10 Best Espresso Grinder under $1000

If you have best espresso machine, now you are definitely wondering about best and perfect espresso grinder under $1000.

To have a best espresso grinder in your kitchen means you have to spend a lot of your savings as premium kitchen appliances cost you a lot. Specifically, those ones you need for superior taste, exceptional functionality, and revolutionary design.

Why is it to have a best espresso grinder? It is just because even you are using best espresso machine with high quality beans, you still needs a perfect grinder to bring all together to get a perfect shot.

A good quality grinder provides consistently fine grind with precision and accuracy, allows you to have a perfect grind for different brewing types using their burs with their deficient and fast functionality.


Best Overall

Baratza Sette 270Wi

  • Convertible Convenience
Premium Choice

Rancilio Rocky

  • High quality and fine grinds
  • 55 ways to grind
  • Robust motor
Great Value

Baratza Sette

  • Dual dosing feature
  • Advance programming
  • Innovative gear box



Top 10 Best Espresso Grinder Under 1000:

With all in mind, here we have provided you with the best espresso grinders. These grinders offer modern functionality, innovative features and fast operating time. These grinder provide fine, precise and accurate grind coffee .It will definitely help you in satisfying your search haul for best espresso grinder.

1. Baratza Sette 270Wi-Grind

best espresso grinder under $1000

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Baratza grinder is considered as the best espresso grinder due to its revolutionary design. It one of leading name in the field of coffee grinders as they only manufacture grinders with innovative and ground-breaking features.

This modern day machine comes with lot of advanced features, functions and technologies that together increases its efficiency. It is a compact, light and high quality grinder. It allows you get high quality and finely grind coffee grounds.

This offers professional functioning for the enthusiast for coffee. This espresso grinder comes with lot of changing and advancements in comparison of its previous models. you’ll definitely love it because of how convenient and professional it is .This will make you espresso finer and tastier.

Grind by weight:
This is the most standout feature in this grinder. It will save you from hassle of weighing the beans separately and all. It offers functionality that pours directly into a porafilter with quite specific and precise dosing with a difference of few grams (only 2-3 beans) and allows you to have a top not quality espresso.

Digital weighing options:
This machine has Acaia technology that has 3 different precise settings which allows you to set and save three different dose weightage options. It also has Bluetooth option that you can connect with Acaia’sette IOS app and make changes  or updates.

Grind Adjustments:
It has 30 macro and 9 micro adjustment settings that allows you to set different grind options.This mechanism is connected to the cone burr grinder and results in immediate action.

Convertible device:
This convertible grinder can fits to different brewing devices and portafilters for quick and easy transference of ground coffee.

  • Professional performance with revolutionary design
  • Micro and macro adjustment settings
  • Convertible holder
  • Grind by weight technology
  • It is bit loud

2. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD

best espresso grinder under $1000

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This machine is a runner up in the list of best espresso grinder under $1000 due to its robust design, modern features and fast functioning.

It is famous for its robust motor, great housing and advanced functioning.It has all the latest commercial and professional functioning to give you same espresso even at home.

One of the ideal grinding machined for those enthusiastic coffee lovers who are looking for a perfect grinder.

Grinding burr:
This machine possesses a 50m grinding burrs famous for its commercial grade functionality.It grinds the coffee directly into portafilter.

Robust motor:
One of the silent features of this grinder is that it possesses powerful 166 watt drive quiet motor. Mostly grinders produce annoying high volume sound causing discomfort.

Bean hopper:
This machine possesses a tinted bean hopper which has total capacity of o.56lb and gave protection from ultraviolet radiations.

55 ways to grind:
A twist of dial on this machine allows you to get a 55 different grind settings.it allows you to have a grind of your choice.it provides you a lot of versatility by allowing you to have espresso to drip to French press and many more in between.

  • It has Commercial design for home use
  • Commercial ranked burr grinder
  • Produce more consistent and finer grind
  • This machine is relatively quiet
  • High quality and fine grinds
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Adjustments are bit difficult to operate

3. Baratza Sette 270

best espresso grinder under $1000

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This Baratza grinder is the best budget espresso grinder. This is one of the most sought after grinder brand even liked by professionals.

Baratza grinder comes with a innovative designs and delivers advance functionality to their home users. It provides a standard to all espresso home grinders.

It offers you fast, efficient and high quality ground coffee. It allows you to have a delicious espresso at the ease of your home as it comes with professional functionality. It provides you fine grind coffee within no time.

Advance programming:
It has three different programming button options for specifically precised and accurate ground coffee.It delivers you in 10th of a second. It also allows you to save three programming option for varying dosing options.

Dual dosing feature:
It can be attached to different brewing devices .this machine mainly gives you the options to grind directly into portafilter, ground bins or brewing devices.

Minimal Retention:
This machine comes with innovative gear box which is redesigned for better results in which upper ring burr revolves around a static cone burr. This design will ensure that minimal retention is being produced in the system.

Grind settings:
It comes with different 270 grind settings with micro and macro adjustments.it ensures that you get a precise and finer grind of your choice with built in dial system.

  • Delivers an excellent performance
  • Processing time us quite fast
  • It gives you fine and high quality ground coffee
  • It comes with 270 micro and macro adjustments
  • Some users complained about its durability

4. Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder

best espresso grinder under $1000

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This coffee grinder is of the best mini espresso grinder perfect for your beautiful kitchen.

Mazzer is famous coffee grinders for its quality, reliability and durability. They are one of the leading brand names in field of coffee grinders.

This is a mini espresso grinder but works as a giant in delivering quality and efficiency.It is widely appreciated for its performance by home users and even small cafes and restaurant holders.

Bean hopper:
It comes with a beautiful strongly built bean hopper that holds quite a space for beans that needs to be ground.it also has quite feasible mechanism which allows of changing the beans in the hopper without even emptying it.

Grind Consistency:
It has 58mm flat grinding burrs which are also removable for easy cleaning. It has low Rpm operating system so that a little or no heat builds up and transferred to your ground beans affecting their taste.

Grind adjustment:
It comes with step less micro metical adjustment system. You can twist and pull the pin to make adjustments according to your choice.

Dosing level:
It gives you option to adjust your dosing level between 5.5-9 grams it is to provide you convenience and feasibility.

  • Provides a precise and consistent grind
  • Step less adjustment system
  • Allows you to have control on dose adjustment
  • Works at low RPM
  • Adjustment settings are bit confusing with no marks on them.

5. Gaggia 8002

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Gaggia is a professional grade coffee grinder efficient for home use.it is very classic machine with classic design to offer great performance to their users.

This sleek coffee grinder with doser allows you to have a perfect grind of your own choice.it is one of the great entry level espresso grinders that ensures you have a professional quality ground coffee.

It gives you precision consistency and value for the money you spent.it is a good addition in your kitchen equipment’s to make your life easier.

Grind settings:
This machine comes with a 50mm grinding burrs for efficient performance.it also has 34 different grind settings to offer customization and variation to your coffee routines.

Storing capacity:
It comes with a bean hopper which has total capacity of 10 ounces.it also has a spate container to hold ground coffee with a total capacity of 8 ounce.

Pull-lever doser:
It is very easy to operate. It has a lever which you can easily pull if you want to pour the ground coffee directly into portafilter or any filter holder.

Minimal retention:
This machine is designed to have a gear reduction mechanism which ensures that you get you beans done without any noise.it has motorized operation system.it also reduces the heat that builds up while grinding beans and affect the quality of ground beans.

  • It is quite simple to use.
  • Provide consistent and finer grinds
  • It is well built espresso machine
  • It also comes with a separate ground coffee container
  • It is bit noisy

6. De’Longhi KG521 –  Best budget espresso grinder

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This dedica stainless steel grinder is very sleek, compact and high quality coffee grind machine.This allows you to have a customized ground coffee like a professional.

It offers you so much variety and allows you to have an espresso, drip coffee and French press with a professional taste at your home.

This coffee grinder comes with advanced setting, variety of functions and modern aesthetics to add a very modern technological kitchenware to your apartment. It comes with an LCD display which allows you to choose every setting with just a single touch.

Customize grind:
It comes with 18 variable settings that allow you choose from different varieties such as espresso, pour over and French press etc. It has three different settings light, normal and strong which you can choose.

Grind capacity:
It allows you to have a choice if you want to grind one cup espresso directly into your portafilter
or you can grind up to 14 cups and store it into a transparent and airtight container.

Double burr:
The stainless steel grinder with conical burrs to make sure that you get conformity and consistency with every grind.it is also to ensure that it delivers ling lasting performance to their users.

Portafilter adapter:
You can also grind your coffee directly into portafilter using the adapter which comes along.This grinder comes with an integrated storage drawer or box to store adapter placed at the back of the grinder to make sure that you always know where to find it.

  • Good to use for French press and drip
  • 18 variable settings with 3 strength settings
  • Provides reliability and durability
  • Can store up to 14 cups
  • Bean hopper doesn’t close

7. Baratza Forte

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You can depend for anything on this machine as this is an all-purpose grinder machine. It delivers an exceptional cup of espresso for you.

It is perfect to use at home and you can also use it for light commercial purposes. It provides quality, consistency and accuracy.

It comes with digital display screen to choose any setting with a touch and also comes with a unique feature to have ground coffee by time or by weight.

Grind by Weight or time:
It comes with a built in digital weighing scale for exact weight-based dosing. It also has a digital timer for time-based dosing.

Digital Programming:
It has three different Programmable buttons options that allow you to save up to 3 different saved setting for repetitive or one-touch grinding so you don’t have to set each and every time separately.

High quality Grinder:
This grinder comes with 54mm professional grade ceramic flat burrs which provides high quality
output and maintains its sharpness throughout to offer durability.It also has high grinding capacity and can grind up to 5lbs per day

260 grind settings:
It comes with 260 different grind settings and allows dial in for perfect espresso and different brewing options. It has easy to shut off hopper for mess free removal of hopper to add more coffee beans.

  • Offers you grind by weight or scale
  • Perfect weighing scale for accurate dosing
  • Minimum waste and easy to clean
  • High quality sharpen blades
  • Some users find it is difficult to adjust for a perfect setting

8. KitchenAid KCG0702CS

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This kitchenaid coffee grinder is a sleek, stylish and streamlined coffee grinder that adds value to you kitchen shelf. It is available in three different exclusive colors.

This burr grinder machine is designed to offer high quality performance, reliability and consistency.It allows you to grind your coffee consistently with different grind settings.

It delivers quite a professional performance at reasonable price. It ensures that you get a tasteful high quality coffee at the ease of your home.

15 grind settings:
It has 15 different grind settings that allow you to choose from finer grinds to a coarser French press grind.it provides you an excellent grind consistency.

Bean hopper and Ground jar:
It comes with a glass bean hopper which is easy to clean and has quick adjusting lid for quick filling up. The ground coffee storing container and bean hopper has capacity of 7 ounces.

Stainless steel burrs:
This grinder comes with stainless steel grinding which offers efficient performance, reliability and durability. They are durable enough to offer you long term services.

Low RPM:
This grinding machine burrs turn up at 450 RPM which is also to reduce the frictional force that can affect the quality and taste of coffee. The low speed functioning also helps to reduce the noise that may annoy your all housemates.

  • It offers you consistency and quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • High performance efficient burrs
  • Offers durability
  • Reduced frictional force
  • Some users complained the lid on the bean hopper doesn’t fit properly

9. Capresso 565.05

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Capresso is one of a well know brand for coffee grinders. This capresso espresso grinder is
commercial grade efficient and effective grinder for home as well as commercial use.

It allows you to have single cup of delicious coffee or coffee for a crowd, you can do all with this amazing grinder.

This grinder can handle 8-1/2 ounces of coffee beans at a time and ensures that you get a grind of your choice.

Precision grinding:
It comes with conical burr grinder that ensure that you get the varied range of precise coffee grounds for almost each type of brewing method that ranges from Turkish, espresso, drip coffee, French press, and percolators.

Low RPM:
It tends to have an advanced gear reduction motor that creates minimal friction that may affect the taste of coffee grounds. Thus, innovative method trends to preserve the real flavor and aroma of coffee.

16 grind settings:
It comes with 16 grind settings to get different brewing consistencies for different coffee types. These settings are generally termed as extra fine, fine regular and coarse.

Coffee containers:
The bean hopper of this grinder almost holds up to 8.8 ounces of coffee and the storage container for ground coffee holds up to 4 ounces of ground coffee.

  • 16 different grind settings
  • Removable coffee containers
  • It’s very easy to clean and maintain
  • Lower friction reduction motor
  • Some users complained coffee is being wasted as much as they brew

10. Mazzer Super Jolly Timer Silver ETL Grinder

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This is one of the great low cost espresso grinder available in the market.it provides quality and efficiency with its efficient working and fast timing.

If you need top notch quality espresso grinder in your home, then it can definitely meet your needs. You can also use this espresso grinder in your small restaurant and cafes.

It provides you reliability, durability and precision that also in quite reasonable pricing thus saving your lots of bucks.

Grind Adjustments:
It comes with infinite numbers of grind settings which allows you to get a finer grind or coarser whatever you want by just dialing in number.

Grinding burrs:
It comes with highly efficient, 64 mm grinding burrs which provides in most effective and fast way to meet your perfect grinding needs.

Grind controls:
It comes with a timer which allows you to get a perfect grind according to your set timer. Turn it clockwise to get a coarser and counterclockwise for a finer grind.

Bean hopper:
It comes with a bean hopper which can hold up to 2.7lbs of coffee beans.it also ensures easy and mess free removal of hopper for addition of more beans.

  • Comes with a timer
  • It has infinite number of settings
  • Fast and efficient grinding burrs
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hopper and storing containers are of less capacity
  • Bean hopper is bit difficult to operate

Final Thoughts:

This above mentioned list is an outcome of extensive researches that is being done to formulate the best for our readers. These grinders are the most top rated, efficient and durable in the range of espresso grinding burrs.

Each one of this is a good option to select. However, you can choose any depending on your requirements price range and all that. All of these grinders have precision with low RPM and fast working mechanism.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our through review on these best espresso grinder under $1000 and have picked the one you wanted to buy for your kitchen.

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