10 Best Dorm Room Microwave In 2022

What you need the most when you are away from home, in a dorm? Yes, right. It’s the food, you have to take care of your health as you can’t eat fast foods on daily basis. When you are in the dorm, you don’t have enough time to cook. So, the microwave can do this job for you.

Being a student or job holder you have many other responsibilities apart from cooking, too. So it is better to let the microwave take this responsibility for you. Now rest your worries and look for the smart and fast working microwave for your dorm and save your time and energy.

There are many microwaves which are doing brilliant jobs, but you need that one which should be all in one. Some are best in baking and some in reheating, so try to pick the smartest microwave which can perform all tasks for you, related to your meals, just in minutes.


Best Overall

Toshiba EM131A5C

  • Large digital display
  • Pre-programmed sensor
  • Soften/Melt Function
Premium Choice

Panasonic NN-SD945S

  • Sensor invertor turbo defrost
  • Keep warm feature
  • Quick 30 sec timer
Great Value


  • Compact size
  • Child safety lock and timer
  • Convenient


Top 10 Dorm Room Microwave Reviews 2022 :

We understand that cooking is really challenging, it needs extra time, care, and skills. Thanks to the microwaves which have made our tasks pretty easier. The companies upon which we trust more have introduced these smart microwaves, which includes all of the useful features and performs various functions to help you in your busy schedule.

We have selected the top 10 microwaves, which are ideal for dorm rooms. These top microwaves listed below are famous for their durability and longevity. The best part is we’ve selected all microwaves which are affordable because we don’t want to put an extra burden on you.

1. Toshiba

 best dorm room microwave

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Toshiba is one of the topmost brands, it doesn’t need to introduce its name. I think we can easily trust Toshiba’s products without any hesitation because it has been serving quality for many years. It has introduced a new smart sensor microwave and ‘convenience’ is its second name.

This EM131A5C-BS Black microwave oven with a smart sensor system is wonderful for dorm rooms. It can perform various tasks just within minutes. You don’t need to wait for a long time for your coffee, tea, popcorn, or any other food.

Its features say it all. Let’s have a look.

Smart Sensors
Toshiba has introduced pre-programmed sensors for proper and required heating of some foods i.e. pizza, veggies, popcorn, etc. It requires voltage: 120V~ 60Hz. This brilliant dorm room microwave is constructed with smart sensor functioning 6 auto menus.

Its built-in sensors immediately detect the humidity in the food while cooking and then automatically adjusts suitable temperature and time for better results. So it is one of the best dorm room microwave.

Measurements and Design
This Black microwave oven has a stainless steel outer body and has a large capacity of 1. 2 cubic feet. Its dimensions are 20. 5 w x 17. 1 d x 12. 8 (h) inch. It comes with 1100 watts with 10 power settings and a timer clock.

Digital Display
It has a large digital display and easy to read panel as comparative to other microwaves, so you
can easily read the time from a distance.

Auto defrosting
Now rest your all worries and defrost your food just in minutes, you don’t, even, need to adjust the time and power, Toshiba smart sensor microwave will do it for you. Just choose the custom menu and put the weight of food and then let the microwave adjust the time and energy for it. One-touch start popcorn and two defrosting strategies.

Sound buttons
If you want to mute the on/off buttons of a microwave, press long the button “8” for 5 seconds. The buzzer will be switched off, apart from this its sound system will provoke you when your food is ready.

Easy Cleaning
Toshiba smart microwave oven is constructed in such a way that its interior and exterior is very easy-to-clean. Its hardcore coating makes it scratch and stains free. Always clean with the damp towel with two to three drops of dish-wash soap, it is no longer a big deal.

Energy Saving Mode
It saves energy when on ECO mode. Toshiba takes care of consuming extra energy.

  • Constructed of smart sensors with auto menus
  • Material used is stainless, so easy to clean
  • Save energy with Toshiba microwaves
  • Large digital display
  • Smart and intelligent for dorm rooms
  • Power button may not work, sometimes, in case follow the instructions in the manual.

2. Panasonic

 best dorm room microwave

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Panasonic is a brand of brands. It’s all items are surely reliable and made up of the best quality, the same is the case with its microwaves. It understands your needs and that’s the reason it introduced Inverter microwaves for even cooking. Inverter technology gives power in a mannerly way and allowing the food to evenly cook without burning issues.

The Panasonic has a capacity of 1250 watts of high power and 19 auto-menu for foods. It has an amazing auto cook system, you don’t need to wait so long. Not only this, but it also has many quality features apart from this.

This brilliant invention by Panasonic utilizes 1250 watts of high cooking power with an inverter for a fast and unburned cooking process.

Preset Auto cook menu
Well, this adorable looking item, has a 15 inches turntable along with preset auto cook menus. It gives you a popcorn button which means that time and heat is already adjusted for popcorn. It allows you to cook at three different levels.

Panasonic microwave oven requires minimum space, which is a plus point for purchasing it for dorm rooms. It is almost eight pounds lighter than other traditional microwave ovens. It has a child safety lock, too, so that if you buy this for your home kitchen, your naughty kids will not be able to open the door and no danger will occur.

Note: This Panasonic microwave is compatible with a 27-inch cabinet opening.

Smart Sensors
They are created with the smart sensors which works automatically to defrost foods more evenly within seconds. It has an automatic menu system, too, for which you don’t have to be worried while adjusting their heating time and power.

Warm feature
Its warm feature is just adorable. Panasonic microwave oven keeps the foods like soups, gravies, sauces, desserts, and pancakes, etc. warm in the oven until you serve them.

  • Amazingly keeps the foods warm and delicious
  • Sensors with the automatic menu system
  • Comes with 3 different levels of cooking
  • Small in size, requires minimum space
  • Some customers may not like to do the double-action while opening its door, press button to unlock and then to open the door.

3. Amazon Basics  –  Mini microwave for dorm

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AmazonBasics microwave is considered to be the best dorm room microwave so far, because of its Alexa. Now you can cook by just letting Alexa use your voice and then follow the orders. You have to just use your voice to cook anything, let’s say “Alexa, heat one mug of hot chocolate” and Alexa delivers the order to microwave and will start heating with the suitable and required power and time.

Alexa will help you to cook within your busy schedule. Even, when you don’t feel like standing all the time, checking and rechecking the time and heat, just place the food in the microwave and relax, just use your voice and Alexa will do it all.

This process needs some precautions, obviously the primary ones. While placing the pack in the microwave just make sure the bag doesn’t touch the walls. For your convenience, we recommend bag sizes not more than 3 oz.

Defrost meals
It has become easier to defrost the frozen vegetables, to make popcorn, reheat rice, and coffee. With the use of your voice, give the orders to Alexa and it will quickly prepare your desired food.

Intelligent Alexa
It’s been more convenient to cook food while staying in the dorm with the use of AmazonBasics microwave which has smart and intelligent Alexa to help you in cooking and reheating your meal as you can’t have fast foods all the time.

External dimensions
This AmazonBasics has dimensions of 17.3 in. x 10.1 in. x 14.1 inches. Its internal dimensions are 10 7/8 in. x 6 7/8 in. x 10” inches. It comes with a turntable that has a diameter of 10 inches.

Compatible size and Others
They are super cool and comfortable for your dorm rooms. They have a compact size which will save the counter space. They come with 10 power levels, a kitchen timer clock, child safety lock, and a turntable.

  • Alexa helps in the busy routines to maintain your easiness
  • Use your voice and order to defrost or reheat food
  • Compact size for less counter space
  • Comes with child safety lock and timer
  • It might be overheated, handle with care.

4. Panasonic NN-SB458S

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This Panasonic compact microwave is not the same as the above product of Panasonic, but it also has a lot of useful features. It’s the plus point is its compact size, which is perfect for your dorm rooms, as there is no extra space for larger conventional microwaves.

Panasonic NN-SB458S is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, which made it scratching free and easy cleaning. 0. 9 cubic feet countertop microwave gives 900 watts of high power and its stylish design makes it compatible with the modern kitchens.

This masterpiece of Panasonic works with 900 Watts of high power, to provide fast and even cooking without burning or overflow.

7 preset auto menu
Panasonic microwave oven has 7 Preset Auto cook menus for saving your time energy. You just have to select what food you are going to have and in what way then rest of the work will be done automatically.

It comes with a 10. 6 inches Turntable, Child Safety Lock, and a feature of the quick 30-sec procedure along with 3 different cooking levels.

Compact design
This stylish Panasonic microwave is small and compatible with the fewer space countertops. Although it’s small in size it can perform huge functions.

Keep warm feature
Its Keep Warm Feature allows the hot foods to remain warm until we serve. Not only warm but it also maintains the real and delicious taste of the foods like, vegetables, soups, gravies etc.

  • Works with 900 watts of high cooking power
  • Comes with preset auto menus
  • Saves time and space
  • Child safety lock
  • Compact size with warm feature to keep the food warm
  • Not durable for longer period of time


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This adorable and stylish Black + Decker microwave oven best suits your needs. Let it serve you with the most protective and useful features. This digital microwave oven has a removable turntable and a lot of room for warming the foods. Compact in size but spacious from inside.

Auto menu
This Black + Decker microwave has pre-planned buttons for potatoes, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverages, and popcorn. What you have to do is, just place the food and this microwave will, reheat, defrost, or whatever you want, just by a push of a button.

Additional accessories
It comes with a large digital LED and the control panel becomes easy to read control panel. It has a child safety lock, an interior light, 10” glass turntable, and much more.

Its dimensions are 17. 3” x 13. 0” x 10. 2”, which means that it is compatible with the dorm rooms
as it is space-saving.

Well, unlike many other microwaves it has guarantee of One year. If you face any problem with the system within, then you may contact to the manufacturer team, they will help you for sure.

  • Removable glass turntable
  • The spacious interior and compact size
  • One year guarantee
  • LED display and easy to read panel
  • Comes with pre-planned auto menus
  • There are some difficulties with relation to panel, might not be clear to read


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Comfee microwaves are powerful and helps you to prepare food within no time. These microwaves are reliable and have a lot of distinguishing features along with durability and safety. Go through its features and characteristics, look at what it can do and must try once.

The fact is, it’s a bit costly, I mean as comparative to other ones, but it has amazing functions. It has a child safety lock which ensures the protection of your child as well as your microwave, too. Its Eco saving mode is the best part.

Well, if we talk about its design, it’s super stylish and full black in color. Not only its design but how it is constructed is also cool. These microwaves are made up of stainless steel which eases your cleaning purposes and ensures the scratch-free procedures. Its compact design is all what you are looking for.

Multiple Functions
This multi-talented microwave can perform various functions. It works with One Touch cooking process. It has an amazing 30 seconds plus quality and two defrost settings.

Its settings are such that some menus or recipes are auto-adjusted like, Popcorn, Potato, Frozen Veggie, Beverages, etc. All are just in a push of a button.

Energy Saving
Please turn on its Eco mode as we all love our planet. It’s a totally energy-saving microwave, by turning on its Eco mode it minimizes 50% energy and saves it.

Digital display
It’s really comfortable, its bright digital display and easy to read panel makes it super cool. Its display is far better than other expensive microwaves.

1 year warranty
This amazing microwave oven meets your needs and gives you 1 year warranty.

  • Awfully saves energy
  • Multi functional microwave for your convenience
  • Comes with a child lock and digital display
  • Uses 700 watts energy
  • Comes with 11 power levels
  • Difficulty faced while reading the digits on display

7. Commercial Chef CHM660B

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The commercial chef microwave oven is compatible to the small countertops. It has an amazing list of features which worth it all. This microwave oven can prepare various snacks and defrost foods within no time. So when you are tired just reheat your leftovers or foods which you have stored.

It’s a bit costly but is durable. Its premium construction made it durable as the best material is used in its designing and a cabinet along with many other features.

Easy to Grip
Commercial chef microwaves are very easy to handle. It has easy graspable handle to open and close the door of the microwave. They are very convenient and comfortable when comes in usage.

Speedy defrost foods
No need to wait for a long to defrost the frozen food. Just place them in this microwave it will
speedily do its job and well.

Power Levels
These microwaves comes with Six power levels making it suitable to perform various functions.

  1.  On the middle power level, you can easily reheat your food.
  2.  Might use the high power settings for more frozen cooking.
  3. Adjust the settings so that when you are not using it, the unit will not consume electricity.
  4. No electronic controls to malfunction and very easy to clean despite its compact size.
  5. The mechanical dials are comfortable to use and the persons who have some eyesight issues find it convenient because of its visible display.
  6. Use lower settings to melt butter or milk chocolates.
  • 6 amazing power levels
  • Defrost food within no time
  • Easy graspable handles
  • Made up of good quality material
  • Space saving
  • Turntable makes noise after some times of use, replace then with the new one

8. Commercial Chef CHM770B

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Commercial chef microwaves have done a good job so far, with the right size and awesome features. Its features clears it all, they are specifically made for the dorm room services, just perfect for the small countertops.

Convenient oven
No need to adjust the right time and power for your foods now, let it all do for you. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the suitable time and heat, its auto-adjust menu has made this task very easy. Moreover, its LED display is so comfortable to use and visible.

Quick Cook Settings
It gives you 6 auto cook settings including popcorn, potatoes, pizzas and many more.

Space Saving
It doesn’t take too much space. So are perfect for small countertops or small kitchens where there is not enough space.

Easy Maintenance
Apart from its compact size, this appliance is very easy to clean. From outer body to inner turntable plate, you can easily maintain cleanliness and it’s small in size so not a rush to keep its cleanliness.

  • Easy defrosting
  • Space saving compact sized oven
  • 6 auto cook menus
  • Large LED display
  • Quality of material used might not be satisfied, burns the whole unit easily

9. Nostalgia RMO7AQ

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Compatible with all types of small kitchens with stylish and cool design also. Nostalgia countertop microwave oven has Retro-style sleek design and serves with the best quality ever.
Let’s see how.

This smart microwave works with 700-watts cooking power. It efficiently provides the required cooking power for quick and even cooking.

Convenient pre-programmed settings
Keeping in view the schedule of those who live in dorms, this microwave controls 12 pre-adjusted cooking menus, to provide optimum heat.

Digital clock
It’s a plus point is its easy-to-read LED display and digital clock. It highlights the digits for easy visibility.

It’s very unique and has sleek and stylish door handle, an easy-to-read control panel for your convenience. Compatible to dorm rooms specifically.

  • 700 watts high cooking power
  • 12 auto cook menu
  • LED display and easy to read panel
  • Compact designed tiny oven
  • May face some technical issues like fire hazard or turntable may not run

10. Danby

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Don’t judge by its small size. This microwave from Danby can perform all the functions for your ease. Either its cooking or reheating or you need to defrost veggies, must try Danby microwave,it works really cool.

It understands your needs and its small size makes it perfect for dorm rooms where there isn’t enough space to carry different purpose huge ovens.

This microwave is perfectly suited your needs as it is spacious by carrying capacity of 0. 7 along with a power of 700 watts of cooking power.

Defrost veggies
Now defrost your foods within just a few seconds with the help of a Danby microwave oven.

Power levels
It comes with 10 power levels, which is fairly a big deal. It functions with 6 simple one-touch options and really so comfortable.

LED display
Danby microwaves have visible and large LED display and comes with features which are really compatible to all types of kitchen needs.

  • Really compact sized microwave
  • Convenient to set up
  • Large LED display
  • Controls 10 power levels
  • Some customers have complaint about its internal light, it may went out, but not in all

Final Thoughts :

As you have read all about these topmost microwave ovens, you might be able to decide and select for your dorm rooms. As we all know, life in the dorms is not a bed of roses. You have to struggle, focus on many other things apart from food. But, health is also important, so these microwaves will help you a lot to prepare food within a few minutes.

We really need skills for cooking, but it’s alright. You might freeze your food and then defrost them with the help of smart sensor microwaves, even you don’t need to adjust the time and heat for them, they’ll do it all for you.


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