredding disc, sharp blade, and a dough blade.

  • Extremely multi-purpose food processor
  • Control speed with 2 buttons and a pulse
  • Comes with a lot of other useful features
  • Seal quality
  • Big mouth feed chute
  • Adjustable lever for thickness
  • Bowls are constructed with low plastic quality

9. Hamilton Beach Professional

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You must have this beautiful, stylish, and brilliant professional food processor for your kitchen countertops. Its 14-cup bowl is something which is very hard to find. Such an amazing capacity especially for the huge family.

Not only large capacity, even it has extra-wide feed chute to avoid pre-cuttings and save your time. Specifically designed for home kitchens but it is professional when it comes to working, must try.

Easy assemble
You don’t have to twist and twirl anymore, it is easy to assemble and all of its parts are super adjustable. Its bowl and lid easily are easily adjustable, even its bowl stacks directly on the base.

5 Attachments

This super comfortable food processor comes with 5 attachments and a case to store them. You can now Slice, Shred, Knead, Chop, MIX, and Puree within the same food processor, no need to buy separate gadgets for these processes.

Large chute
3 in 1 extra-large feed chute for easy pouring the whole veggies without pre-cutting them.

Touchpad Control
It comes with the electronic touchpad control for quick function with optimal processing. It includes 2 Speeds buttons and a Pulse to easily control the speed you want. Function icons are easy to read.

Heavy duty
This stylish food processor is specifically made to perform the heavy duties with a heavy duty motor for easy, quick and even processing. It offers you 5 year Warranty.

  • Multiple attachments for multiple tasks
  • Comes with a convenient storage box
  • Performs heavy duty tasks
  • 14 cup bowl with a lot of capacity
  • Large and big feed tube for “no pre-cuttings”
  • It has some internal issue with slicing blade

10. Aicok

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Aicok is serving the quality for many years, it has a lot of famous products which really impressed its users. Here, it has introduced another food processor which is multi-task based and ensure safety at the same time. How?

It is integrated with a brilliant interlocking system that ensures safety and doesn’t create any mess. It comes with 3-speed buttons, whichever you want to choose you may go for that and its chopping blades really work fast.

12-Cup capacity
This brilliant food processor from Aicok comes with 12-cup capacity, which is really a big volume. It is inducted with 500W motor which is powerful enough for doing most of the heavy jobs.

4-speed buttons options
It functions with 4 buttons. One is “OFF” button. If you want to mix ingredients or make dough press “Low speed” or if you intended to grind or chop then press “High speed”. There is another option “Pulse” when you want to control the speed and time by yourself, go for Pulse.

Safe processing
The food processor from Aicok when the lid, bowl, and all features are fully secure, means locked. Otherwise, it will not work, it’s cool in one sense, it may not create any mess and won’t be dangerous.

2 year warranty
This food processor gives you 2 years warranty, if you have any issue within this time limit then call helpline.

  • Multi-task food processor
  • Able to perform heavy tasks
  • Comes with 4 speed options
  • Ensures safety
  • Unlock process takes time, which causes uneasiness

Important Things to Consider When Buying the Best food processor for vegan cooking :


If you are going to buy only one food processor then must seek the one which has a large capacity to cut large volumes of ingredients. Better to go for such food processors which offers you both the bowls, one with maximum capacity and other with minimum capacity.

Multiple functions

A food processor usually offers multiple functions like kneading, chopping, slicing, shredding, and many more. Such food processors are perfect for kitchens.

Stainless steel blades

As blades are made through steel, it’s necessary to purchase items which have stainless steel, because it won’t rust. You can easily wash them out and won’t destroy our health.

Heavy-duty motor

Must check whether the motor of your desired food processor is able to perform heavy duties or not. It’s important because it will work for a long time and perform heavy tasks.


Less price with the best features is a treat. Try to purchase a food processor which is affordable for you as all are the same and work the same, so better to select which may not be heavy on your pockets.

Dishwasher safe

Select a food processor which offers you more dishwasher safe parts. It would be easy for you in
cleaning purposes.

Large feed chute

Larger chutes are very essential in a food processor, do not buy a one which has a narrow feed chute because it will force you to pre-cut the veggies, and for a busy person it is not possible to do chopping in 2 steps. Why not choose big mouth feed chutes to avoid pre-cuttings.


Durability and versatility are all we check first, whatever food processor you buy, it should be durable.


Well, the food processor is something we all need. For a vegetarian especially, cutting the vegetables and fruits is not an easy task, so a food processor does it all for you within very little time. We have listed above the top 10 food processors which are considered to be the best among all and some of them won the prize, too.

At last, we suggest you buy a food processor with more and more features, like having a large chute, heavy-duty motor, easy maintenance, etc. Rest your all worries and if you don’t have enough time to cut the vegetables first during big dinners parties, then this is the best option.

All the Best!

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